The Price Of Rice Is Going Up Fast

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  1. Great post on those prices. We’re in New Mexico, U.S.A. & we can’t purchase any rice at the supermarkets. They’re all sold out, except for the cooked frozen single-serving packages (Uncle Ben’s or similar) for $1.50 each & sold at a limit of 2. No all-purpose flour, beans, ground beef, nor toilet paper. Items that are sold are at super high end prices like rib-eye steaks at $9.00 a lb. or higher. Stay safe.

  2. Prices are going up here as well but we have switched to yellow corn grits which is half the price of rice and has less than half the sugar content of rice which should be healthier.

  3. 2 Boxes 0r 2 small bags..( Like about one pound each) On Rice or dry beans.. In central Florida in the stores… Kind of the away tolet paper did..

  4. My SIL found me a 50 lbs. bag of Calrose rice (short grain) for $26.00 at CostCo in Henderson, NV. I have been on the hunt for that brand of rice for awhile and the stores near me were sold out. The CostCo I shop at had the Jasmine brand but my family can stand the taste or smell of that rice. I love my Calrose rice. Good for making sushi or Spam musubi.

  5. The DTI can lock down the price of basic food items but rice does not fall under their control.
    That is under the control of the NFA.
    I need not say anymore.

  6. Next time when a government tells people not to panic-buy even less will listen. Prices were always going to go up. Somewhere in the chain someone always gets greedy.

  7. Yup, has certainly gone up, local well Milled is 38 per kilo, but i prefer the imported Vietnamese, is 42 .
    Did notice yesterday, on my trip to the neighbouring town, all the corn has been harvested, would normally be preparing to plant rice( they have mostly got irrigation!), and the rainy season will be starting soon here.
    Not a soul in sight, on many hundreds of hectares of prime land( rice and corn), doing anything, really need to get this situation sorted, or in a few months, food supply ( particularly rice) will be very serious. No use relying on imports, as other countries will have same problems, will keep what they can grow, to feed themselves!

  8. Everything is going up in price it’s unbelievable I know, that corn brand we use that mixed with grower for feeding our pigs, a lot of stores are taking advantage of the lockdown to Jack up their prices. Like you said Brian buy extra now because the prices will keep going up, stay safe

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