Last night while I was laying in bed I started to make comparisons to how I felt when I worked for the Dept. of Corrections and how I am feeling now with the E.C.Q. that we are having in the Philippines. Just my thoughts.



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About me : Retired American Expat Brian & Filipina wife Luisa, living in the Angeles City / Clark Pampanga Philippines.


  1. Try being in the Navy out at sea or a sub. You ain’t seeing anything but that ship for 100 days. After 45 days or so people can start getting a little weird.

  2. What’s the deal with all the guys I meet who retired on a “Disabily” as a Corrections Officer? It’s an easy gig with great pay and benefits. 100% pension with no taxes! Dam…sign me up.

  3. I don’t believe the world is made-up of independent nations anymore. All nations are owned and controlled by the same bankers and corporations. The leaders of the nations do as they are told (or else) We are in a prison. And the owner operators are doing this to the world to bring in a one world digital monetary system that will enslave us all on a much deeper level. God Help Us!

  4. i feel the same brian but there is a good news when they said not all province will stay on lockdown only where the most infected people they will remain lockdown so i think that is a good news

  5. i enjoy you being you. lol been subscribed for a couple years. only thing I have trouble with is when you film while your driving.[b4 the lockdown] it scares the hell out of me. I constantly think you are going to crash or be run over. don’t know how anyone can drive over there. keep the vids comin.

  6. Hahaha I tried to use a brgy clearance from last month to get into another city the other day to go shopping…..typical inmate scam. They shot me down like a good CO paying attention. Damnit

  7. That’s what boredom will do to you especially in this extra ordinary times of uncertainty. It’s not as bad there as it is here in San Francisco. Wish I can swap place with you.

  8. Brian, I’ve been in prison for burning down my own house on my own property. I did 8 years for that. At the time it was more than a murderer got in CA. I actually became friends with some correctional officers and still to this day remain intouch with them. I have respect for honest “correctional officers”. You, Sir, appear to be one who should have respect as a retired “correctional officer”. I actually sued the State and won for unlawful detainment. I only wish I’d met you behind ‘bars’ as I’m sure you’d understand that not ALL in prison are guilty.

  9. You have more freedom then most during this challenging times. Enjoy the slower pace in life then the Philippines already offers. I bet it feels like Mayberry now?

  10. I feel like I woke up in a Communist Country .. I’m a senior citizen so cant go out for no reason .. Living in Tacloban City rather be here than in America .. God bless the Philippines

  11. Man there is still some weird people still not believing this is real on here. Lol. People are dying from this. Jeez get real folks!! Sorry for that Brian.

  12. I believe Duterte is monitoring the total lockdown over in Sampaloc, Manila, where mayor isko moreno is shutting down everything for 48 hours including essential business like grocery stores. They want to see if that would work and will make a decision after.

  13. Lets just wait for all of these to end. The government is just doing there job as simple as that. But some people are just stubborn! People who are hardheaded don’t want to follow rules these kind of people don’t care about others. Just stay home and we’ll see what will happen in the following days to come. In other countries the death rate is so very high and its not a joke i don’t really know what happen to the world right now. Stay safe everyone…. Stay safe brian and to your family… Hope it will end soon these pandemic!!!

  14. Im back in Sydney from Bohol. Im locked in a motel room and not allowed out for 2 weeks with meals delivered with 2 guards outside my door. I know exactly what your saying

  15. Hi from Spokane Wa. We have many businesses closed but can go where we want. I got out of Phillipines Feb. 19. So was lucky. Was there near Cebu Bohol for a month
    Will be back when this ends… Keep going. Douglas


  17. I like your shirt bro. You also look like you’re losing some weight. Hope you, your wife and the kiddo stay healthy. We’ll get through this incarceration. 💙🇺🇸🇵🇭👍🏻

  18. BRIAN, hopefully this madness will end soon, and you and lot can hop on your motor bike and take a trip. I love to see the different parts of the Philippines you visit. When are you going to put your camera in store again. Anyway, you and your family take care and be safe.

  19. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Mayor implements a permanent shutdown of all the bars on the walking street. With the shutdown he can justify getting his way.

