The People Of Myanmar Speak Out On The Military Coup

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  1. This was our very first street interview video from Myanmar and we are so proud of our community for coming together and working with our team to make this video possible. There were a lot of challenges with logistics and translations with the Internet being cut off in Myanmar, but we somehow pulled it off! If you found this video informative, be sure to subscribe to our channel and join the Mogao community, where you can see all the behind-the-scenes on how we pulled this off:
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  2. I wonder how the reporters got in the country. I mean the military, cut off the internet not wanting information to flow in or out. So I can imagine obstructing ppl leaving AND going in. Especially journalists going in.

  3. I simply can’t sympathies with Myanmar because of what they did to the rohyinga.. I just can’t.. if that were to happen to a different country it will definitely makes sad .. but idk why with Myanmar I simply can’t.. 💔

  4. What they did them with Rohingya Muslims of Arakan is nothing in front this.
    Let them feel the pain.
    I hope they will understand the struggles of Rohingyas.
    From Bangladesh

  5. wow didn’t know asian boss had team down here in Myanmar. Kudos to Asian Boss and Thanks so much for this! The whole world needs to know what’s happening now in MM.

  6. Thank you Asian Boss for going in and covering this news in such a dangerous and now isolated country. It’s because of you and these brave interviewees we can hear their story at all.

  7. Listen to me: You see how knowledgeable they are on democratic fundamentals? Every human on Earth who lives in a democracy and is not clinically mentally disabled is obligated to be as knowledgeable and savant and also on other relevant topics, too. If you aren’t, you are a failed democratic citizen, and useless.

  8. Similar things happened in the past in Korea. Even though I am young and didn’t personally suffer that, I have learned it through history books. Many people died and got hurt, but we eventually overcame it and now we are a true democratic country now. I support your protest, and I hope you guys win. Best of Luck!

  9. This video is insightful and inspirational. As someone who lives very far from Myanmar, I didn’t realize what had really happened there. The young people in this video are inspirational. They are educated and knowledgeable. The country could gain so much from listening to their voices.

  10. As a citizen and someone in the country I thank Asian Boss for doing this and I also applaud the interviewees for taking the big leap to bring to the world their and our , Voices.

  11. I’d like to ask the same people interviewed and in this forum about the persecution of the Rohingyas in Myanmar by the military a few years ago. Do you think what is happening now is “karma”?

    (Hats off to Asian Boss interviewer to raise this issue @ 11.55)

    At that time all ASSK had to say that Rohingyas did not belong to Myanmar so was not her problem.

    The Rohingyas did not even get the support of the people of Myanmar (bar a minority of good hearted people).

    If it happens to “Outsiders” it’s Ok, if it happens to “one of us”, it’s an affront to democracy.

    Democracy is not beyond Humanity. All life is sacred!

  12. As mentioned a few times in this video, we would like to make a request. Everyone, please look up all the political affairs and history of Burma to have a better understanding of our current movement.
    It will make a huge difference.

  13. As a Myanmar citizen living abroad, thank you Asian Boss for letting the world knows the real situation about Myanmar and hears the voices of the people from Myanmar. Thank you so much.

  14. Something seriously wrong with your country system Burma. A separate military system that continuously try to attack civilian and the civil government without consequences? Or is it your de facto leader that is too weak to make harsh decision lead into this?

  15. Thank you so much asian boss for making our voice hear all over the world .The coditions here become more n more intense and in my opinion it is leading to a proxy war. Please pray for my country dear.

  16. I have a new found respect for the people of Myanmar. They look like the model citizens for a country on the up.
    Great job Asian Boss.
    I hope these people are helped by a good nation to help them out of this mess. The USA looks useless as they are too entrenched in their political games.

  17. I am impressed by this video because it must have been so difficult to get the interviews and because of the strength and resolve of the people being interviewed. My thoughts go out to all the people of Myanmar.

  18. It’s so sad to hear what’s happening in Myanmar. As an outsider I really wish I knew how I could help, I feel useless whenever I hear this type of events happening in the world 🙁

  19. That’s why military power should be divided and not one person should have too much power. Shameful of the military. Shame on them. If there was a fraud their should be an investigation not a coup. Stay strong Myanmar stay safe. Also seeing how much people respect mother su almost made me cry. She is such an icon. In India military power is divided and the center has the ultimate power. They should modify the constitution

  20. I don’t understand why other ASEAN countries can’t do anything for the people in Myanmar. ASEAN’s Non-interference principal should be updated to solve this kind of problem. Pray for Myanmar.

  21. Thank U ASIAN BOSS. Im big fan. Im truly surprised and grateful. To all my muslim friends. once again im sorry for Rohingya crisis. But one thing I can tell is its all him Min Aung Hlaing. We and Daw Aung San Suu Kyii couldnt or wouldnt do that in million years. Please hear our voices and help us to terminate what shouldve been ended a long time ago.

  22. These young people looks intelligent with their opinion, the tone of voice, the language they use and their appearances. They seems educated but there is no future anymore if Myanmar will become another North Korea.. Hope the best for them and together developing with other ASEAN countries. Lots of love from Malaysia.

  23. Thank you so much Asian Boss for doing this and for using your platform for our true voices to be heard. This is very helpful 😭.

    ဒီထဲမှာပြောသွားတဲ့ အကို၊ အမဆွေအရမ်းတော်ပါတယ်။ ပြည်သူတွေ့ရဲ့ တကယ့်အသံစစ်ကိုပြောပေးသွားတယ်။ 👏

  24. This is such a brave and informative interview! And the young people they’ve interviewed were very smart and perceptive, at first I was worried that it might be too one-sided, but they gave a really good explanation for most of the things happening Myanmar. Well done, Asian Boss! Stay strong, Myanmar!

  25. I feel bad for them, and yes it’s true that one of them say it’s slowly progressing to become country like north korea where there’s no freedom, this coup just show how dictator the military. Hope their aspiration could be heard.🙏

  26. I would like to give my sincere gratitude ❤ to all the people in the comment section who support us with your kind & encouraging words
    They give us strength to continue fighting. Please come and visit our beautiful & diverse country after we defeat the military.

  27. This is a most truest content of the situation in Myanmar. Thank you Asian Boss for reaching out to us. And plus I really liked your channel and will always be a subscriber.

  28. The so-call righteous western democracy, human rights and freedom. In fact, the rebirth of Hitlers continues 70th years of Holocaust. Just bullying the weak by using righteous democracy, human rights and freedom as an excuse had slain millions upon millions non white people all over the world .

  29. this is purely about his view point, nothing about the military coup
    “the use of media propaganda and fake news is not very democratic ”
    when the democratic party / country using media propaganda and fake news to promote democracy is democratic ? ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  30. Another outstanding video from Asian Boss, well done. I hope everyone interviewed stays safe! Good luck to all the people of Myanmar, I hope they can get their country back!

  31. thank you so much asian boss! you literally are saving the voices of myanmar! thank you for letting the world know! big thanks and applauses for the people who spoke up in this interview. they did so well speaking up for the voices of myanmar!

