The REAL Dangers for Foreigners and Expats in Pattaya, Thailand

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This travel vlog exposes some of the real dangers for foreigners and expats in Pattaya, Thailand. There are no visual images of danger, or harmful acts in this video. I simply discuss what the dangers are in a tourist destination like Pattaya. Though the city of Pattaya, Thailand has a thriving nightlife scene, and many opportunities for tourism to flourish, a foreigner or expat must make their personal safety the number one priority. It is imperative that foreigners interact well with the Thai’s. You must show complete respect and be humble when dealing with the Thai’s. These two acts alone will decrease the chance of danger to a vacationer or tourist, while in the city of Pattaya.

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  1. I think the same apply everywhere, basically don’t get involve in any financial, politic, and religious. I have been oversea for 3 years, I always respect people believes, be ignorance about their politic regimes, never borrow or lend anybody any money even family members.

  2. You really put a good message out there. I’m a pacifist, so I’m hoping that can keep me out of trouble. I’m aware that we should never speak ill of the royal family, or touch Thai people on the head, or touch their feet. Are there any other conversation topics that are taboo that wouldn’t be in say, the United States?

  3. This is “common sense” in any country that’s not your own. Heck…even in your own country…certain, things can go bad. So…yeah…common sense/respect…”especially in country not your own” is imperative. Good video/info.๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

  4. I didn’t think about that particular “gentleman” you alluded to in this video for a long, long time. Thanks for the good laugh JC. Needed it. 555+

    Obviously the advice you gave, as always, is very sound and common-sense. Thanks.

  5. I concur.. 90% of Thais are fair.. But you’ll have a problem with 90% of thais if you aren’t fair..
    They will not back down, even from a fight if they think they got screwed.. So just pay up.. Bc the police are on the side of Thais 90% of the time and so are the people if it ever comes to a physical confrontation.. They are generally very respectful, especially bc they know they could get away with a lot of bs In their own country..

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