The Isis Thai Restaurant at Alona Beach, Panglao – Philippines

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  1. Yes, expensive according to local PH prices, but inexpensive by US standards. When I would get the exact same dish (Chicken Pad Thai w/Iced Tea) in California, it would cost equivalent to almost 475P. So, for visiting foreigners, getting it for less than 300P is a deal.

  2. Yeah it is..but if you want great food go up north to Chiang Mai…a lot cheaper than BKK and for 30/40 baht you can get some real street food and its not much more in many mom and pop type places…PI is 4 times the price.

  3. I’m looking forward to eventually getting around more of SE Asia and trying the different street foods. It’s something of a quest for me at this point. πŸ™‚

  4. Miles of it in CM…24/7 you can eat….more markets (talads) than you can imagine…and more variety of food than you would ever imagine…plenty of info on the web so you shouldn’t go wrong.

  5. Chiang Mai, Thailand is the best place to visit. Except its way, way up north and far from the beaches. Secondly its cheaper than PI. But there’s also a rational reason. When was the last time Thailand increased the cost of living? PI understands and speaks english. How’s Thailand? Poverty in both countries are the same. The standards of living are different. What is your prefered standard of living? One of the main reasons more foreigners prefer PI.

  6. That’s my only concern about going too far away from the English-speaking areas of Thailand. I can go anywhere in the PH and they speak English.

  7. I liked it, in fact this is about my 5th time and I always include the Pad Thai. I’ve had better in California, but each person’s tastes are different. The only thing is they make it ‘medium’ hot, so if you like it really spicy you need to ask them to make it that way. I guess they try to make it not too spicy for the general people who haven’t had it before. Other than that, considering it’s the PH (not Thailand).. decent food for the price and ambiance of the seashore. πŸ™‚

  8. Wages have increased to 300 baht a day….Quite a lot of Thais speak English(of sorts) in CM….poverty levels are probably worse in PI…..and who needs beaches with the scenery around CM,CR,MHS ????

  9. I totally got to get myself to Thailand for a few weeks. I also want to spend a few weeks in Italy, Florence, for the same reason.. good FOOD. πŸ™‚

  10. If you miss mashed potatoes like we have in the states, the OOPS Β Bar is the place to get them, also make a good stuffed beefsteak. I really enjoy Alona beach and cant wait to get back there!

  11. I just arrived in LapuLapu this month, was wondering if you had any recommendations for good sushi? I will give the thai restaurant a try, pad thai is one of my favorites also, glad you escaped Yolanda safely, God bless

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