  32. They are so well spoken and educated about their opinions. Its sad how our countries are being led by individuals who only care about filling their own pockets and oppressing people who speak their mind. I’m so sorry for what’s happening in Myanmar

  33. Military is not only arresting who spoke out against them now. It’s way much worse. Military released over 20,000 prisoners, injected them with opioids and make them burn civilian houses and harm innocent citizens at night. Every street in the country is organizing night watch sentinels with volunteers to protect themselves. In addition, police are illegally raiding civilian homes at night and kidnapping them. Yes you heard it right. Police are terrorizing civilian. It’s living hell and it’s actually happening now.

  34. Those who bring up about Rohingyas and blaming it on Su Kyi never watched the video to the end and they just need someone to put the blames on without actually analysing the situation. As a Christian, I do not hate all Muslims because of some extremists who happen to be Muslims. But most people hate all Burmese because of the military who did all the bad deeds. Generalised ideas are truely toxic. I hope people can be free from it and think objectively. Amen.

  35. Now the military has taken away laws that protect the people in Myanmar which will basically allow them to
    -Arrest people without a warrant
    -Detain a person over 24 hours without any evidence
    -Search in a person’s home without any reason
    -Up to 20 years in jail if you say anything against the military
    -New Cyber laws stating you basically will be monitored on internet at all times and can be arrested if they feel like it.
    These are just a few laws that they released in 17 days. They are arresting people at night and there have been over 500 people arrested without any communication. Power for a year? The last time they said that the military government ruled for 60 years and nobody knew what was happening in Myanmar.
    Before you say why didn’t you Burmese people speak out for Rohingya people, first of all, there was a lot of false news going on at that time. Facebook is Google for Burmese people and the military has used it well to spread false propaganda about how Rohingya people were violent, chaotic and a threat to Buddhism. But if you ask anyone on the streets if they agreed with the atrocities the military did, no one will. And it is easy to say why didn’t you protest, where were you? The military coup would have happened sooner if we did. It would have changed nothing. The new Parliament had the hopes of changing the Constitution that gives power to the military and we chose to vote for that. But now, because the power hungry people are afraid, this happened and again, the military is succeeding with their tactics because when we are fighting for democracy, all I could see are “Where were you guys when Rohingya genocide happened?” If the military is allowed to rule, I am sorry. Rohingya people will have no hopes of ever coming home, and additional 53 million people in Myanmar will be shut down again like 10 years ago with the outside world not knowing this country even exists.

  36. I’m from Myanmar and I watched Asian boss for years and interested in every single video to know about the society of the world. And kudos to you for making this video. We’re frustrating how the big media platforms are handling about our country situation. Some of them are only telling news with limited source and false information. I’m proud of my people in this video. So brave. Even though we are ready to face whatever come our ways to fight for the true democracy, we still need International help to show the world more awareness. And take the real actions against Military juta. We need to form the country with the whole new system. So please contribute in this movement.

  37. Thank u very much for this video . We, Myanmar people, cannot thank u enough for letting our real voices heard and showcasing what’s really happening in Myanmar 🇲🇲.

  38. This video is right before the protests.
    So i’d like to share some information about what’s currently happening in myanmar right now.

    1. A 19 years old girl was shot in head with the real bullet in Naypyitaw. The family has announced her death.
    2. In mandalay, polices shot every single house with air rifles and slingshots just because they bang pots. They even use real gun.
    3. The military has released thousands of prisoners out of nowhere! And at night, they would released them to all the townships in myanmar and create chaos.Those released prisoners were told to burn the houses down. The military even asked the orphans to do that(we have video evidence of it). The military has announced the curfew but they, themselves arrest people who take part in civil disobedience movement at night. People started to bang pots if the police ever come to arrest them when they do nothing wrong.People around them would come and the polices run away( i know this sounds crazy but yeah that’s the truth)
    4. People in myanmar have to creat the security team in each township to protect ourselves from our own police and from those thugs.
    5. The military cut off our internet from 1AM to 9AM. They are trying to build the great firewall with the help of China.
    6. The last thing is that the law is in their hand. They changed it or added it to their likings. They are the law right now.
    I’m sorry that i’m not that good at english

  39. Thank you so much to Asian Boss for doing such an incredible job of spreading awareness to the world when Myanmar people’s lives are at risk. We do not know when our phone lines and internet lines will be cut off again.

  40. To the people of Myanmar, I hope you guys keep fighting and eventually get through this. But please keep fighting without the expectation of getting the help of western or eastern governments. That’s the only way you can win. Especially me being from the west, the governments here most likely won’t help and propably would even support the dictatorship in your country since it’s less competition and more control for the west.
    But still some of the people outside, will raise more awareness about this.
    Again fight without the expectation of international aid. If you get it, lucky. If not, you are still somewhat okay since it’s within your fighting plans.

  41. In a way, the Myanmar system is like the ones in “beach” from alice in borderland where it is separated into two, the government and the military.

  42. Thanks for sharing the situations that are happening in my country, Asian Boss. I have donated through your channel a few times and just last month, I have donated for your channel’s survival. Thanks for being a voice in our struggle.

  43. Thank you so much! We don’t accept the coup of military dictatorship. We’re losing our human rights right in front of our eyes. We lost our innocent civilians’ lives. They seized the power for their own sake and benefits. They started the violence and it’s getting worse. If they’re saying there was an election fraud, what are those demonstrators around the country? We will never forgive them.

  44. Military soldiers release Prisoners and attacking citizens. They set up fire, break houses and put poison in drinking water. Citizens of Myanmar lost safetiness. We can’t sleep at night. Even polices and soldiers are harming people. We are really helpless.😔😔

  45. I’m a Burmese here and tbh, the situation is really bad, getting worse everyday even. For this video, I’m very grateful to Asian Boss for sharing the information to the world. All of the interviewees have spoken the truth, esp important facts🙏 it means a lot to Myanmar Citizens.

  46. I feel that all the interviewees are very smart, I can see that they have their own stand and believes and very on point when they talk. Just that the translation team can do a bit better to bring out this vibe.

  47. I’ve been really suffering since Military monasters have shamelessly taken our freedom. But We, People will prevail and take back our rights. Thanks a lot for support. Asia Boss. This video is a great comfort for us.

  48. Thank you, Asian Boss! I’m so glad everyone is getting around you guys and giving you the support you need! Keep up the great work 🙂 Greetings from Australia!!

  49. The least I can do to help this channel keeps going is to not skip the ads. People aren’t voiceless, they have it. They just don’t have the opportunity and medium to speak it up, and here Asian Boss is trying their best to accommodate those voices. Kudos to Asian Boss!

  50. As a Burmese citizen, I am very thankful for interviewing about our country’s situation rn!! The world needs to know about this and Asian Boss did interview perfectly!

