Why do some expats feel they don’t need to obey the rules that are in place right now? They are disrespecting the country, the people and the rules of the country they are living in by not following the rules in place at this time on trouble.



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  1. I’m not sure where the Philippines will go with this issue, but here in Australia. Our Government is now talking about MANDATORY sign up to an APP that tracks your every move. Now I know Google does this already illegally. But now this is the new step of LEGALLY tracking your EVERY move. Stay say bro.

  2. Good on your buddy for standing up for the Girl. Some people think they know it all and really think they can do what they want. These people I bet, have always thumbed their nose at authority and laws. In the Philippines these type of expats will give all foreigners a bad name. You hit the nail on the head about Respect Brian. 👍🙂

  3. is Homeless Anna still on the streets of AC?
    BTW that looks like a roving SHAKEDOWN SQUAD on Motorbikes and Trikes! once they get started doing that the wont quit!

  4. guess thats why we have problems in pangasinan cause all the shit comes from manila north and i send comment to our govenor to lock down pangasinan and dont let anybody come in from anywhere

  5. It’s total BS not selling booze! What kind of crap is that? How about getting rid of jeepneys and trikes as they are the biggest polluters in the Philippines!

  6. We have to have a barangay clearance and a quarantine pass to leave our house. There are roadblocks on every road leaving the barangay, and you must present those passes, and only 1 a day. You are only allowed to go to the market twice a week, and depending on which baranagay you are from you can only go on those published days. And to top it off, we have no known cases on our island. I follow the rules, and don’t complain, but this is getting beyond acceptable, it is like the local politicians love to control every aspect of you life. They are only ruining the local economy. It is going to take years to rebuild what is was 6 weeks ago. And we have no cases on this little island, no one allowed on or off, but everything is on lockdown. Next step ML.

  7. good to wear a mask ,and listen to the authorities ,chill as much as you can till this thing is over ,some filipinos are worse than us expats so i hear from my filipina wife ,they are hard headed she says and the pres will keep the country closed until people start listening

  8. Not to go against the grain here, but Fuck wearing a Mask. This whole virus is the biggest scam yet. Everyone is being paid over this Covid19 fake virus. I have done extensive research on this. This is total communism and dictatorship. Now if i lived there I would abide by the laws, but honestly I would not be telling on someone just because they were not wearing a mask. This is total propaganda but people have not woke up yet. I am not against you or anyone else but you might wanna do some real research on this fake event. Here in the U.S people know that this is a complete hoax. Hospitals getting paid $52k per patient to say they have covid virus, why because they only get paid $4,600 for a regular Pneumonia patient. Nurses in New Jersey being paid 10k a week. Hospital after hospital being filmed empty, doctors and nurses being laid off because they don’t have any patients. This is about the money, it is amazing that people still believe in the lies from the mass media and governments. Truly sad for the people that are awake to this bs. CDC telling all hospitals to say all deaths are related to the Covid19 virus whether or not they even tested positive for it, just need to show symptoms. Complete money scam and they have taken down all economies, while stealing all the rest of the money. Now over 22 Million workers in America are out of jobs, unemployed over what? Some fake virus that is less powerful than the flu or is it really just the flu and other inflated false death numbers. The facts don’t lie but media and governments do. And people telling on other people, that is more criminal than anything.

  9. Right now we have ONE Chimmp patient who they bought here to Cagayan de Oro from another city for treatment..
    As soon as he is fixed he will be out of here..
    And then we will be virus free again…
    We only have a curfew and old guys like me have to stay home..
    Still got public transport etc..
    BUT we have a great Mayor and he is looking after HIS city…
    I would say 99% follow all the rules and we are virus free…
    Break the rules and you will never get over the pain….
    I think the public will take care of you right there..
    So Cagayan de Oro is free just by following the simple rules…

  10. I could explain much about foreigners here Brian, but I would have to do it in person. To say how it is in print just invites the dummies to reply.

  11. The problem is not masks. Problem is distancing. We had no masks in New Zealand, but we respected distancing and washed hands. But if the rules were masks, I would comply. If the rules were vaccines, I would live under a bridge if I had to. Noone is damaging my DNA.

  12. Well, as you have previously pointed out, while everyone may be wearing a mask they are still riding motorcycles with no helmet and stopping at checkpoints handing their quarantine pass bare handed to a guy who has touched every other persons pass and yea, it’s the Philippines, so I get that but maybe it’s kind of obvious to most people that the mask is just a placebo. It ain’t gonna do anything. It’s not possible to “social distance” in the Philippines, too many people and there just isn’t enough room.