  20. Not weird
    A very good analogy!
    Here in the US, a lot of these figures don’t add up. Many state’s death counts attributed to Covid-19 are less than normal influenza and the recovery rates are in the range of 96-98%. “Why all the restrictions and violations of our basic human rights such as the Bill of Rights and our sacred US Constitution?”
    There will be the greatest transfer of wealth in the US and many other countries.
    Common sense says if you have people with communicable diseases, you quarantine them. Now our state governments are guaranteeing the healthy against their will.
    Nothing makes sense of it all. Now we get to sadly watch our economy literally destroyed before our eyes.
    Good luck…no such thing as luck though. We need God’s help in all of this.
    Lol KOP mall. I live in Dover, Pa next to York, Pa about 85 miles away.

  21. Just a little patience we’ll get through this. The gov’t is doing the best it can. It just want to save more lives and it’s not just a domestic matter the whole world is suffering from it.

  22. There are already tanks and SAF, AFP, Airforce personels in metro manila. Its already martial law. They want to end it now so that we will have no more extensions.

  23. Brian,You should go driving,sightseeing and cruising with “Mad Max” so that you don’t feel like you’re in prison because being at home all the time feels confining,set—apart and isolated from the rest of the world!!!

  24. I am on Dinagat Island in the Philippines and we are locked in the Island cannot take a ferry to Surigao. I want to take the mio soul to santa Jose to get a pizza and for a ride on the scooter. I feel what you feel about the lock down and the small stores have nothing on the shelves

  25. I left to take care of business here in the USA and now can’t get back.. Will be back as soon as it opens. My lady lives in M’lang, so I wait for Davao to open. Your channel is my best connection there. Thank You!!!

  26. Dude thy using this virus to control people to bring the new world Oder Trump not going for this … god speaking to you man hear gods voice he will warn you and show you all… that president there is a puppet for china …. hes not a good man …

  27. …..”When”…That question is mysterious because of the “bi- polar” nature of the problem…On the one hand, 100’s or 1000’s of people are showing up as carriers, so the mortality rate is far, far less than what they’ve been saying….but those who do get a bad case of it and end up on ventilators usually don’t make it…So it’s both “over- blown” and “serious”, at the same time making it difficult to know “when things will return to normal”

  28. Brian, they said u can’t “fly ur drone” on walking street, if its blocked off from walking, how bout strapping ur go pro to the front of a RC/remote control truck and drive it down the street 📹🚙 🙈 😂😉👌
    They didn’t say anything about that

  29. Hey, buddy great video once again. By the way, I’m addicted to Ticked Off Vic, he’s funny reminding of several individuals in my life. Keep up the good work and this prison is only a state of mind, for now anyway. Besides, even many of the prisoners are being let out of lockup to stay with us in lockdown. How messed up is that? Anyway, feel happy you have your health and a great wife.

  30. Tens of thousands of people die every year of the flu and we have a vaccine for it, we have lost under a hundred thousand with no vaccine whats that tell ya? Peace out, lets get back to work…

  31. It will be opened may 1.. but let’s not compare this to prison or jail. You don’t have to fight tp eat, fight for phone. We at home where we can pic are food and tv n wifi. Another youtube (the mooch) said stuff like this week ago..

  32. Freedom, Prison or ended up b dying? Which is your poison? Can you imagine how the Dr’s, Nurses, Caregivers how are they feeling right now? The Lockdown is for your safety and others it is not the cure but to lessen the spread. The virus cannot walk we do. So by doing your part, mine and everybody will help also to lessen the infected in hospitals. It will give the Dr’s and the Nurses a breather. US has the highest infected due to NOT cooperating.

  33. Don’t worry about freedom at the moment Brain worry about avoiding the cheese virus the world over is suffering, try to take a negative into a positive, stay home save money and when the china bat virus clears take ur family on a huge vaction because that’s what im doing i ride my motorcycle everday to keep sane

  34. Brian i live in Australia and like most other countries keep on looking at the death rate that is coming out of a few country and are in panic mode.

  35. WOW, you sound so depressed.
    I’m a 70 yr old who chose to retire here in Cebu so stayed as this is my chooses home.
    We been in lock down now for over 4 weeks and because of my age I cannot Go out of my gate. My wife has a pass which allows her to Go shopping for eccentials, food, medicine.
    Thank God for the internet and satalite TV.
    Spending my time in the garden and yard. Helping the wife with the House work etc.
    Yes, I Miss driving around, day trips, visiting friends but this is temporary, for How long who known, it don’t matter as when its over you and your loved ones have survied. That s all what matters.
    Most of the world are under lockdown, the U.S.A, are playing at it and look at the number of deaths, glad I’m here.
    Think positive, make a bucket list of what you want to do when this is over
    Stay Safe and Keep Well.

