The One Love Cafe, in Dumaguete – Philippines

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    1. @Andrew Llera it truly is a great surprise to finally taste the food here.  and the owner, henry, is a very good guy doing positive things in the community.  school programs, nutritional classes and world peace event this sunday in town.. he’s a good guy.  we talked for about two hours after the video.

  1. The One Love Cafe, in Dumaguete – Philippines – YouTube – Perhaps THE best small resto in Dumaguete. Genuine Jamaican & Filipino food with a great atmosphere.

    1. Bigtombowski. Respect. Thank you. Kind sir. The name is change to True Love Cafe. True Love Cafe offer you something different .

      Sent from my iPad

    2. Hi Tom One love cafe. Had a name change. It now True love Cafe. The only day we closed is Mondays. We open from Tuesday to Sundays to 10,pm. Hope to see you soon. True love .

      Sent from my iPad

    3. Mr white thank you, when a person got a created mind he are she can do anything from experience I learn one simple thing alway start small and grow most people starting up a business start too big you got to leave yourself position for growth starting small if there is a problem you can change to other things alway have. Second option One love

    4. I haven’t been there but i would try it if there. in dumaguete i tried the restaurant casablanca, on the seaside,,really good food and not very expensive. one night there i tried one of the best burgers of my life and my filipina girlfriend tried white wine for the first time and fell in love….again…ehehe…by the way i couldn’t stay in dumaguete long because there is a law against smokers for outside public smoking….i smoke cigars….the owner of the restaurant let me smoke though(outside of course). thats why i went to the restaurant in the first place…I have an allergy for rules….thanks for your videos….

    1. @Orville Henry
      Diabetes does not come from rice, mate. It’s the fatty stuff like oil, butter, cheese and most meat.
      The Filipino diet ist still bad (for health and in terms of taste as well) so you do an awesome job!

    2. @Orville Henry I love rice and peas but last time where I ate at this authentic Jamaican restaurant in Toronto, it’s rice with red beans. It’s good though. Cook curry goat man and make some roti chicken as well with hot sauce. I also love oxtail.  hehehe  If I lived close by near your place, you’d probably see me there 5 to 6 times a week. Peace feeling irie mon.

    3. @Orville Henry Henry you make nice hot foods and Im watching this in the UK and drooling. I like what youre doing to improve Filipino diet too

    4. Yes cook rice and peas also. On request. Most Philippino don’t like rice / peas at the moment I am teaching them about food. Most Philippino only like plain rice and it a health risk Debities 75% here in the Philippines.

  2. I can attest, this is also my favorite small resto in Dumaguete! Been here 4 years and once I found One Love I was pleasantly surprised, however once I tasted the food I was ecstatic, definitely the best food in Dumaguete. Henry is always accommodating, even going as far as giving me a ride when I needed a little help. Great place, great food, One Love.

  3. On behalf of One Love Cafe Thank you when I came to the Philippines i want to share the positive vibration and Educate a few people about eating habits , most philippino don’t understand how important it is to eat a balance meal that the reason I create. One Love Cafe. And I started a feeding program in the local school , with the help of SPMUDA we will reach out to many Philippino to stop the kids from coming Diabetic too … One love

    1. *passes out* LOL

      I’ve never met anyone who disliked it! I been a fan since I first heard reggae, I love the culture and everything (except the weed) that comes with it

    2. In my experience its not so much the music you have with your dinner but the tempo that is most important. A slower than heartbeat tempo will be more relaxing to eat to

  4. I’ve eaten Jamaican food before more than enough times. Roti curry chicken with chick peas and potatoes. Rice and Beans, Oxtail, Fish Stew, Curry Goat (yum), plantains, dumplings with gravy, Jerk Pork, Grilled fish etc etc.   Yup always good food for me. I wish they had that here in the main island. hehehe I miss it. You can’t go wrong with Caribbean cooking. Jamaica, Guyana, Trinidad, Barbados, always have good food and spices. I’ve been to the Caribbean a few times and each time I went for a week holiday, I always had Caribbean food every single day. The only Jamaican place I’ve seen here was only selling Jamaican Beef patties. I wanted more than just Jamaican beef patties. I wanted chicken curry roti, oxtail, rice and beans, plantians, dumplings, curry goat and grilled fish. Jerk pork is also the bomb. Great spiced pork. Love it.

    1. @Orville Henry Nice….I also have tried a few jamiacan restaurants in Toronto areas. The Real Jerk (now called The Jerk Joint) on Queen St. is one of them. Mr. Jerk on Eglinton St, by Forest Hill is another one because my buddy lives nearby and also the one on Don Mills Rd near where I used to live by Bayview Ave and Sheppard Ave. Island Foods I also used to go to when I worked at Dufferin Mall. The owner’s son I knew and they are from Guyana. Similar food. Roti, oxtail, etc. They also had a new branch opened up on Don Mills near the L.A. Fitness Club near where I used to live in Toronto. Basically west-indian cooking.  Barb’s Roti Shop and also Doubles & Roti for take outs we used to go to for munchies when Im at my friend’s house.

