The rest of Storm Wolf’s donation to Chau Anh.

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3 million vnd for the Girl from Hanoi.


6.7 million vnd rescue:
Sleeping on the streets:
Pizza restaurant:
Homeless in Hanoi:
Meeting again in Hanoi:
Chau Anh in Saigon:


  1. The mom is very level headed and patient and can tell she raised her daughter well. It’s just a very tough sad situation and can only imagine how mentally tough the Mom is, but of course all the stress is going to take its toll.. By easing the financial burden, takes alot of the stress away and hopefully improves her mental health, even if just for the moment. I wouldn’t trust that grocery lady that talked negatively about the Mom either. Go with your instinct Troy. The paperwork situation sucks. How does one go about getting her the proper documentation so she can attend school properly? Get in contact at the hospital that she was born?

  2. Danny and Troy, thank you very much! You are God sent to these beautiful people. The Father of creation has blessed you both so that you may bless others. Many, many thanks to all donors!

  3. I would rather see you helping those in need of medical care than those who are poor. I always gave to those who were handicapped
    and in need of assistance. Being poor in Saigon is not unusual. Being handicapped is another story,. I have known many people
    in Saigon who are just trying to help themselves and their families. Not everything you see in Saigon is a scam. People are
    really struggling to survive.

  4. No she’s doing a great job the Mother … she sacrifices herself so her baby will not suffer as much .. perhaps she seems ungrateful only because she’s ashamed she can’t take as great as care of her daughter as she would like .. all parents live their children dearly and wish they could provide for them adequately … she’s doing a good enough job looking out and protecting her for having no one else to rely on …. Bod Bless her and her beautiful child on their journey and may God keep blessing you Troy with finding people worthwhile to receive such Godly Blessings and His enduring Grace …. 😇🙏🏽💙💙💙💙💙💙💙🌏

  5. I don’t about the mother. She’s not thankful for the money she just received. A thank you would have been nice to hear. Old Battle Axe.

  6. I think the mother is doing the best she knows. The child is very precocious and lacks manners, and could use someone to teach her how to behave in public, but she also does well, considering everything……………….Storm Wolf is The MAN!!!!!!

  7. You’re a man of your word Troy.

    Thank you for travelling to Hoa Binh to give the remaining amount of the donation. You’re truly an inspiration to all that watch, keep up the good work and remember to look after yourself.

    I get paid at the end of the month so will hopefully be able to donate a little bit more.

    The birth certificate situation is a little bit concerning, especially since it will impact her future.

    Hopefully if they find a place to live they can then apply for a birth certificate but searching online it seems like maybe the required documentation might be the stumbling block here as oppose to the cost.

  8. Troy, what about getting them a place to stay in their hometown, maybe someone can help get her a birth certificate and she can go to school there? I agree on the woman bashing, looks to me like these 2 are surviving and w/that comes issues. I don’t think she would burn down a place, that woman is mean for saying that and because she has spouted off her mouth about these 2, no one probably would rent to them. That other lady is out of line a LOT. For instance your other video, asking why/what you were going to ask the blind lady… she is way out of line, folks have a right to see where the money is going and there isn’t a “racket” going on, because I found it interesting that she said she would find other people for you to help..

  9. I think Bac Thanh maybe thinks the child might make a great adopted child for herself.. she should just buy a recipe and
    Bake some bread in her own oven … 🙏🏽😇. Or adopt from an all purpose orphanage .. 😍😇🙏🏽💙

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