the MOST underrated country I’ve traveled.

One of my favourite travel destinations on earth is a country most people have never even considered traveling.

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Hotels visited – Anantara Al Jabal Al Akhdar Resort & 1000 Nights Camp

Oman – sleeping on an island:

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  1. Oww, your video makes me want to go there again. I absolutely agree, next to Indonesia and Iceland, Oman is probably in my top 3 travel destinations. Next time, allow yourself a full day in Wadi Shab, the waterfall at the end comes with a natural slide, never seen anything like it before! And I also recommend a secret trail at Wadi Bani Khalid where local kids guide your way, it’s equally stunning (although not sure how secret it is now as I was there 3 yrs ago!). Regards from London

  2. I had a hard time getting over the initial footage of the camels, who were doing their best to walk while have their front two ankles tightly chained. SO TERRIBLE. When you did the “funny” bit in front of the camel, this honestly left me feel really disheartened.
    Poor, tortuous existence of this camel.
    I know it’s not your job to call attention to this, but your behaviour almost made it seem like it was OK, and I can only imagine that you both agree ~ as would most of your viewers.

    1. It’s temporary, and for multiple reasons i believe. 1) to keep it under control, a wild camel will cause heavy damages and harm near by people and other camels. 2) to prevent it from mating with a female one.

  3. Ohh.. poor camels 🙁 …people are dickheads, to tight their legs like that. I wish these people would have chain on their legs too.. guess it wouldn’t be so fun..

    1. It’s temporary, and for multiple reasons i believe. 1) to keep it under control, a wild camel will cause heavy damages and harm near by people and other camels. 2) to prevent it from mating with a female one.

  4. I love your videos Christian. In all honesty sometimes you come across as wanting to make yourself look better than the people around you. Why are you dragging Cathy across the sand? She didn’t look too happy about that. As an aspiring travel blogger I have watched almost all of your videos for the last few years. I love your girlfriend Cathy so so much. She has an open heart and is so beautiful. I have noticed that she has dimmed her light lately whereas she used to shine so bright when you two were first together. Please don’t allow your ego to dim her light, support and acknowledge her beauty unconditionally and you will see how much joy and love you two can share together. Please do not be intimidated by a beautiful intelligent powerful woman. Give her and the people around you more camera time in a genuine way not jokingly criticizing them. This is my heart felt insight to you from my POV. Receive what serves you and leave what does not. Either way you are brilliant and talented and I feel allowing the people and places you visit to shine more in the video rather than just you or your personality take forefront in the screen most of the time will greatly benefit your channel and the people who are watching and consuming what you are offering. All the best to you co creator.

  5. After watching your many video I figured out that you look exactly like Alan walker. Is it only me or everone idk but you both look really similar by face. I had seen your many videos and they are really amazing , the way you explain everything is so understanding.

  6. Thank you Lost LeBlanc because of your channel we decided to have our own channel . We follow your tips and we are recording every video we made so we can track if there is an improvement. Lol . Thank you very much . God bless

  7. If I saved $45,000.00 u.s, is it possible for me and my girlfriend to live out there. Also, I make 1,222 a month guaranteed as well. We want to start a youtube channel. But are also looking to move out to bali and star doing business out there. When it’s safe to travel obviously

  8. This is another oil rich country so those amazing things didn’t naturally get created that’s for sure, and i can only imagine how expensive it is for tourists there.

    1. Waleed idiot Oman is by far the largest producer of crude oil in the Middle East that is not a member of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries. Oman’s production capacity was greater than 1 million barrels per day as of the middle of last year .

  9. Great Vid as always, did pretty much the same roadtrip back in September 19. How did you manage to get your drone inside the country? Because you’re a tuber?

  10. Underrated country but one of the best country Oman. They have beautiful and interesting places to visit. Oman is on our list to visit.

  11. Love all your videos! The music the content, the story blocks all is super entertaining and u give great 👍🏼 traveling information! Amazing!! keep up the good work! Much love 💕 💕

    1. It’s temporary, and for multiple reasons i believe. 1) to keep it under control, a wild camel will cause heavy damages and harm near by people and other camels. 2) to prevent it from mating with a female one.

  12. Very nice travel Youtube channel! I watched when you came to South Korea! You had some problems with transportation, I mean subway but you could use a lot of apps to go around it would be very easy!

  13. Hello Christian, I am too young to follow the dream and travel as a part of my life but how do you live in Bali for long periods of time? It seems that visas are a problem for digital nomads that want to establish a home base in foreign countries. Please do a video on visas during the coronacation that addresses how you handle visas during your travels!!!

  14. I love your vlogs. They’re full of info, beautiful shots, funny jokes and positive vibes! Thanks for always sharing your adventures with us! It inspire me a lot!

  15. هذه الأشكال يحتاج يعلموا الأدب+ خيزران مدهون بسمن. المفروض يحتشموا شويه.
    لكن صح ما مشكلة ما دامنهم يطلعولنا شوية بيسات
    يترزقوا منهم خلق الله

  16. I don’t remember outside. Leave a thumbs down? Jk 😂 you guys always get a 👍🏼 from me, love your videos! Great content as always 👏🏼👏🏼 glad you guys made it home safely. 💕

  17. Excellent video as always! You guys are our inspiration to traveling the world! We have added so many beautiful spots and places to our travel and adventure list! See y’all in the next one! 👋
    -Ashley from #AdventureEncounters

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