The Percolator Coffee Maker

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I don’t have a history of finding really “rare” things. I may THINK they’re rare, but actually, they’re very common place. That’s why I’m asking you about this percolator coffee pot.
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I am a retired sixth grade teacher from California who is presently living in the Philippines with my wife and two dogs. These videos aim to be entertaining, inspiring and motivating for people who are tired of the rat race and want to live a simple, yet rewarding life. My passions are studying and learning languages and helping people in any way I can.
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  1. Yes Bud those percolators are very good I have had one for years who needs to buy a big high end dollar machine when they can do the same. Also if you want to froth milk just put the milk in a glass jar leave about 1 inch gap from the top put it in the microwave without the lid until it is hot ,screw on the lid shake it up until you get your bubbles/froth then pour on top of your coffee and there is your cappuccino!

  2. Most modern coffee makers are basically called drip coffee makers. We still use an electric percolator at home in Samar… when we can find ground coffee.

  3. Giday Budd i got 1 offthose coffie perkulators i also have tall jug like 1 i have never used eiter i had a jug type 46 years ago it was good i haveit tried the small buisnessman 1 like u showed i only got it as it was atca garage sale in australia and i think i mi ch t have paid a dollar for it i know i have it hereimm in phillipines myself been here about 15 mountgs and lpve .ohh it i got my own channel dave in the phillipines only do it for fun but yt es ive seen a lot off those small coffie makers i think it would have been the in thing at some stage only guessing i love a nice cup of coffie when i was an avid mot fan rcycle rider idd stopat different coffie shops to try their coffie ive been rideing since i was 14teen was a member off a bike club back in very late 60ss and a member of the ULYSSRS MOTOR CYCLE CLUB for about 17 years a club u can join at 45 years of age a great club joined in New Zealand and wheni emigrated to Australia joined it there i know you like motorbikes as well catch ya later

  4. Hi Bud, from that Perculators it gives different sizes and in Italy they are very common! Also in Germany and before also in Switzerland. I remember my grand grand ma, she had 2 of this!

  5. Mr Brown it’s a several hundred years old way of making coffee from the middle east, and europe, very popular today in many countries
    The first modern percolator incorporating the rising of boiling water through a tube to form a continuous cycle and capable of being heated on a kitchen stove was invented in 1819 by the Parisian tinsmith Joseph-Henry-Marie Laurens.

  6. They are usually for a 2 cupper and for espresso, no big cups for this percolator, what a cute video Bud, you are always finding interesting things to talk about, I love your channel!

  7. Moka Pot. I have made my coffee in a Moka Pot for several years… easy and convenient and as close to espresso maker as you can get. These are quite common. The Italians have been using these for a very long time. Best way to use it is to put hot water into the bottom section, not cold water. Then heat it all up and get great coffee! Great for use on gas stoves.

  8. It’s a Moka Pot. more common in europe. i think the inventor is actually Italian, “Bialetti”? it’s a little different from a percolator coz it doesn’t ‘recycle’ the water. it brews the coffee from the pressure of the hot water and brings up the carafe and then you can pour it. it’s a ‘traditional’ espresso machine. 🙂

  9. I’m sorry Bud they are fairly common here in the States too. I have two a large one I use when we have guests and one that size that I have for personal use. I also grind my own beans to use in those coffee makers. We also have a pod style for quick cups and hot water for tea. God bless and stay safe.

  10. Mr. Brown,,, I do not know how to tell you this… I’ll just go for it… When I was in a United States Peace Corps… In Tunisia 1983 to 1985.. I would dare say. At time there was a 100 volunteers.. Throughout the country… These came in all different sizes… Small, medium,Large and XLarge.. I personally has not seen A nother one… Until you show This pot today… I know when I was in US Peace Corps .. The locals told me this pot came from Europe… I believe it was France or England… You have to remember this was 40+ years ago.. Today I would stay they come from China… Have a great day.. O in by the way I have never seen This coffee pot in the USA.. You need to take the basket out… Before You pour the coffee… Otherwise you may get coffee grounds.

  11. Well, Bud, I guess you’ve had the ‘common or special’ coffee pot question answered. 🙂 Now… as to the turkey chicks, I never had much luck. Still don’t know if I planted them too deep or too close together…

  12. Hi bud, indeed these have been around for some time and Coincidentally I’ve just bought a new one for myself yesterday, how crazy is that.

  13. Hey Bud, I see you more than got your answer. My dad tried one of those 30 years ago, harder to get then than today. He gave it to me and I used it and then bought an expensive espresso maker- a mistake!

  14. I’m in Northern Ireland Bud and I’ve always used these. I actually bought a new one last week. I love the smell of fresh brewing coffee around the house in the morning that you get with using these. And theres no better coffee for me than the contents of a 2 cup one of these into half a mug of microwaved milk 😉

  15. Lol , I’m from Florida , I have one ,it’s to make Cuban coffee ,it’s very strong and delicious ,you don’t use regular coffee ,it’s a yellow package Cafe bustello. Is the name of the coffee ,I m from Miami and been drinking it all my life ,lol love u bud ,,❤️❤️🧡🧡💜🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸alma

  16. It’s actually called a Moka Pot. There are many many YouTube videos about how to use it. And it’s really designed for a specific type of preground coffee, most notably Cafe Bustelo. I make 2 parts per day. Most popular moka pot brand is Bialetti. Extremely popular in Europe and Central America.