    But I get your point, just do what makes people feel comfortable, bucking the tide serves no purpose and putting a mask on isn’t going to kill you (pun intended)

  13. Those kind of expats problably are from Mechigan or NYC(No offence ) They don’t follow Authorities just for not wearing a simple Face mask or going outside strolling around without social distancing. If you see expats with no face mask and drinking liquor in public. Call the Cops.

  14. The shop owner would get in trouble if the customer was not wearing a mask.
    Damn idiot just wants to show how stupid he is.
    No one likes to obey the law up there so the government hits them where it hurts.

  15. Although I’m not a fan of Duterte – at this time LAW & ORDER is foremost while battling the invisible enemy. Mask is to protect the public on those walking carriers who don’t know they have it.

  16. I spent 23 years in us Army and was taught to respect and follow the rules of what country I was in even in Iraq or Afghanistan because we were the face of our country

  17. Whoa.!..hold on..!!.
    I walked to nearby trinoma mall ..and I did not find any for sell..I sat down and was resting (63 years old).
    Next day I ordered from Lazada…and made a t shirt mask..

    My point is I never thought I was
    ” better than anyone else!”.
    Any way thanks for your reminders.. I think there are exceptions.

  18. They are just looking for bribes to let the people they stopped go. No Bribe and you get detained and get your balls broken for 30 or 40 mins.

  19. The way I see it, all the foreigners here have like 3 choices. You can accept it and keep quiet, you can contact your embassy and find out when the next evacuation flight is scheduled so you can get out of the country, or you can keep spewing your crap on the internet and wait for the authorities to eventually track you down and boot you out of the country. No one here or in the rest of the world likes any of this. Half of the USA has equal or worse restrictions. Get over it and just follow the rules. Sort of reminds me of when I was an instructor in the Navy teaching classes to recruits in San Diego. They would all be bitching and complaining about all the punishments handed out when they failed a locker inspection because a glove was put inside the wrong way. I tgried to explain that it had nothing to do with the glove. Once you got out of bootcamp, no one would ever give a damn what you did with your gloves. It had to do with wanting you to follow instructions, exactly. It was cheaper to make the point over gloves instead of letting you screw up a $20,000 piece of equipment, or a $30 million dollar aircraft. Some got it and quit their bitching, others just kept getting their lockers turned upside down and doing pushups on all their spare time.

  20. It’s a lot easier to abide by the rules, than it is to break them. It’s not rocket science. You’ll make life a lot easier for yourself, and for everyone else.

  21. That video really really sucks. I almost unsubscribed for that waste of 11 mins of my life. Why would you post that stupid crap, Ping ping ping ping , uggggh so annoying.

  22. I saw 500 people in a video from China all shoulder to shoulder with everybody wearing a mask. They were so close everyone was touching. Australia is having the best results in the world currently with no masks, only businesses where people congregate are closed down by the government, all achieved with social distancing and high hygiene standards. The masks are useless but wear them if only because it makes other people feel better. Social distancing is the only successful method currently. The only time I wear one is at my barber only because they are Chinese and they wear them and believe in them.

  23. I walked out today to buy some chicken, yup, had to sign my name in the log book, with of course the “communal” ball pen, SURROUNDED by Barangay, other pedestrians and various hangers on, it was like a mini street party…..I ain’t smart enough to know what the answer is, but I AM smart enough to know that isn’t it!!!!

  24. I’m in compliance. I’ve worn a mask(s) since I came back to the islands almost 2 years ago. A lot of fumes and funky smells out on the streets. So I wear a re-washable mask. I’ve always had sanitizer wipes and Purell alcohol in the backpack I carry. I’m an ex-soldier medic/nurse, that’s how we roll. I even have a first aid kit, cpr mask, tourniquet, pressure dressings, and etc with me at all times. Ready to rock-n-roll if shit happens in the streets. Yeah, I’m out there in left field lol 👍.

  25. Expat here in Ormoc. No virus here but we are told to wear a mask. The police are going around and putting people in jail for not wearing one.

  26. As I understand it nobody knows if any of this will work but we have to try something so just follow the rules. However people will only put up with theses restrictions for so long before they start getting desperate.