  51. Well, youre on your own, we already have alot of problem in our country to bother these kind of mess. I just hope the citizens goal will be realized and achieved, with no casualty as much as possible. Help yourselves

  52. There is an important lesson for us Americans to learn from Myanmar, which is that successful coups only happen with support from the military. Despite how scary and dangerous the Capitol Hill insurrection was, there was no chance that our government would have actually been overthrown, as the insurrectionists acted on their own. Both Democrats and Republicans are now using this as a pretext to pass more anti-terrorism legislation to curtail our civil liberties. Don’t fall for it.

  53. As a fan of Asian Boss and a citizen of Myanmar, I am so overwhelmed by your efforts. Although your team faced a hurdle recently, you didn’t hesitate to speak up for our country. I am very thankful and grateful for your efforts.

    Tbh, I even have a dream to work as a team member of Asian Boss in my country because I was so much inspired by your efforts in making the voices of a certain society heard to the world.
    Again, Thank You so much to Asian Boss team and Kudos to your efforts!🙌

  54. Thank you Asian Boss for speaking about how Myanmar citizens feel about this military coup. To who are watching this please help spread awareness about what is happening in Myanmar.

  55. The interviewees are very articulated with their words and represent every citizen of Myanmar. I am from Myanmar and I am very thankful to Asian Boss for bringing light to this issue. We will forever be grateful and please spread this video so that people around the world hear our voices.

  56. As a fan of Asian boss I can’t thank u enough for you to shine a light to this situation,

    Like seriously this situation is in no way fair for us living in here. All military does is lie, like asking people is the perfect way to see the truth right now.

  57. As a Myanmar citizen currently having the same feeling like others , I fully guarantee that those interviewees represent our voice . Plz watch and monitor is on twitter . Despite being cut of internet connections every night , we try to inform vid twitter 🙏🏻 Thanks for reaching out for us

  58. actually chinese support unsam su ki. however western tryed to miss guide the movement, just like what happened in hongkong. lets see, soon they will put some bad guy to attack the police and normal people. release some fake news and some true. ‘the chinese and army must be together, let’s hate them.’ all the main app and media belong to western.

  59. Thank you, Asian Boss. Thank you !
    As a citizen of Myanmar, I appreciate your help to our community for sharing this treacherous act of Military Junta in our country.
    We request the world to help us and giving pressure to these dictators for releasing our leader, Daw Aung San Su Kyi.
    Myanmar Needs Help from the World !
    Thank you all.

  60. Great Job Guys!!!! You guys are the great, brave and clever representatives of Myanmar People. Yeah, World!!!! This is “What’s really happening in Myanmar”🇲🇲. “The Military” is the one Who made “Genocide” and Our Leader “Daw Aung San Suu Kyi” was not involved in that case.We can tell surely.

  61. okay so ive telling people ASSK never part of the genocide and yeah these people are telling the truth democratic government didn’t have power upon military and yes if she didn’t cover military on ICJ ,the coup would happen sooner :3 they always been this brutal and hope the world see why ASSK is clearly innocent on that case

  62. Big respect to Asian Boss who speak out and tell the world about Myanmar. We really need help from all of you. So please hear our voice. All the citizens who answered, they’re telling the real situation in Myanmar 🇲🇲

  63. Thank you Asian Boss channel for speaking up the Myanmar on ground situation .Your content is a big help while we are struggling to get international awareness.

  64. I am from myanmar too. We face the difficult time now .We can’t sleep well at night. We lost justice.We lost human rights. We lost our leaders. We lost internet. We lost our real voice. Please help us. We want Democracy.

  65. Thank you Asian Boss for stepping up for us and letting the world hear our voices while the mainstream news channels are playing ostrich or do not have the gut to go for insights like this. We Myanmar people appreciate it lots ! 💕

  66. Thank you Asian Boss for covering this. It’s nice to know what’s really happening inside Myanmar now. However, showing the faces of these people is really dangerous as the junta is really insane when it comes to this. I am praying that nothing will happen to them including the Asian Boss’s Myanmar’s crews.

  67. Thank you Asian Boss. The girl in red and the boy in white talked so much sense . I wish the people of Myanmar good luck and a safe transition . Having seen the protests from Hk Spain Belarus and Latin America on social media last year ..I’m afraid for the young.

  68. I’m an Indian but our family belong to a tai ethnic group native to Myanmar which kind of feels like home to me. I wish people of Myanmar are safe and I hope they are heard. Thank you Asian boss for delivering such news all around the world.

  69. Asian boss has all my respect. They risked for making this interview possible and make Myanmar’s voice heard to the whole world. Thank you Asian Boss. You will always have my support. Even in the far future.

  70. Congratulations to Asian Boss for this insightful piece. If you want to know the truth of any situation, you need to ask the people on the ground who know the reality. Not rely on the propaganda spread by mainstream media. Thank you for this alternative view. Great job as always!

  71. Utterly heartbreaking and terrifying. This is history repeating itself. The Khmer Rouge regime did the same in Cambodia, and the results can be watched in the movie, ‘The Killing Fields’. More than a million tortured and brutally killed. I pray this isn’t allowed to happen again in beautiful Myanmar!!

  72. In Peru, we used to experience coup throughout our history, but in the case that military governs the whole nation, I feel so unbelievable. Peru is not that way by far, and even when we experienced the last coup in 1992 (an auto-coup), the military still voluntarily gave back power to civilians.

  73. It’s hard to reform a country where the military have tradition of coup d’etat.
    Back than in early 2000 to 2010 when they want to open up and go democracy, many western scholar said what happened in Myanmar is the same with reformation in Indonesia 1998 but many Indonesian scholar saw it not as Indonesia 1998 but Indonesia 65 (the era of of transformation from dictatorship guided democracy to semi-democracy military dictatorship) the reason was the allocated seat in parliament for military and military control of 3 fundamental ministry in the country which remind Indonesian dwi-fungsi (dual function) of social-political role that military have.
    So basicly Myanmar never serious in implement democracy since the military is the one who really have a power and military use democracy only for their own gain all this time.
    In my opinion, is hard for Myanmar to be reform even they go through Indonesia 98 with the riot and blood spilled in 98, i have pesimistic view that military will not concede their power to civilian even they need to kill all civilian after saw the persecution of Rohingya and other ethnic minority like Kareni. For me the only way to reform Myanmar is only by direct intervension which is imposible since Myanmar military have been backing by great power that have veto in UNSC.
    What happened right know is basicly turn backward. If Indonesia move forward from 60 to 65 to 98, Myanmar will like Indonesia 60 to 65 to 60 right now.
    I hope they can find the solution since my solution of direct intervension to defeat the military is praticly impossible

  74. Phew… this is heartbreaking… that young lady in the pink shirt as the train was coming in, you could hear her voice breaking as she struggled to speak… just gut wrenching. I can’t begin to imagine just how frightening this must be for them all right now. My heart out to them… may there be a break in the storm soon.

