The Serpentza sandwich.

Prepared using the finest 100% gutter oil.



  1. So I guess you heard about the turmoil out here in the USA huh? 🀣 yea people just can’t behave. So have you ever won a lottery? How much dinero does it usually pay winners?

  2. Tory can you let us know why Vietnamese cities don’t like sidewalks or pavements as we call them in the UK , it looks very dangerous walking around.

  3. Again with the strange comment ” you are from Israel ” ??? Where’s your long beard and did you at least ask if it was KOSHER ???

  4. Is it coincidence that the Chinese Communist Party’s propaganda against Serpentza coincides with Troys attacks? Follow the money people.

  5. M8 i hope that video was before toyota virus.
    BTW, the workers from that circle K in that intersection are awesome, they speak great english and put up with a lot of shit tourists that go there to get “safe food”, i still remember when some fucking korean or taiwanese made the employer heat each item separately, didnt even say thanks or please, they had some annoying viet teenagers that made a mess on the tables. But workers were always cool, very hard working and educated.

  6. That’s not oil – it’s hard sweat.
    Seriously they may well use cheaper veg oil rather than polyunsaturated organic sustainable vegan commune kosher grade sunflower oil, but surely it’s edible & safe – they would not dare lose customers. Like ‘greasy spoon roadside cafes with a big queue of truckers’ – you know it must be good despite the image – ’cause they are vetted & bad ones ignored / hounded out by the truckers! Follow your nose.

  7. You make jokes about black people looting in the US. But the real reason any of that is going on is because a Black man was murdered by the police on video. You have made several stupid comments like you don’t beleive in racism. What world are you living on are you blind?

  8. Troy’s a real trooper because when it comes to egg I’m very cautious because the other day I ate a bad egg and was farting the smelliest farts you could smell loool

  9. Troy, you’re so concerned about racism against the Chinese but you’ll happily be racist against black people.

    “If I had more pigment, I’d just loot Target.”

    “If I was a mainlander on holiday, I’d just shit in the streets.”

    See how that works? You’re not dumb, so you obviously just don’t care about being hypocritical.

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