The New Dumaguete Bus Terminal

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  1. Hi Henry thank’s for the new video, Henry when at places like Bus, Boat and Air Terminals when they they call out any announcements is it in local and English or just local language, I am aware their are several spoken through out the philippines just wondering 🙂   

    1. @Bernie Cook for the plane and ferry terminals, it’s called out on the loudspeaker.. which is often hard to understand in any language.  i just listen for the name of my destination.  for the buses, not all terminals announce departures.  but they have a daily departure list (i briefly walked past the one at duma when i entered) and you get the schedule from there.  then you wait and see the bus pulled up with your destination lit up on the marque in the bus window.

  2. it is really cheap there!!! Greyhound bus basically but way cheaper.
    You know back in America nobody wants the bus anymore. .they want their own car. A ticket over here from point a to point b with a 5 hour time span will cost you about $45.00 one way. Please tell me you and LynLyn are doing fine. Personally I love riding the bus, but you would be hard pressed to finding a lady over here doing that. You better have a car and almost new at that…The issues of class stratification are full blown here in America now … the aftershocks of an extreme first world country.

    1. @JackTripper yes.. lyn and i are actually doing great.  🙂  she’s here at the laptop next to me, unwinding after we went out to dinner by the ocean earlier this evening.

  3. When I was there there last year in the summer , there a was construction going on in this terminal. I always pass by here when I shop of  hardware at the CITI just approximately  across. Brilliant update Henry.

  4. also should be noted, air con buses you cant smoke on, generally you can smoke on the others, depending on the local laws, don’t try it in Davao as it is illegal to smoke on the street, transport, in fact most places other than your home, and penalties there are stiff, 1st offense 3000 php fine 2nd 3000 fine plus prison stretch 3rd time life in prison, but that’s Davao

  5. My Bus ride from Dumaguete to Bacolod (where my sweetie is from) was the ride that made me say THAT’S IT! NEVER AGAIN.  May 2014.  It was 6 hours (Each way actually) GOING there from Bacolod was great. I mean absolutely fantastic. I believe it had EVERYTHING to do with the Driver and the route he chose. (Was headed to Siquijor) But coming back was an absolute night mare…even for me. And for several years I was working in Tijuana & Mexicali where back mountain roads were the order of the day!  

    First the route! I swear this guy took some route from hell as if it were a tourist ride to see how many cliff like roads can we take where I THE BUS DRIVER drive like I’m on crack?! :-/ (Duma to Bacolod) I swore then NEVER AGAIN just give me ferry or airplane. 6 hours of pure nail biting, bullet sweating hell. LOL. And NO wifi either way, I was told on newer buses only. Not only that but they kept picking up people LOOONNGGG after the bus was standing room only!!! So you have this packed out bus where asses are in your face (lol) and this driver is swerving and speeding and hitting the brakes like he’s stepping on a cock roach………SMH.

    Now I’M Just saying. I have NEVER posted anything negative here. I’m one of those guys that just goes with the flow……but several times I thought this guy would have us flowing down a river some where. I’m sorry I really don’t like the bus. Not for LONG rides. If I can………….I try to avoid Ceres buses.  That’s just MY experience. Don’t shoot me down for telling MY TRUTH.  I’m sure someone will say for them it was heaven in a hand-basket. :-/

    I could not tell is the NEW STATION where the old one was?

    1. @Israel & Julieta E. my only consolation is that the Ceres buses are bigger than 95% of all other vehicles on the road.  but a cement truck or sugar can truck.. it’d get messy for sure.  i’ve ridden both of the routes you mentioned.  i just focused on my tablet or took a nap until we arrived in Duma.  🙂

    2. I had similar experience on Ceres from Cebu City to Dumaguete. I’ve said before that the bus was straight out of a Stephen King novel. On the return I took the Weesam Express fast boat. LOL

    1. @edwinodus i haven’t seen any exact figures from a census web site or anything, but most shootings i’ve heard about were of a personal nature.  usually some love triangle.  rarely from a simple robbery.  i’d say more shootings occur in chicago or los angeles in any given month than any island here.  i feel safer here than in some parts of southern california.

    1. @arman m. for now i’m still focusing on seeing more of the central visayas.  i want to take lyn with me so i’m working around her work schedule.

    1. @Matt Vierra from duma to bais is about 90 minutes, but my ride from bacolod to duma was around 5 hours.  i take naps and use my tablet to pass the time.  🙂

  6. Salamat Henry. Looking forward to the new bus terminal. It looks very nice. My ticket is booked for my next vacation this year to Pinas, but June is still months to wait. I will be in Cebu most of the time though, but seeing my parents and siblings in Negros is an annual event for me. Incheon airport, Seoul, is one of my stops. Looking forward to it. I saw your video from there 🙂

  7. Great video! You covered the terminal scene perfectly. This video applies to other terminals in the PH as well. I stayed in Tagbilaran Bahol near ICM, Public Market and Bus Terminal to get all parts of Bahol. PH has great transportation system.

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