  75. The lady with the purple dress and Glasses address Aung San Su Kyi as “Mother Su” which mean she geniusly love her and support her. The lady with red dress also address her as “Nyi ma” thought out the interview which give you a clue that she assumed the interviewer as someone around her older brother age. The interviewer also called the guy with a black shirt “Nyi Lay” Which also imply that the interviewer assumed him as his younger brother age. There are a lot of nuances in Burmese language which can be easily lost when it translated in to English 🙁

  76. the sad thing is, some number of people thinks we deserve this due to the genocide.
    now before all of u come to say “the government deserve it because they’re responsible for the genocide”. NO. The ruling party is not. The military started the whole Ethnic Cleansing mess and Aung San Su Kyi had to deal with it. She didn’t have any real power either. Before ya’ll privileged people sitting in ur cozy house start making judgements like “oh but she could have voiced out…” SHE COULDN’T. you guys just don’t understand how evil 3rd world military dictators can be. If she spoke anything off the script, the coup would have come sooner. And it’s obvious to smear the campaign was unsuccessful because the west eats up whatever the media feed without thinking critically or doing any researching. stripping off the Nobel Prize and titles, making her the fine figurehead of the genocide.
    “Oh she was racist against the Muslims”. Nope. Her right hand man was a Burmese Muslim who got assassinated by the military because he was in the process of drafting a new constitution that renders the military with less power. He was also a very respected man in the country (U Ko Ni).
    Burmese people are frankly exhausted from trying to explain this to ignorant people.

  77. Wherever you live do not take democracy for granted. There are many people who live in regimes who wish they had a democracy where the people can have a voice. Protect your democracy and don’t support those who undermine it.

  78. First of all, congrats Asian Boss.
    There are also many non-supporters of previous government because of the performance also.
    Surprisingly some of them are well-educated, not extreme political ideologists, knowledgeable political enthusiasts and experienced figures in parlimentary Union. So within a year of emergency state, not as a blind follower and as a ordinary youth citizen prefer to review how things will work out based on facts.

  79. Asian boss is CCP propaganda. You hypocrites praise the oppression of the CCP while you play these pieces showing how oppressive the internet bans are in Myanmar.

    Watch, you’ll go set up another gofundme begging for handouts again.

    You people are clowns.

  80. I hope this will not lead to violent protests that will lead to injuries and deaths. The Myanmar is still suffering from the pandemic. If this Coup leads to more damage, It will be hard for them to recover. I hope peace will prevail in the end.


  81. i’m really sorry this is happening. thank you for going to such lengths to create this video. the people interviewed are extremely smart. is there any way we can help, through donations or otherwise?

  82. nice work asian boss! informative and clear
    could u do one about the rohingya too? i’d like to know the truth about the whole thing… too much stuff online

  83. What if the Oligarchs control Media , the one who decide who is the President by brainwashing the citizens through media, fake survey and make a demon to be Saint, make a fool’s to be True, make a good Leader to be Evil in public , Is this a higher form of Democratic abuses by Elite politicians/Oligarchs

  84. Thank You Asian Boss I’m from Myanmar I had been your fan since the Beginning I really want to say ” I sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart letting people around the world to hearing our voices “.

  85. There are so many reasons why we are against the military coup but they didn’t get to speak out everything because of the time limit. In Myanmar, each of the family members of theleaders of the military are billionaires. Do you know how they got that rich? They sold our resources to China for 50/70 years and they took all of the money and none of the money was spent for the citizens(When they were ruling the country, China was the only country that didn’t have a sanction with Myanmar). Even when Aung San Su Kyi’s government came up, the country never got the money from exporting resources to China because all the money was taken by the military in advance. They signed 50/70 years of contracts and took all the money. Even now it’s still about 30 years left till the end of the contracts. China gets electricity from Kyautphyu state in Myanmar. They buy jade, fruits and many other resources from us but all that money was stolen by the military and the country is still poor.Even the low position soldiers can spend money like water while the citizens are suffering from war, poverty and loss of human rights. We only saw the hope when Aung San Suu Kyi’s government came up. They never corrupted the country’s money. Now that the military formed a coup and if the coup succeeded, we will be a poorest country in the entire world while the military keeps getting richer and richer from stealing our resources. The coup must fail. If not, both the country and citizens’ lives will be destroyed

  86. isn’t she your heroic women who defends this good for nothing military in UN who raped, killed thousands of rohingya people?
    at that time, youtubers like you didn’t speak about it. now you guys find it a hot topic for your channel and speaking about HUMAN RIGHTS. Is there are no human rights for those 1 million+ rohingya people who are living in Bangladesh Refugee camp in a poor condition, far away from their own motherland?

  87. I think it’s very interesting that they asked not to respond with sanctions, because that will only harm the general public. But why is is that mostly other governments are trying to threaten with economic power, isn’t there anything else the international community can do to help?
    I hope people of Myammar stay strong! And I wish for a better future for them!

  88. the way the burmese are loving aung san is literally something i have never seen before in the present era . the only thing i can compare it to is the way indians during the independence era loved mahatma gandhi (i mean even the british respected gandhi).

  89. Thank you for everyone contributed in this video, it means a lot. I don’t live in Myanmar but my country is one of the SEA. We are neighbors yet I don’t know much about what Myanmar citizen is going through exactly.
    I hope everyone in Myanmar and the Asian Boss team are always safe and healthy. And I hope this video will reach many people from around the globe and make them see Myanmar (and the whole Asia) in a new light.
    Stay curious!

  90. Amazing insights and thank you to both the people of Myanmar and the Asian Boss team for making this possible.

    Apologies for my ignorance but a few questions I would like to ask:

    1) Was the internet cut only on the first day of the coup or is it still permanently cut? If so then how were the videos made possible to be shared outside Myanmar as well as them utilizing apps such as Twitter and Facebook?

    2) This isn’t much of a question but when I heard their way of talking as well as the language used, it reminded me of a mixture between Tamil/Chinese/Thai and a bit of English as well and I find that very interesting. Once again, sorry for any ignorant comments and I have no intentions of offending anyone

    Thank you!

  91. Thank you for finally including Myanmar still praying for them 🙏🙏🇲🇲🇲🇲🇲🇲🇲🇲🇲🇲🇲🇲 give back the power of Myanmar to the people and release And free Aung San Suu Kyi

  92. Thanks asianboss for bringing out this video which actually did clearly give us the information about what’s going on in Myanmar .. I hope the people of Myanmar will come out of this trouble soon be a democratic country again and people can have the peaceful life again..

  93. They all seemed so very well informed and researched. I wonder if in the face of something similar, if I’d have the bravery to be interviewed like that. Maybe not. Blessings to those that did.

  94. Thank you Asian Boss for helping us Myanmar people raise our voices in demanding for rights to democracy and immediate release of our leaders DASSK and president U Win Myint.

  95. Dear Asian Boss,

    As someone who enjoy your content and your messaging behind each video to bring awareness on social issues, I was disheartened to find out when the channel was going to close because of financial problems. I donated whatever small amount I could after seeing Stephen’s video, and when I saw this video today you did of my home country today, I couldn’t be more thankful. Thank you for doing this to raise awareness, on behalf of Myanmar!

