The Round Shrimp Tank Rides Again

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  1. Also even in Tagalog, Cebuano/ Visyas, and Ilocano all three main languages of the Philippines are general speaking languages. English is a specific language. We speak in specific terms. It’s like asking my wife, “what do you eat for lunch?” She replies, “I eat rice.” To a person that speaks English we think, “You only eat rice?” I always have to ask, “What else you eat with the rice?” She thinks in general terms, and me I think in specific terms. It took a long time to get her to think in specific terminology.

  2. Excellent! Glad to hear that things are squared away. I have been following this channel pretty closely for almost a year now and I do not understand the trolling and hatred towards Brian & Maricel. To me, they look like every day run of the mill down to earth people trying to carve out a living for themselves in this big world. I enjoy watching your videos Brian ( I watch Maricel’s channel too). Tatay is a hard working man, especially at his age. I am 53 and I could not do a portion of the things he does. LOL. Trolls will always be trolls…keep up the good work. My favorite vids are the Balikbayan openings.

  3. Great explanation Sir…I have some difficulties as well with a startup bakery in Angeles City where the communication gap can sometimes become a cliff to fall from…I eventually had to come to trust in the cultural differences and just do my best to hold myself in check…Its just cultural differences and availability of the necessary resources that is the most difficult thing to adjust too…good luck, but I’m certain that the project will prevail…

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