  17. It’s actually an espresso pot not a percolator. It for making espresso and pre-dates modern fancy coffee machines. The difference is the espresso pot works by the boiling water increasing in pressure until it forces its way through the packed coffee grounds in the top of the heating chamber and then up the central spout into the upper chamber then its finished. A percolator on the other hand has the water passing up a central column and our over the top of loose grounds where it soaks down through the grounds and drips back into the water below to then recirculate over and over until its done. Perculator coffee is usually terrible because it’s over brewed and often burnt.
    Espresso pots are one of the oldest and most commonly used coffee makers in the world so no not rare Mr Brown 😂

  18. I have seen that type of percolator a few places but never bought one. I have 3 types presently; a french press, a Vietnamese type, and a “regular” drip coffee maker. Enjoy your coffee every way you can Bud. I always thought it was healthy as it came from a bean that has many nutrients and I enjoy the caffeine as well.

  19. Bud, that type of percolator is very common in Italy and has been for years. Being an Australian we are accustomed to instant coffee. I was staying in Southern California early this year, I didn’t know how to percolate coffee. My stepson educated me. Very embarassing. Well there you go!

  20. Ahhh Bud, thanks for the stories and the laugh! Nothing better with my morning coffee to have a good laugh. I was introduced to (what I know as) an Italian espresso maker 30+ years ago after my sister married an Italian who’s parents immigrated to Canada. My sister made me an espresso in it to let me try as I love strong, strong coffee. After I drank the coffee, she gave me the pot! Sisters are the best! Take care and God bless you and Gloria.

  21. Hey Bud, very common back in the day. I’m couple yrs your senior & retired now in Thailand. I grew up in New England. My grandmother had the same percolator except it had a hollowed out glass top knob. We’d watch the coffee, as a boy, jump up and flash inside that glass top knob. Man alive ….Gram would give me a taste of that coffee and ….ooooh so dang bitter. How can anyone drink that stuff, I thought back in 1956+/-? Life sure does change us …hehehe PS: Bud, I’m thrilled to have found your channel about 4 months ago & subscribed. You give us great info & a chuckle ‘er two with each new video. Thanks so very much. You & Gloria stay healthy & well. Blessings

  22. I have owned many perk coffee makers and now use the drip style but have not seen one like the one that you showed today. I am thinking it must have been more popular outside of the USA. I have seen the ones that you showed the pictures of, that seem to be much larger than that toy looking thing that you found at the restaurant.

  23. Hi Bud, yes we have one here in Australia. It is fairly common but we also have other machines to make coffee -haha we love coffee! 👌😁☕☕☕

  24. I know that I can always count on you Mr. Brown for a good laugh. 🤣
    I grew up in North Carolina and purculators were very popular there in the 70’s.
    I use a french press here in the Philippines now. However, both make a good cup of java. Especially if you buy good coffee beans and grind them up. Cheers! ☕

  25. I’m trying to think of a way to refer to you as a ‘rare white turkey’ that sounds appreciative rather than insulting, but I can’t, so I guess I’d better steer clear of the reference. You’re the best, Bud. And thank you for reminding me of that long-forgotten percolation ditty. Which coffee company used it?

  26. Good morning Bud. I’ve actually never seen a moka percolator before. Oh by the way I live under a rock. 😁 Stay safe. Best wishes Bob.

  27. Yep remember these Percolators in the 50s lots of folk had them ,my mother had one in the cupboard but rarely used it because most folk then drank only tea 🙂 coffee was expensive

  28. I got one as a present in my sixties. I had never seen one before. My girl friend likes the coffee by running a second cup of water after she makes my stronger cup of coffee.

  29. Hi Bob. What a fluke! I just heard your name in another YouTube video and instantly your name rang a bell. I have saved in my computer a series of videos made by you teaching Vietnamese. These must be over 10 years old, I am sure they were made in the states. What a pleasant surprise to see you again. Looks like you are doing well and long may it last! Regarding the coffee maker probably you didn’t have many Italian friends in the past because every Italian household will have several of these coffeemakers. The brand is Bialetti, it is as old as the hills and in my home we had several because they come in different sizes, 1 cup, 3 cups, 6 cups and one bigger, probably 9 cups. We had the 4 sizes. When I say cups I mean a small cup, not a full size cup, in Spanish the name is “pocillo”, the type used to serve a short black.

  30. The handle of the peculator was different on the one in the movie, so the design has changed a bit.
    I’ve been in coffee shops in Italy that brewed espresso from a stove with about 20 coffee peculators on it.

  31. Those are common in the Asian stores around here in Virginia Bud but I was just as flabbergasted as you when I saw them. You’re one up on me cause you’ve witnessed firsthand the end product of this ancient marvel. We should invent a bacon egg & cheese sandwich on a pancake! We’ll be rich! Shhhhhh! Keep it just between us! Thumbs up Bud!

  32. Have seen that Percolator like that hear in Australia Bud hey that guy next to you was Australian hahha heard his accent love that popping sound was great your so smart making your Videos Bud to thanks

  33. They were popular in Israel. Then something called a “Bodum” came along. I’m hoping to find a Bodum (French press) here once I can get out into Cebu City. ☕️

  34. I dont know how many people use them here in Australia but they are available at the majority of department stores. I make my coffee with a plunger.

    See, no matter what our age we never stop learning.

  35. I own here in the Philippines the same “cuban coffee maker” i ordered thru Amazon but i think i saw it thru Lazada a while back.too.
    This coffee maker is found mostly in the spanish supermarket stores in Miami. The coffee maker is made on Italy

  36. The one you have is for single serve or espresso type coffee. You can get medium/much larger percs for regular brew coffee. Used hem in Europe and remember nearly every household had one when I lived in NYC LATE 60’S/EARLY 70’S

  37. the first time l saw percolator was when l was in the convent. my italian superior a nun from Italy like to have her coffee after every meal.

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