  96. I would not only like to thank AsianBoss, but also the non-burmese people who took their time watching this video. My county is seriously is desperation of help and getting the public attention is just the first step. I can’t help but cry every time I see news about what’s happening in my country, sadly I’m in Australia, all I can do is share around and donate to the people online. I pray everyday for our mother Aung San Su Kyi is safe and also the Myanmar citizens.
    I do wish this video showed what the military is doing to the people, recent news, they were caught injecting drugs into the kids so they can go back to the village and burn it. It’s no rumour, there’s evidence everywhere.
    Or even when the military detained the politicians and citizens at night.

  97. Thank you so much Asian Boss. 🙏🏻 We, Myanmar citizens, appreciate all your efforts in making this video. Thanks for letting the world know what’s happening in Myanmar.

  98. But u didn’t see them talking out against genocide on rohingya. They defended their government back then. I hope this time they can over throw the military and stop their influence over their politics. I also hope they can make sure equal rights for everyone in their country including rohingya. If u can’t make sure equal rights for everyone it will come back to haunt u eventually.

  99. Thank you for this video as an Asian boss fan and a myanmar citizen. Now the soldiers have started raiding citizen’s houses at night and assaulting them in order to intimidate us. They’re using all sorts of dirty tactics like hiring people to start riots among protestors, to cause arson attacks and assault people. They already stole the covid funds and plans to sell out Myanmar to China. This is why military junta is bad. Worse than our milk tea alliance countries.

  100. First of all, heartfelt thanks to the Asian boss team and everyone who helped in this video.

    To everyone around the world, we Myanmar citizens have lived under the control of the military ever since the 60s. If you ever have the doubt of what they claim to be “the election fraud”, you can ask anyone within the country how much people support the elected NLD government and our leader Daw Aung San Suu Kyi. And ever since the coup, they have been trying to make us feared with late night raids and their actions towards peaceful protesters, notably one of which takes the life of an innocent young protester in Naypyidaw and injuring several peaceful protesters in different cities. We no longer want to live under military dictatorship. For more info, you can check the hashtag “WhatsHappeningInMyanmar” on twitter.

    We want democracy. Hear the voice of Myanmar.

  101. They cut down internet 1 am to 9 am .They banned Facebook and twitter. They arrest peaceful protesters. They shot with real bullets. They arrest civilian at night without warrant.And so many inhumance things are going on. Please help Myanmar. Thank you so much Asian Boss for this video.

  102. I skipped to 11:53 to see what the people interviewed think of the Rohinyga genocide. I think I heard only one person actually acknowledge there was a genocide but no one seemed to condemn it. This is not good enough for someone like me to support the protesters. I can only show them as much empathy and respect as they show the Rohinga’s and other minorities in their country. I can instead save my prayers for the people of Hong Kong. Thank you Asian boss for asking the question though!

  103. I wish the best for the people of Myanmar, and that democratic institutions and the rule of law can be restored soon.

    I noticed that some of the people, particularly the lanky young man wearing a shirt with a big red dot, interject several English words or phrases into the generally Burmese sentences. For example, when he says “it’s not very democratic,” or “personal opinion,” not dissimilar to Hindi or Japanese. And with the young woman in red, it’s like “Burmese Burmese Burmese TWO DIFFERENT INSTITUTIONS Burmese Burmese POWER PLAY AND INFORMATION SHARING Burmese Burmese.” Is Burmese known for having a lot of loanwords from English? I know that Myanmar was formerly colonized by the British, but I figured that since it was largely isolated from the world since independence, its language would be relatively light on loanwords.

  104. Few things to note guys and girls. Date of Bidens inauguration. Geographical location of Myanmar. Social Economic model Angsang Suki championed. Connect the dots.

  105. Thank you so much asian boss for making our voice heard by the whole world.All our hopes and our future were robbed away in a night by the military and they use forces and dirty tricks to silence our voices.This is the strongest proof that they don’t really care about the citizens. All they care about is their authority and wealth and benefits.

  106. People of Thailand and Mynamar has to fight it out with the coup military junta.This generation has to go full throttle to depose the military rulers.
    Salute to Asian Boss for covering the Mynamar military coup and its people.

  107. my respect for Asian Boss increased even more! this is very important. i’m from Indonesia and i’m also very concerned about the situation over there in Myanmar. i’m trying to raise awareness so the international community can see the truth and help each other

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  109. As an Indonesian (Military Coup), he assesses that the described statements of the Myanmar youths cannot withstand the facts that are currently happening, but do they also know that the Myanmar military committed human rights violations against non-ethnic groups such as karen, kachin, etc.

  110. We have a long and painful history of fighting for democracy. Please don’t give up and keep standing up for what’s rightfully yours: freedom. Love and support from Korea 🇰🇷 🇲🇲

  111. Read comedy of coffin on kindle written by Avijit Kabiraj. Introduction : Two unemployed boys were employed by a mafia boss, their job is to bury a dead chef in the criminal’s cemetery. The chef is the pasta maker whom the boss accidentally shot dead. The boys were chased by the police, shot by a sniper, rested in a church, kidnapped by an evil doctor, electrocuted, freezed, roasted, couple of ladies didn’t spare them, survived the strange graveyard but when they returned after burying the dead chef, found the boss in a coffin…

  112. The first guy explained it incorrectly initially. There was claim of election fraud with absolutely no evidence. Elections are not perfect but overwhelming majority of Myanmar voted for NLD.

  113. Thank you for shedding light on the voices of the Burmese people, although I live in the US it is absolutely frustrating when all I see in the media about Myanmar are lies and miscommunications. We love Aung San Suu Kyi very much and it is not uncommon to refer to her as the mother of our country, but the western world has twisted her into a villain. She has done more good for us than 1 million men and yet the west continues to defame her. It is necessary to give a clear and true picture of her true effect in Myanmar and not blur the truth through an outsider’s view. It is unfortunate that we were not able to communicate to the world directly like this because Myanmar is not in connection with the rest of the world, so having Asian boss be a platform to spread the perspective of the people involved, is very much respected and absolutely appreciated.

  114. Thank you Asian Boss for telling the tragedy of Myanmar.

    Me, an Australian citizen of Burmese origin, has the pride to be born in Myanmar, but because of military dictatorship, I had to flee. Now I have a lot of hope to see my country to be reborn again, after decades living under darkness, but now the military, by greediness, cut off our wings. Meanwhile we are still at wars with each other, ethnic people want separatism and our economy is just 1/40 of Thailand, and was further plagued by COVID-19.

    I plan to return to my Myanmar. But with this situation I don’t know how can I get to it.

  115. So I guess Suu Kyi is not so good at playing political chess afrerall, because the coup still happens despite her trying to save the genocidal military maniacs from ICJ due to the atrocity against the Rohingyan Muslims in Rakhine.

    She keeping her mouth shut against the atrocity means she’s part of the problem and karma hits back really hard. Good riddance.

  116. I’m sorry but I don’t feel bad for any of them. When there was a genocide happening in their own countries, no one spoke up. So many people died and none of these people had any issues. It’s only now that their own liberties are being restricted that they want the international community to do something to help. I don’t really have sympathy for those who were complicit in a genocide. Not participating doesn’t mean you are innocent.

