The NATTO and CRICKETS Eating Challenge! I’m freakin scared!

The NATTO and CRICKETS Eating Challenge
The community has spoken and I have to attempt to eat three packs of natto mixed with crickets!
Will I be successful? Will I hurl?
Natto is fermented soy bean popular in Japan. It stinks like socks, is slimy and has a very foul taste. Crickets are dehydrated and salted … but they are still insects! Ewwwwwwwwwww

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  1. Have you ever tried Natto? Do you like it? What about crickets? What is the worst thing you have eaten? Comment below as I would love to see what everyone has dared themselves to eat!

  2. Natto ! My favorite ! Whatta fragrance and aroma ! Soft touch on your palate ! Full of potassium and vitamin !
    Grass hoppers harvested from rice field, not crickets nor locus, are edible and delicious ! When I was in Japan, I cooked ate them…so crunchy and delicious ! Full of calcium and mineral ! Cooking #101 I show you how to cook grass hoppers ! 😄😷

  3. Omg my mind played tricks with me and when you dumped the crickets 🦗 on that natto I thought I saw them jumping. 🤣lol “ I’m shaking “ ! Good job 👏🏻 I can’t eat those I would have 🤮

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