    2. Music is not a problem I am a old Skool guy. You name it I play it. When I was coming to the Philippine I bring with me a sound system. Turntables x2 CD players x2 amps you name it it here I need to build some more speakers boxes. But in time. One love sound system .

    3. Brother goat is not a problem here I got my supplier on goat I plant my own scotch bannet pepper I came across oxtail twice the price is way over the top and to buy a cow tail in the market. They want you to buy the foot and the head too , I make my jerk season that not a issue plantine I can’t fine but I found breadfruit no ackee but I am still searching but I will do my best with the things I located.

    4. @Orville Henry I am sure you can find plantains here. It’s called Saging Saba or those thick bananas. You can also find Oxtail here for sure. They usually use this oxtail to make Kare-Kare. Ask your wife or girlfriend and I am sure she will be able to find a source. One thing they don’t have that I was looking for was Jerk seasoning or Jerk spice and scotch bonnet peppers which are peppers from Jamaica. You can also get goat here but try to get the meaty goats not the skinny ones because there’s hardly any meat of some of the goats you find here. You can probably get good deals when sourcing your goats. Filipinos love eating goat.  If I do come to Dumaguete in the future, I will drop by. I miss the curry chicken roti with hot sauce and oxtail with rice and beans.

      Feeling Irie man. One Love. Feeling alright……Bob Marley and Peter Tosh. 

    5. Wow stunning. Some things I can’t find here in the Philippines. Like Ackee Oxtail , plantians , We just stat this cafe five months now we are still learning and sourcing many things at the moment I am working with the local things we can locate I hope by next year to start doing Jamaican patties and roti One love

  5. Great video Henry!  I will definitely go there when I move to PI!  I was salivating looking at all that food.  150 pesos!  Thank God for the Philippines!  My gf lives in Cebu.  I will take her to One Love Cafe!  Keep up the good work!

    1. Linda. Jamaican or international travelers there is no place in this world where a Jamaican can’t be found. From the North Pole to the South Pole Behind everything there is a story

    2. @Orville Henry
      Amazing to see you in the Philippines.  I bet you have a good story to tell how you got there.  “No where no deh, wey we no deh” (lol).  Keep it up.

  6. Very worthy of our attention, in part of course the food, second part how it seems he gives to his new community. Keep up the good videos on the positive side of life there.

    1. Greetings. All. God bless you all for your support. It now one year the seed of one love cafe have been planted in the Philippines. On the 24th August last year I did my first feeding program for thirty kids from a local school last Christmas Day it was a open day for all customers and pass by plus the kids of the area it was a blessing. This coming August 25th I will be hosting my third feeding program. If you are in Dumegeute city on this day please support the program education is the greatest gift for us human let share our knowledge with the Kids for a better future. One love

    2. Roysjoy. Greeting life is Avery simple thing. Sharing and caring for others. There are a few thing human should know eat healthy and drink clean water , most Philippino afraid to eat vegetables the mentality of some people vegetables is for the Poor but rice is for the Rich that is why I try to served a balance meal wash day. I am doing a feeding program with the schools I would like to improver the young kids life. If I can change person life I will be happy. Smile. One Love

  7. Crazy and Amazing place The Philippines is… After living in LA for so many years and the first place you had ever tried Jamaican Jurk Chicken is in the P.I. Hahaha. Well it looked great! If I ever get down there I will for sure try it. I’ve only been to Dumaguete twice for two days each time. Next time I come there I’ll look you up and since the price is only Php 150, I’ll buy lunch for us both. Haha does that make you a cheap date? JK

    1. Patrick I am only trying to do things different from other people as a Jamaican I am creative in many way in cooking and baking plus I study catering at university level. At the moment I am keeping things Simple. I like to take baby steps and learn to walk. That my way of doing things. One love

  8. I really like the way the cafe looks if and when i do go to the Philippines I will be visiting the cafe food looks good as well happy for harry hope it all goes well for him.

    1. Thank you it simple but hygiene is first and foremost for me , and I only use fresh produce nothing from cans . Keeping things real and fresh One love Marlene

  9. Hi Roland, it’s the same dish.  Jamaicans are inclined to call red beans “peas”.  I’m sure Henry would cook it the authentic way with coconut milk and all the seasonings (lol).