  117. Be strong myanmar. Your country remind me of my own country in 1998 (Indonesia). We had massive protest too. And the govt shot us and even provoked ethnic conflict to distract the masses.

    We had many separatists movement after 1998… Religious fundamentalism, etc.. And our economy went bad with IMF came in. But today, I dare to say that we improve a lot though many problems still needed to be solved. Hope u guys can make it too.

  118. Asian Boss did a better journalism than CNN, BBC, DW, Sky News all the mainstream media did on Myanmar. All raw opinions & facts without any agenda or mainstream coverage.

  119. Only problem with interviewing ppl on the street is they too are brainwashed. They don’ have firsthand knowledge of what’s really going down either. All they can offer is their opinions. The only valuable info to learn from them is : they don’ have internet and can only watch fake news.

  120. Asian Boss – you make it again. You nail the story from within. As a citizen of Kazakhstan, a Central Asian country, we are not so well-informed about other Southeast Asian nations except Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam and Indonesia. Thanks for making this video. I’d like to see if Asian Boss ever makes a video about Central Asia and Kazakhstan in general.

  121. now the military cut off our internet which is paid by ourselves everyday from 1AM to 9PM which mean they start taking our rights away
    .They are literally trying to change Myanmar into North Korea and close the economic, education and the other door of Myanmar. I can’t image myself living again under those dictatorship.

  122. 3:37 the girl was almost in tears its so hard to believe it! I can never imagine that happening to anyone ..yet they are facing it so strongly and making their voices heard through all the odds!

  123. I am so scared for them, but at the same time I applaud them for being so brave. Thank you, Asian Boss for doing this. Truly. The world needs to see more of this.

    PS unrelated, but I’ve never heard their language before. It’s so beautiful and calming

  124. I think the girl at 8:14 is mistaken about the situation in the US with respect to the electoral situation. Most people following what is happening since the US election are quite unhappy about the result and the current “administration” has banned any discourse about the election. They are trying to stop people complaining about the election and the new “administration” is already ruining people’s livelihoods by banning many businesses that the “administration” don’t like! etc etc.

  125. My boyfriend and his family are back in Myanmar right now, and I’m so scared for them 🙁 I can’t visit now (they don’t want me to either of course), but they can’t leave either. It’s heartbreaking. I’m scared that I won’t be able to hear from them one day.

  126. The military destroyed the Rohingyas and their homes, Burmese people didn’t speak up for them. Now that the same thing might happen to them, they cry foul. Well, you guys didn’t say anything back then so what gives you the right to say anything now?

  127. For the people in the comments yes China and Russia support military coup and they said it in the UN meeting that this is an internal affair also there have been several imports from China which they mentioned as “SEAFOOD'” and “SAUCE” you’d be able to find the REAL meanings if you search in google. Apparently the weapons currently used by the soldiers are said to be made in Russia. People here are working as hard as they can to gain democracy again. The dictators have stoop so low to make fake evidences as to why they had to conduct this coup. For example: last night they left dead bodies on different streets of the main cities here and make it seems like the people are fighting each other, attempting murder and causing several commotions which is exactly why this coup was conducted. We have drones flying every night to capture all these and make fake evidences. Everyday we have internet cut from 1 am to 9 am which their excuse was that all the people here use a lot of internet so it will cause health concern but DO THEY REALLY HAVE TO DO THIS? CUT ALL CONTACTS WE HAVE WITH PEOPLE AROUND THE WORLD FOR HOURS? Everything they are making is senseless and we can see how hungry they are for power. They have no hesitation to take brutal actions on the citizens just because of how much power and wealth they crave. BUT THIS DOESN’T MEAN THE BURMESE PEOPLE WILL STOP FIGHTING FOR DEMOCRACY. OUR LIVES WILL FALL APART UNDER THEIR CONTROL. OUR OPPORTUNITIES ARE SLIPPING AWAY AND WE ARE LOSING OUR CHANCES OF GETTING PROPER EDUCATION AND MAKING OUR DREAMS COME TRUE.

  128. Thank you for covering the news. Been watching Asian Boss for 5 years and I would have never thought about my country’s news appearing on the channel in this way but here we are. It truly is sickening. It’s been over two weeks, people are getting arrested and shot to death for peacefully protesting, Police are breaking and entering houses at night, abducting and detaining people for weeks with no reasons, no warrants at all. The police are behaving like terrorists in uniforms but with authority and power. The government (military) owned media are indirectly blaming and threatening people to stop protesting and labeled them as “the act done by unscrupulous groups of people” while expressing this coup by military was necessary in order to restore the peace and tranquility of the country, like they’re just lying to themselves. No one believes their utter nonsense and they know it. They simply don’t care people’s voices cause they’ve been doing coups for a living. The protests are getting stronger day by day and I hope you guys cover them as well.

  129. Thanks for you hear myanmar people voice and you let know the world truly what happning in myanmar . You guys are always the best . Thanks CEO Stephen park and asain boss team .

  130. i learned a lot from watching this video. the interviewees were very knowledgeable and articulate about what’s happening in ground zero. they answered the questions truthfully and straightforwardly, just like how the guy said he’s still afraid to hit anyone with a weapon or sacrifice himself fully. if u can, please blur their faces because we can never know what the regime could do. hope they are all safe, as well as the citizens in general. praying for Myanmar.

  131. Thank you so much Asian Boss for this very insightful video. I was not aware at first of what was happening to Myanmar, this video gave me an info to the military coup happening in the said country. I also like how the interviewees were very articulate and well-knowledged on the video. May God bless Myanmar, and stay safe everyone!

  132. ….so sorry to hear….seeing your country being sold down the river by its own people is never fun….seems like an alternate reality ….I can relate and empathize…..

  133. i believed in the goodness of asian boss and thus contributed my share to help the channel survive. Now when i see content like this giving me an insight istg the penny spent pays back very well. God Bless Myanmar, God bless its people!

  134. It’s so scary how the election fraud mirrors what what happening here in the US. Difference here is the military would never stage a coup cause one side couldn’t accept the results of the election.

  135. It would’ve been nice if some aged citizens are interviewed. Youth’s point doesn’t represent the point of a society. I could imagine that the “matured”, aged folks won’t say any good thing about the military either but they may think of some solutions or insights into the trends since they are experienced and have been around Myanmar for decades. If you interview only the young folks, what you usually get are: I don’t support them, I like this person, I want freedom, the situation is bad, and we will fight back. But if you interview mature folks, you may get some interesting views.

    This is the same when you talk about Obamacare with different individuals. The real insights are always from experienced folks.

  136. it’s 02:00am here in Brazil, great video as always asian boss, to the Myanmar people i’m sending my best wishes, it’s hard but i hope u overcome this situation with the least of damages in your citizens lifes, stay strong ✊

  137. ‘You fed the wolf when it was at its weakest time, now it has come to devour you!’ Ms. Su kyi, had defended the military in ICJ against the rohingya genocide, now they have deposed her. It’s always the ppl who suffer in the end.