  27. one thing i noticed here were i live at in california is the answer to your question of why expats don’t want to follow rules…it’s bratty arrogance. ah you can’t tell me what to do, they cry it’s either unconstitutional or racist. then if they catch whatszit they blame the government…now for their arrogance they’re the victims and look to blame other causes other than their being asses.

  28. Being an expat, you will notice them alot more and expect more from them cause they somewhat represent you. I know traveling over the last 20-30 years of my life i have seen the changes as more and more trash has left the rich countries to become pieces of crap in other countries and it pisses me off. They do think they are better and know more….but in reality in most cases they do….but in reality again it doesnt matter cause no other countries actually care about what an expat thinks, they will do it there way and that is just how it is. You could of been a city planner for 50 years and try to help them…..they could literally tell you to leave, they got this….that is just how it is.

  29. Hello Brian, you are always going to have those types of individuals weather it be locals or foreigners who believe they don’t have to follow the rules and those are the ones that are the reason for the crackdown. Just like here in Hawaii right now any local or visitors coming here have to do a 14 day quarantine and there have been those that have ignored the rule and they have been cited or even arrested, there has also been people in Michigan and Ohio that have been protesting to end the lockdown to open the economy but we are not anywhere in the clear of this outbreak crazy. The best thing is to listen to the experts and take care of family, neighbors and especially the elderly because we all need to take care of each other that’s how we make it through this together. As you say living history take care to you, Lot & HG.

  30. I’m gonna translate in English the best I can… bare with me:

    @6:50 the lady filming says in Kapampangan, “that’s prohibited today” and is telling some person to go to the side (sidewalk?). If you hear “bawal” that pretty much means you can’t do that. It’s illegal.
    @ 9:56 , the soldier or PNP in camo says in Kapampangan “dumurot ka kareen” or turn around or turn that way over there to some dude while pointing with his blue gloves. Lots of side conversations I can’t make out.
    @11:06, guy in yellow is speaking Tagalog and asking cycle rider if he has a driver’s licence. But you guys probably figured that out already.
    @11:56 U. S. Military veteran with assault pack goes by 😂🤣
    @13:20 in Tagalog, soldier is asking scooter rider if she’s a security guard. Did she just get off work. I Can’t make out the rest. Soldier says something about this guard being with somebody else. Then says “when you get out…”
    @14:37 lady filming in Tagalog is asking somebody if it’s okay in Tagalog.
    @14:40… can’t make out what she’s saying…saying something about doing something with her to some dude she’s talking to.
    @14:53…So PNP is talking about the guy’s driving license, obviously,…

  31. Tyrannical government alert. Covid 19 is bullshit it’s being used to steal freedoms and put everyone into the slave system. This is the beast system. The president here is a freemason hes a puppet of the elite bankers of the world. All governments are evil

  32. It’s easy to look at numbers until it affects you personally. My brother lives in Chicago. The office he works in had 20 people working there. Three have died from the virus, my brother tested positive himself and it almost took him too. He’s recovering and my family is thankful. So my only control to prevent catching the virus is to follow the guidelines set by this country as I’m living here in Angeles also. If I don’t like it, I can leave and return to the states where I would have to follow the guidelines set there. So when I look at the numbers in my brother’s situation it’s a lot more than 1%. And shows if no measures taken, more people get the virus and fatalities would be much higher. All it takes is one exposed carrier to infect a lot.

  33. Why move to PI if one will not respect the local rules & customs? Masks are one of the tools that PI and other countries are using to protect against the CHIMMP. Respect The Philippines and put on a mask!

  34. Maybe they think that Angeles City is a sanctuary for them. In the USA there are many so called sanctuary cities where non citizens can and do avoid accountability to the laws that the rest of the population must abide by. For decades Angeles City has allowed foreigners to live in ways that would put them in jail, in their native countries. Now the Government in AC is going to have to deal with some foreigners with a sense of entitlement and don’t like their liberties taken away. For many of them, that’s why they left their native country in the first place. Too many rules.

  35. You need to respect the rules and laws of their country, your just a visitor. Hope it does not get messed up before I retire. I plain on retiring their in 5 years. Everyone need to do their part, think about the future!

  36. You know I Live in Caloocan city I have not been out of my apartment in three weeks now my wife is currently grocery shopping because there is rumor that the local SM is going to close for two weeks I have been watching traffic when they first announced a lock down the street we’re almost Bare Now the traffic is almost back to normal. Right outside my appointment are vendors People walking Some without mask So what good is a lockdown and if people are not going to abide by the rules

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