The Sibulan Monthly Town Center Fiesta – Negros Oriental, Philippines

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  1. you ever had a chance to meet up that old fart popz65 in negros….he talks to much negative about philipines while asking donations either kids or sick relative..or his wifes dads gold mine hehehe

    1. @xviper03 i have no interest in him.  he’s been negative on me and other expats so i just don’t pay him any attention. 

    1. @edwinodus yes, joan and i went to sibulan for this video.  we just went out for a late-night breakfast yesterday, in fact.  we still get along as friends.  🙂

  2. 20 peso 20 peso 20 peso 20 Paso na Lang lol lol . My wife was 😂 so hard. She said that was just a recording not a man on a mic. She’s from the Philippines. Good video Henry.

    1. @Edward Farlinger it seems any time of year here, sundown always seems to happen around 6p-6:30p.  but the schools here have both a morning and a late session.  plus i’m sure all the kids gravitate to the area on the 13th knowing the monthy festival will be going on.  that’s probably the reason for so many students in the crowd.

  3. How I miss my hometown. I used to visit the church every 13th of the month and go for a side trip at the ukay2 stalls. 😀 It was so much fun. I can’t wait to be back. thanks for sharing this sir! 😀

    1. @Peanut Butter it’s in a park, in front of the catholic church. and it’s held every 13th of the month so, people are very relaxed and glad to have a social hub to hang out at. lots of h.s. kids and parents buying buying clothes for their kids mostly.

  4. To commemorate the birth of St. John the Baptist, the San Juan Town Fiesta that falls on the 24th of June has been celebrated by Filipinos all over the country. The most awaited of them all is in San Juan City, where people from all walks of life gather and enjoy the traditional “basaan” or drenching with water. Everyone participates in this tradition, which symbolizes the baptism made by St. John during his life. Innocent passersby, whether in vehicles or just walking by the town, are not spared from the splashes of water. This practice is believed to bring God’s blessings to the community.

    Visit us:

    1. i asked lyn and she wasn’t even aware of the “friday the 13th” idea. it may not be as popular an urban superstition in the PH as it is elsewhere. 🙂

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