  138. There was a protest in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in the United States tonight in solidarity with the good people of Myanmar. Many of the family and friends here gathered to be the voice of their people.

  139. I think you should also try to interview those people who support the military, should also be interesting. Isn’t that the goal of journalism? To let all voices to be heard.

  140. This is the problem with western media and western audience. They have a conclusion in mind, then they picked some young activist that will give them the answer they want to hear. Then the audience hear what they want to hear and consolidate their opinion about the event based on 6-8 people’s narrative. Sounds familiar? Yes, this happened to Hong Kong protest, the western media always give platform for the young activist to speak out but they never interview the older people, it’s because the older people do not want the protest and if they are interviewed, the audience will not not get the response they want. Keep cheating yourself.

  141. Hello. Greeting from Myanmar(Burma). Last month, I saw a video saying you guys are about to shut down and I was really sorry to hear that. So, I shared your video on my social accounts and asked Myanmar people to help support your start-up. Now, this video proved to me that you are worth supporting. Thank Asian Boss for delivering our voices to the world ☺️

  142. Myanmar military bans not only facebook but also Twitter and youtube too. They also cut off internet. Yesterday they shot peaceful protesters with real guns and hit disable person.

  143. i am once again so impressed with this young generation of people who really seem to UNDERSTAND what terms like pluralism, freedom, and the rule of law actually MEAN when put into practice.
    (much more so than most of the people already living in free and democratic countries themselves)

    from the way they spoke, wishing for justice but also a calm and analytical approach to the crisis now facing their country, it seems clear to me that they really are true democrats at heart.

    it just makes it even sadder that these bright, free minds are now under threat of being squashed from an oppressive and authoritarian government

  144. I am from Myanmar and I guarantee that their words represent our voices. We don’t want military Coup. We don’t want dictatorship. We want back our leader and Democracy. They said for Democracy, but keep blocking internet and hurting people with weapon, water canons and even with guns. One 20 years old lady is shot in the head by the bullet as of now. We have lost our freedom of speech and human rights. They keep violating them, using forces and bullets on peaceful-protester, but we will keep on fighting. Your support is our encouragement.

  145. This is what i like from asian boss. They are literally on point seeing the things which is now happening . Hope they will get their best solution peacefully.

  146. Thank you so much you guys for putting effort in making this video of what’s really happening in Myanmar. To world, please hear our voices. All we have is voices. The military is getting worse and worse and everything they’ve been doing is violating human rights. Our future and dreams depend on this. The country was just slowly developing and now all gone under a group of brainless cruel people. The world needs to see this. They’re now even cutting out the internet every nights, trying to put us in the dark.
    Thank you all for the support. 💙

  147. Thank you for sharing current situation in Myanmar. We will continue to fight for Democracy. A 19 year old girl got shot and the bullet got in her brain through motorcycle helmet. Police and military troops used force to break up protestors and many got injured. At night time, strangers come and try to burn and destroy our properties. We have to patrol our own as we can no longer trust our police. They ordered not to give access to social media and they even modify and make a new law to protect their actions. Starting from 15 Feb, they cut the internet access from 1AM to 9AM. We still don’t know what they’re trying to do at that time. I wonder how they’re planning to get their own profits and benefits from ours’ sufferings. I hate them. I cannot express how I hate them. God, help us….

  148. So Rohingya is not part of Myanmar? Your former state leader defended the military for killing rohingya because the armed forces are from Myanmar and Rohingya does not? Wow hypocrite

  149. You guys are BEASTS, none of the MSM is sending people in to go actually get this kind of on the ground information. Thank you for your bravery, and the bravery of these who are willing to speak to you. Keep hammering!

  150. Huh? Korean youtuber supported the coup? 16:33 that is insane! I am sure that Korean is a troll! Koreans support democracy! Military dictatorship should never be granted!

  151. I see some people from overseas stating that because of the silence of the Myanmar public on the Rohingya crisis, Myanmar deserves to be punished in this manner.

    There is no point in denying the fact that Rohingya crisis happened and that many of the Myanmar people were supportive of ASSK’s denial of the genocide. Hell, if you as much as opened your mouth to disparage ASSK about it, you get into an argument with people who do not believe that Rohingya deserves to be recognised.

    However, I would like to point out that most people in Myanmar are struggling with day to day survival and it is easy to push aside atrocities happening somewhere out of sight, that your government is purposely hiding from you. Hero worship is problematic in nations like Myanmar where critical thinking is not a huge focus of our education system. The youths protesting today worship ASSK or at least worship the ideals of democracy that ASSK represents. This compounded with an idiot general who is treating this like a war is pushing more youths into the movement. More of these youths are also only now educating themselves about the ramifications of having a military that is more powerful than the civil authorities.

    Let’s face it, most of you looking at insta stories or at this right now, are probably not from Myanmar. A handful of you will worry about it in the context of what it means for your friends or relatives. Some of you will find it interesting, feel sympathy for the Myanmar people as a whole. Most of you will find it a somewhat interesting thing that you took moment to read, if that, and move on with your day. And I honestly don’t mind that. A person can only care so much before going absolutely insane.

    It is the same for most of Myanmar during the Rohingya crisis or the ethnic civil wars. The question is not really if the Myanmar people cared. It is really did these people really have the time and the education necessary to understand the nuances of the situation to care?

    Obviously at this moment, if you challenge ASSK’s supporter with the Rohingya matter, most will deflect and point to the military. Perhaps someone who understands the nuances might make a better defense of her very hard to defend actions. At any rate, this is a fact that cannot be disputed; if the military really win this one, it is going to be a total wipeout of however many Rohingya are left and whoever else the military might find objectionable in their minds unsullied with a single thought. Do you truly want to shout karma to people whose biggest sin is being too poor to get the education that you were able to get?

  152. Thank you Asian Boss for covering the truth of what is happening there in my home country! My respect and love for your channel has grown even more. Hoping those in the video that were interviewed can stay safe.

  153. Thank you for the video, m not sure why you didn’t use mosaic on their faces to block the faces for the safety… the kids are so brave! Victory is coming soon! Be persistence!

  154. Update on Myanmar since the interview:
    Medical workers started the Civil Disobedience Movement where all the government workers stopped going to work to completely shut down the system. People started boycotting the businesses owned by the military and their families.

    About 300 people are arrested at night without a warrant or reason and forcefully removed from their houses. Most of them being politicians, medical workers, media ,teachers, civillians, influencers, and protestors.

    The police shot a 19 year old girl who was peacefully protesting in the head with a real bullet and she died a few days later from brain death. Many protestors are being treated violently.

    UN should take an immediate action on the military. Their condemnation on paper aren’t effective and we need actual support.

    Internet is cut off every night and fb, ig and twitter are banned. They are making us suffer everyday both physically and psychologically by feeding fake news and psywars.