  36. lol hay you are and will be for a few more months buddy or tell next year people are going to go crazy .new world order coming .love your T- Shirt .

  37. As an American Expat over 65, I am not allowed outside my house in Barangay Pasong Tamo in Quezon City. Today is day 40 of confinement for me. I served in the US Army for 32 years and my former colleagues in the USA compare the situation to Nazi Germany. I have never been in Prison but it sure feels like it here. Even when the quarantine ends, they will say I have to remain indoors for a longer period. I am as healthy as a 50 year old but they don’t care.

  38. I’m not racist… we lost our freedom. lives lost even the innocent. Jobs to a halt. Schools, small business food for the poor etc. Your right brian about this “Chinese Man made problem”

  39. You are putting out some BAD vibes here! It would be better to make cheerful videos! Please try. I could not watch the whole video, because of the mood involved.

  40. At least in a prison, unless you are serving a toe tag sentence, you can count down the days to freedom. With this virus, no one knows, but at least it is giving us an appreciation for the small things in life, that we use to take for granted. Just imagine how much better that hamburger will taste, when you are finally released.

  41. Your problem is too small vs the doctors and nurses and other frontliners who are dying.It’s either lockdown,or 10000 more people to die,
    But i think theyll let foreigners go home where they come from and enjoy themselves in their own country.But no foreigners yet coming inside the Philippines ,
    We Filipinos choose that,foreigners dont,that’s why thousands are dead of their countrymen.

  42. You have not seen anything yet.
    Wait till September October when all those Filipino Overseas workers get back there and no more money coming in for those families. No jobs no money. Trouble…It’s coming.
    You can always work for Dueterte when he starts putting them in prison there.

  43. Hey Brian we can’t see you like this your strong you been strong don’t let this thing get you have a movie night with your family but a projector big screen have popcorn clear you mind your the favourite vlogger and we are your viewer’s…..your viewer’s always with you so you will be…OK…my friend keep up and let it’s pass with this ☣ it or Not sorry if I make it long but as viewer’s we have to….Thank you Brian and cheer up…🇺🇸…🇵🇭…🗽…always up..🍻

  44. I appreciate you are telling people how it really is unlike the other phony expat making videos on their channel telling everyone how great their doing because they have money while Filipinos including children go hungry with no income coming in. And yes, it should be called the [C]hinese virus and that’s where it came from China!

  45. lol””” hay buddy philippines new in english on ABS CBN news i watch it all the time because it’s in English take care you and the family pray for you all stay safe were all in prison togeather .lol

  46. Hi Brian I’m about double your age and been around a bit during my life, ex soldier, ex highway cop amongst other things, and i found
    if you don’t let it bother you, it won’t. I realise we are all different but, for me, if a problem arose, i would just put it aside, stop thinking about it, focus on something else and move on, just as i’m doing now here on lockdown NZ. Here its not like we are being forced to follow the Government restrictions, its more like we are being asked to follow the changes voluntarily, which i’m seeing most logically minded citizens just go along with it. It cannot last forever Brian, take care mate.

  47. I did corrections in the Navy,..and after I retired from the Navy, I worked as a CO in the Washington St. Dept. Of Corrections,…one was very effective,…the other was a failed entity.

  48. This is why I don’t do blogs, Brian. You’re always gonna find a few that are just a bunch of jerks and I’m being kind. If Mr Honey Badger was so serious about helping others I would like to see him give to charities such as Samaritan’s Purse and Heart To heart that are two great companies that help others and yes, they help the Philippines when needed. They have been here after Yolanda and other disasters. Ask people to put their money where their mouth is and suddenly………there is nothing but silence.

  49. Hey Brian…Do you or Luisa know anyone personally who has been infected, not just there, but anywhere? If so, how many? Personally, I have a large number of family, friends, and acquaintances, yet I don’t know anyone who has been infected.

  50. Martial law has been declared here. The street where I live has guards on either end. One can not pass unless I show a pass and wear a mask. I can only walk on the street, like it was a prison yard.

  51. Oh man here in Hawai’i they extended the lock down till May 31st..People are running out of money.. The unemployment office can’t handle the amount of over 340,000 claims!!

  52. It is like prison, can’t go anywhere, but here in the bicol area I think they might lift the knockdown, I’ve been here in Tigaon Cam Sur for 19yrs. Love it here too!! Hope you can get out soon!!!

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