The “Situation” in Koh Samui – Tourist Free Thailand Tour Episode 5

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  1. Fun fact: A closed 7-11 in Thailand is one of the signs of the apocalypse. Also, to be aware of, many motorbike places will try and deduct part of the deposit for a “cleaning fee”…. you bring back too dirty!… wrong, get a hose and wash it off, you’re not keeping a 1000 baht for that crap. I suspect stuff like that is gonna get even worse going forward.

  2. You really are in a once in a century situation. Sad but amazing. You are seeing things in ways most westerners have never seen. No matter how long theve been traveling. Thanks for bringing us along. Oh and wtf on 100,000 subs? So close. Thought you’d be there this week. Soon bud

  3. Tourist Free sounds nice doesn`t it? Until you realise that without Mass Tourism, the whole system falls down. Without packed flights,the airlines don`t make a profit so they can`t fly. Without packed Temples,Beeches,Museums,Bars,restaurants etc etc etc. It just doesn`t work. YES, sometimes crowded Tourist sites are a nightmare, but on the whole, Without the crowd – where`s the fun? AND What`s the point?

  4. If you’re still on Samui head over to Koh Tao. I have a spare room in a beautiful Villa you’re welcome to use. Just search Phandara Luxury Villas on Google.

  5. The first time I visited Chaweng beach during the late 1990’s they were just paving the main road. The next time I visited it looked like Sukhumvit road.

  6. Downloaded, saved and forwarded.
    Your best video so far.
    Thai’s are very resourceful, and will find another way to make money.
    I have found a place in Chiang Rai, that does not insist, on we keeping your passport, BS.
    When renting a motorbike, also good idea to photograph and damage before accepting your bike, yes 200 Baht per day, and not 3.
    By British law we are not allowed to leave our passport with anyone, especially Thailand.
    Chill man, have a good rest.

  7. Check out Popeyes for a feed if they’re open. They’re on the main street of Lamai, north of the Gogo Bars around the boxing ring. Awesome local food at good prices

  8. Doesn really help atm when flights are around $4-9k for round trip fairs with max stay is 28 days and 14 days mandatory Isolation at a hotel. Just an example.

  9. These videos will age good buddy, people will look back to these videos after all the “deuchebaggery” resumes. These videos are pure gold the value will rise with time. Waiting for next.

  10. Here’s how you can help out the local economy and give yourself some needed relaxation. Go to a massage shop and get a six-hand oil massage. While you’re getting the massage, do tell them to do it quietly, nothing more annoying to have them yakking away, when you’re trying to relax, speaking from experience. 🙂 If that’s not possible due to the “situation”, then at least get a foot massage by two masseuses at the same time.

  11. Stayed in Chaweng a few times, stayed in Mae Nam (much nicer, but certainly quieter), never Lamai. Difficult to get a feel for it when it’s so deserted.

  12. 01:32 Thai sentence “Meet me when 7-11 closed” (Jer-gun-lang-seven-pid , TH : เจอกันหลังเซเว่นปิด) become again.

  13. CB videos! The Shiznite as always. When do they let tourists back in country? Thanks Oh Yeah that beach you snuck into OMG Dude! Beautiful

  14. As much as I’d love to move there and open a bar on the beach and lose every penny to my name, I think I’d rather keep my sanity and just patronize the bars that already exist. Makes you wonder though…how many expats dumped tons of money into their retirement dream of a beach bar only to have the situation give them an atomic wedgie

  15. Get the best steak on the island at my friends place Yves in his Restau “The Butcher”/Lamai Beach…i know Samui well, but Yves lives there for 10yrs-!get some tips…greetings from Ningh in BKK

  16. My first ever trip to Thailand was back in 2012 and Samui was on my list. Riding a Click around the whole loop of the island was actually my favourite part! Crazy to see so much closed now.

  17. Happy & Sad to see my Favourite Koh Samui, huge thanks for checking on “Longhorn” bar for me, you should stay down south from Lamai @ Samui Orchid (tiger zoo) right on the beach. thanks again Chad next video ill be waiting….cant believe still no surprise snakes on camera, haha one will make an appearence soon keep an eye out…..

  18. Were do you think they are going to get this money to fix the roads?. You can expect most countries in asia in the next year to run a large deficit.

  19. Are you now the second most popular,English speaking,Western youtube vlogger in Thailand after Mark Wiens? I was trying to find the rankings by subscribers in 2020 but could not find it. I can’t think of a better channel on Thailand seen from Western eyes, capturing the beauty and energy of the country. Mark is a legend and he pretty much owns the Thai food theme.

  20. Another good one! Can’t tell you how much I enjoy traveling with you. Love the scenery and the tour guide information about all the places. Been to Thailand a bunch. But, never to Ko Samui. Have an English friend who goes to Ko Samui several times a year and now that you’re showing it really makes me want to go. Thanks again. All the best to you Chad

  21. When I was on koh Samui, I noticed the difference between the two was that on chaweng all the European girls were sans tops.
    I think the Thai girl that I went to Samui with was more entertained by it than I was. She wanted to stay right on the beach and would go out every morning to “watch the boobs.” (Her words, lol).
    Dunno if it’s still that way, this was forever ago.

  22. You should check out Tips Tacos and Thai food, it’s alittle bit before silver beach if you’re leaving Lamai, Tip is a very nice lady and the food is great.

  23. “Adventure, fun and douchebaggery” have been shut down for 3 months now with another month or two to go. Big change happening.

  24. Chad has a strangely interesting mind. He makes an ‘executive decision’ to have a couple beers – yet he was obviously dead drunk when he got that gawdawful tattoo… 🙄🤣⚡

  25. Chad they will fix Chaweng Beach road once they get all of the overhead cables moved underground. They are delayed there for some reason. Hope to see you on the other side of Samui. Peace

  26. Hey there! Thanks for sharing your insights on “the situation”. I just checked into my beautiful hotel in Baan Bophut in Koh Samui and the beach is completely empty. It’s very peaceful and relaxing. Renting a motorbike to explore the island tomorrow. Perhaps we can meet up for drinks… Keep up the great work with your videos!

  27. Hit up over lap rock, and also there is a road that goes from where you are staying to the north side of the island (kind of goes through the middle of the island on the east side)

  28. Depressing, but I appreciate the update. I also appreciate the fact that you dont bang on about the perils of hooking up with bargirls – after 20+ years visting (and eventually living in) the LOS, that whole ‘if you knew what I know’ smug effing delivery has gotten very old. Keep the faith, Chad – the sun will inevitably rise on a brighter tomorrow.

  29. Mae Nam beach next? You can ride through the mountains from Lamai to Mae Nam and you’ll enjoy it, can be quite challenging at times. Enjoy this would have been my last day there but it was cancelled 😢 Go and see Lilly & Wat from Lilly’s Expat life 👍🏻

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