    The military drugged kids and released prisoners to carry out arsons and cause unrest at night in the neighbourhoods. Most people can’t sleep at night to guard for their own safety. This is unjust for both the released prisoners and the people and especialy the kids

    China and Russia supported the military because they have connections with the higher ups and can sell out the country for their profit. The military families are already billionares from selling out resources, stealing country’s money when we are in debt and bribery

    The military has been causing decades of civil war and oppressing against the minority ethnic people. Myanmar has over 130 ethnic groups.

  155. Hmm let’s see the people throwing the coup falsely accused voter fraud, tried to overthrow the rightful officials, and then proceed to spread further lies, fake news and propaganda to make themselves look rightful? Sounds a lot like a particular country…

  156. There were tweets & picture of soldiers who were described to be speaking a different language yesterday showing up as part of the coup. Their badges were red & yellow, I wonder what country they’re representing.

  157. This is probably the first time I’ve ever heard Burmese spoken. I was expecting it to be a little more tonal like Vietnamese or Thai, but it almost sounds a bit like Mongolian.

  158. I, for one, cannot sympathize much with Suu Kyi and her lout.

    She stayed quiet during Rohingya genocide and personally I don’t care whats going to happen to her at this point. I don’t condone military coup and I believe in democracy but I honestly can’t sympathize much with any of this.

    Not after Rohingya.

  159. Awesome! I wish we could have gotten some voices from an older demographic as well, though. I understand it was hard to get these people under the circumstances, but as it is I have to take their words with a grain of salt. Everyone interviewed in this video seems to be of the same age demographic. Really curious what other generations think.

  160. Answers on Rohingya genocide were not satisfactory, saying she saw military as a people of mayanmar out rightly pointed that She don’t see Rohingya as citizens. Violence can’t be justified 🙏 Even then and Now. Well i wish Mayanmar will get there democracy back , Stay strong stay United and always be vocal against voilence.

  161. Where is your interview 3-4 years ago when the rohingyas were slaughtered by the same military? Oh right Myanmar ppl sat on their hands and was silent when the genocide happened. Aung even defended the same military and denied any wrongdoing. Now this same military is threatening your democracy and took your leader… now you want to protest and fight back?? Y’all are on your own.

  162. Can we take a momentum to appreciate the courage and guts it must have took for the whole team of Asian boss to go there and overcome all obstacles. Thank u all the people who saved Asian boss. And thank u Asian boss for providing us with Information that is so hard to get. I couldn’t thank u more. Fighting ✊✊❤❤❤🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳❤❤❤

  163. It is remarkable to able to hear from people on the streets about what is happening in Myanmar. I am curious to see what ASEAN makes of one of its members going full military coup. It is clear to see the people are not going to take it. But I think there is a level of lack of empathy from obviously non-Rohingya people when the military coup is (rightfuly) criticized, but the genocide of Rohingya in Rakhine only seen as a power game.

  164. Donald Trump: “I’m gonna write a letter…

    Dear Me-anmar Military,
    It has come to my attention that you waged a coup attempt to siege your government. I was very impressed that you had the courage to do the right thing against voter fraud in your country of Me-anmar. If you are not too busy, I’d like you to do us a favor. As you know, I didn’t win the recent 2020 election because of voter fraud, and wanted to know if you could stop by the US for a coup attempt of our own. My supporters tried on January 6th, but it didn’t work

    Looking forward to working with you in the future.
    Donald J Trump”

    But in all seriousness, I know I’d be asking a lot of their military, but I hope they accept the results and give control to the true election winner/leader of Myanmar. Also, the girl who quoted V for Vendetta. She rocks ^_^

  165. The problem with Myanmar is no civilian control over the military. China might be a one party country but the civilians are the one which control the military. Meanwhile in Myanmar, the military formed a party and is guaranteed 25% of the parliament, so basically, power to block any bills they want, and also they control the guns and tanks.

  166. I’ve traveled several times to Myanmar several years ago and the poverty caused by economic sanctions years previously were still felt. So I agree that another sanction will only cause hardship to the ordinary people. The international community should work together to help favourably for the people of Myanmar and save its democracy at the same time.

  167. Myanmar’s military is a pseudo military. It grabbed power from Gen. Aung San, who negotiated and regained their independence from Imperial Britain during WW2, by assassinating him. They actually function not as a state protector but operate like a mafia organization controlling power, economy and politics. They legitimize themselves by hiding behind the back of a pseudo democracy. They pull the strings as they see fit to protect their interests. And they will use force without hesitation to stay in power. The people of Myanmar must brace for rough times ahead. They have to be courageous to attain their freedom and democracy. 50 years of being under military control is too long. It is time for a free and truly democratic Myanmar

  168. Young kids are always naive,protesting and vote won’t work,at this moment,stable is first.avoid violence and chaos. Negotiate with military with patience,compromise if needed.

  169. A lot of Thai people are also fighting for Democracy same with our neighbouring country, Myanmar. We hope to spread the awareness on this serious situation and gain support from people from all around the world. Thank you. And Myanmar people keep fighting we’ll always be with you !

  170. Thank you Asian Boss for sharing the thoughts of young Myanmar people with the world!
    I’ve been to Myanmar many times and have many friends there, so I’ve been very concerned with every internet outage and report of violence. In the last 11 years I have watched the general living standards and access to education improve greatly, so it’s distressing to think those gains may go backwards.
    I love the Asian Boss channel and Myanmar so very happy to see these things combined! 🙂 One of my favourite things to watch on Asian Boss is your follow up stories. Please keep reporting on the situation in Myanmar for as long as everyone is safe too! Also while I enjoyed the well articulated thoughts of these young people, I would be interested in hearing the more nuanced thoughts of various ethnicities at this time too. Please make it happen? Thank you!

  171. With all due respect for that dude who believes Myanmar is getting worse as North Korea…north Korea looks much better infrastructurally speaking than Myanmar where it is well known murders, rapes and poverty by its poor politic, yes we know NK is living a hell but come on! When it supposed that Myanmar was better than NK 🙄🙄🙄

  172. This kind of video is EXACTLY why this channel is important. God damn, interviewing people on the street when government is under military junta. and making it free, huge props

  173. You guys worked fast at getting this info out to the rest of the world. This is the only channel I’ve seen conducting interviews while major news outlets have simply been covering the protests from an outsider’s perspective.

  174. Asian Boss should have a permanent place for viewers to donate and show support because I’m so incredibly grateful for this company and everything it stands for.

  175. The military shouldn’t even get involved with politics. Look at Pakistan, ruled by army generals. Pakistan used to be wealthier than India. Now they’re is even poorer than Bangladesh, a country that experienced genocide by military-ruled Pakistan and even had its economy in shambles during the 70s.

  176. The reason why there is little coverage by Western media such as CNN or BBC is simply because they don’t care. Their enemies are Russia and China and by extension their allies. Literally a hundred million people went on a labour strike in India and no one here in North America even knows about it. Why? Because India is an ally of the US. If that were to happen in Iran, it would be a field day for CNN.

  177. Asian Boss had to dodge Myanmar’s internet shutdown to get this out to the global public. This truly shows that Asian Boss cares about what is going on in Myanmar.