Travel, shopping, and life in the Philippines are changing on a weekly basis here in Cebu, Manila, and all areas of the Philippines. Social distancing, limited seating on buses and jeepneys, lines to get into malls and supermarkets, disinfection, face masks and more.


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    #Keep safe 🙏🏼😇

  2. Social distancing is part of the ruse. Also there will be no vaccine as there NEVER EVER has been a vaccine for any corona-virus. Not even for the common cold. There is something more sinister and insidious behind this all so stay vigilant.

  3. If they wanted to hit the so called elite commercially,, this was going to be the way..
    But I think they might have underestimated things a little…
    And the collateral damage with the people is just something that will happen..
    This will take more than a year before the middle and upper middle class starts spending properly as before…So my Filipino friends tell me and they would know….They have to live here and they are a little scared…
    They will want to refill their savings accounts first…

  4. It’ll be interesting to see what this flu hysteria will do to the property prices in Philippines. My guess is there will be a lot of sore investors.

  5. As long as no crazy surprises I also think the fast forward button is starting to be pushed. To many people/busines hurting esp. in poor cultures.

  6. Rod,
    I know that you’re a very judicious person that does his due diligence before taking any kind of medication. Have you found any credible clinical-based empirical evidence from a credible source that supports the claimed anecdotal benefits of turmeric? I asked my gastrointestinal doctor at the VA for his unbiased opinion regarding the claimed anecdotal benefits of apple cider vinegar. He told me that he hadn’t seen any empirical evidence but had seen much anecdotal evidence to support this “fad health remedy” . Although, he did say that some of his patients take it and swear by it . He said that he did not see any evidence of improvement of their condition as a result of taking the vinegar and conversely, he didn’t observe any deterioration in the patient’s condition as a result of ingesting the vinegar. People complain of the very cautious approach that the Philippines is taking in response to the pandemic. However, as a developing nation, the living conditions of significant segment of the countries’ population are conducive to very rapid spread of the virus which may have resulted in large loss of life. I’m glad that they took the conservative cautious approach that they did. True, I didn’t have to live through the inconvenience of the restrictions. However, it puts my mind at ease as I plan to reside in the Philippines in approximately 2 years and can expect the government to react decisively to a national emergency. Okay, I’ve put away my soap box now. Take care Rod, enjoy the memorial day weekend (even though it’s no different than any of the other weekends in the Philippines)

  7. You have mentioned some age restriction regulation…….did you encountered anyone stopping while you were out waiting for the jeepney and at entering the mall.

  8. It’s always changing, so thanks for the regular update Rod. I don’t know how much longer people can survive there with no income or savings. I think there will be desperate people who are prepared to take their chances with the virus, so that they can feed and take care of their families. Keep well and try to stay safe always.

  9. Thanks for the update. Some pandemics peter out naturally before a vaccine is available, but that doesn’t mean the virus has gone – we live with many other ‘common’ viruses – so we’re going to have to learn to live with this one too. Anyway, I’m hoping to come to Philippines later this year to look for a place to live permanently. Fingers crossed.

  10. If its not “normal” then isn’t the right word “abnormal” ?? Isn’t “social distancing” really “physical distancing” where we can still be social?

  11. Rod, I live in Delaware and like to get my meat at an Amish market around the corner from me. Yesterday Saterday the 24 of May 2020 I bought 4 prime rid ( taste great ) when the girl told me , that will be $88 I thought to my self, where is the rest of the cow. I have seen videos on yt that people say farmers are dumping milk and killing off cows and I thought that’s crazy. But the people that work the meat packing plants are not working. Same with the chickens. I sure hope I still have a little money left after all this to buy a plain ticket to visit the Philippines. Last year I converted $2,000.00 to Philippine pesos. Hope that is enough to get by on for a month for a guy that doesn’t drink. Take care. Great video as always.

  12. Rob it appears you were going the wrong way on a one way isle. 6:15 Maybe I was hallucinating. 😲 Looks like everyones economy is in the toilet. Best wishes Bob.

  13. The New Normal???? I wish people would stop using this term…It makes people think that this is the New world we are going to live in for the rest of our lives…..It’s not. This will pass. just like other pandemics they also passed. Life will continue.

  14. Unbelievable. With the air moving constantly in this bus as it travels down the road, please explain to me the purpose of the plastic shields.
    There is another agenda at work here and it’s not your personal protection.
    Sadly the Philippines is headed for big problems. Defacto Martial law in effect.
    Going there? I’d be thinking about getting out pronto.

  15. I totally agree with you. The economic fallout of this lockdown will kill much more people than the virus. The world has gone crazy. When do you think that tourists will be allow back to the Philippines?

  16. Good you still use Turmeric. Its a lovely spice in cooking, great in chutneys, essential in Picalilli, use on chicken or rabbit, good in curries and a poor mans safron for making yellow rice. Very versatile and very healthy.

  17. I’ll spend my money there. But they need to let me in first. I’m okay with 14 day quarantine. Why did I ever leave.

  18. Good video Rod. I have money. Not a huge amount but this may be the time to put my fiancée into the fish business. I will be looking at the refrigerated truck market. I just need to get back. Keep well.

  19. Good day Rod.
    All those people who bought cars to work grab must be feeling the pain.
    Monday here we are opening all schools and businesses.
    Restaurant max 50.people but must be spaced out still.
    All domestic flights now open and also we can fly to New Zealand as well.
    Britain has said aussies can fly there to because of the few infections here. Most new cases are foreigners in boarding house’s.
    Be safe take care

  20. Hi Rod, I’m in northern California and we’re beginning to open up. There’s a lot of medical professionals saying we’ll probably see a second wave after we open up globally so I’d prepare for that scenario.

    Infection rates aren’t really going down, only plateauing, so I can see why they’re predicting the second wave… I think developing nations won’t be safe (crime wise) for foreigners post second wave, as the infrastructure isn’t as robust as we have here in the states.

    Be safe my friend. 🍺

  21. Amen – the powers that be I think are going to get a real eduction in the next 12-18 months on the powers of unintended consequences – kind of like the power of water (on mountains and rocks) only faster. But I’m hopeful the Philippines will fare relatively well in the global scheme, if they open up soon. It’s a wonderful country. Take care.

  22. Hi Rod, thanks again for your video, it gives us an idea of how things are progressing in Cebu under the virus circumstances, I’m glad to see that people can go out now, even if it’s still in a limited way. It looks like it will take quite a while for things to normalise. I hope it will for everyone there. take care and keep up the good videos.

  23. There is no such thing as new normal. There are only Normal or Abnormal! No reason to travel if countries continue to make rules based on a fake virus. People need to wake up and push back. Thanks for your videos.

  24. It is like damn if you do, and damn if you don’t. Just feel bad for people who lost their jobs. Turmeric is recommended by my PCP, I picked up a powder one at Costco and it tasted disgusting (getting use to it though), then realized CVS carry one.

  25. Minnescoda will start reopening phase II in June 1st. Also, everyone can take the test for covid19 now. We made our own tumeric powder from fresh tumeric roots and add a bit of honey to shape it like tablets. We take it daily. Be safe & healthy sir!

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