    1. It call rice /peas we cook the kidney bean with coconut milk spring onions fresh thyme ans some spice. Then we add rice and simmer it together. Authentic one love

    1. Mike Anderson. You don’t know who Bob Marley is ? He fight for freedom world wide if you care to know more research him on google. Positive vibes

  10. May I ask…who films you as you appear on camera?….by the way, I have subscribed to your channel and given this one a like!!…:-)…and feel free to check out my channel….there is a video there showing my Filipina lady, Ana….search for “Capture Ana”

    1. @pat kern i texted with her a few days ago.  she’d doing better, making a steady income with a sari-sari store she runs at her parent’s house.  i guess her parents figured that was a better idea, but she still wants to do the food idea since she has the things she needed. 

    1. @Kevin is Nice i see far more filipinos dining out than foreigners.  and that’s at places i go which are about 350p per person.  not everybody is struggling.

  11. Looks good to me, but more importantly Henry, It looks like you forgot life, and problems of life,  and that means, you were very happy at that moment.   To see you in a happy state makes me happy.

  12. Hello henry how you doing? The first i dosaw the food I know its like mixecican style.when you introduce the owner it was confirm that the food had a mixecican that spicy?do they have a lot if costumer? Do you like your food?

    1. Hi. Rona. Thank you for asking Henry the question if you care to fine out more please send me a message on Facebook. One love cafe. One love.

    2. @Rona Pestilos i love the food there, ate lunch there yesterday in fact.  he has a very loyal following of customers.  big portions and he is very friendly.

    1. King. New Jersey. Check out my page on Facebook. Orville Henry. There was a complain from a third party so Facebook close that page down but that can’t stop the positive vibration

    2. @King New Jersey just a few days ago, an attorney sent a ‘cease and desist’ letter to facebook, all because bob marley’s face shows up in his restaurant.  so facebook shut down his resto page.  🙁

  13. Hey I’m a fan that lives in England but is Filipino I visited Philippines about a week ago and I wanted to say hi but unfortunately didn’t see u I hope next time I visit I will be able to see u😃😃

    1. Sorry about that brother. I am a very busy person. When I am not in the restaurant I am in the local market sourcing my fish and vegetables or at the wholesale or doing some program for the kids in this area. It all one love.

  14. Greeting. One and all. My name is Orville Henry a Jamaican in the Philippines. I am a Chef , coming to the Philippines was a challenge but I over come the challenge , my first year in the Philippine I almost die I was in hospital for a week. It was hard , but I over come my illness , I lost all my money but I stay focus on my dreams , I started One Love cafe. With Two Chicken and Two kilo of rice. And two tables with the blessing of God it growing day by day. From whatever we have we share it with the local people around. We do two feeding program last year , this year we would like to do Greater things for the kids. Thank you all for your support. God bless you all. One love . Henry Thank you for sharing one love cafe to the world. Respect. Sir .

  15. Oh wow! A real Jamaican in the Philippines. =)
    I love their accent! =D

    May I just say; your channel at times is not good for people on a diet. The temptation to eat is just irresistible!

  16. Well, we made it to this place on Thursday and THERE ARE NO WORDS! Even the SOUP! The owner, Henry is the best and his story  of starting his business is amazing! I had the curry chicken and of course my sweetie had the beef stew. The food is so so good. I had those two dishes with beer and soda for 315. HENRY THANKS TO YOU!!!! Everyone keeps telling me “YOU WILL RUN INTO HENRY SOONER OR LATER HE IS EVERYWHERE.” So I AM for sure looking forward to that day! Anywho, met another guy there BRUCE and both him and the owner raved about SUGAR BEACH and other places. We ate but also sat there a couple of hours just chatting with these two both had amazing pictures in their phones which they shared with us. It was a great experience. Just a lot of great people in Dumagute and SIBULAN which is where I AM. Bedroom window about 50 ft from ocean. Hehehe. Maybe I will see you there at ONE LOVE one day soon  HENRY!

    1. That looks like the place I am going to “run into you you, HENRY! LOL!!!  I figure you are quite busy but I am not going anywhere so I will see you around.YES “ONE LOVE!” Hec we we are going to just “pal” around later today AND NOW YOU MADE ME HUNGRY, I THINK I MIGHT STOP IN THERE TODAY! LOL!

    2. @IsraelTheLife LovePh yes, henry is a great guy and good friend. i’m planning to check out sugar beach next month. and yes, the food there is awesome. i was just there yesterday and had the corned beef with kidney beans. very delicious. “one love!”

  17. I went to eat there today December 9th 2015, the food was excellent and healthy , and now part of the restaurant is air conditioned. I had a 3 course meal for 240 peso, great value.

  18. Thanks again Henry for your “walk-around” and finding these places for us ‘new visitors’.  I am doing my research and making a list of places to eat when arriving at the end of Mach 2016.  This place has officially been added to my list!

  19. want to hear something funny, I was just telling my mom I wanted to open a roadside stand, selling jerk chicken and ox tails when I move back home lol

  20. I need to try that…looks soo cool and amazing….be there soon! It’s a wow super affordable meal to have… thanks man for that one love!

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