The insulation debate. Did she install it right?

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Well that argument was a waste of time (kinda).
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  1. I’m thinking that after years of Filipinos installing the insulation upside down (“because it looks better that way” is what many have told me), the insulation manufacturers gave up on them and began producing the double-sided foil. Now they just charge more for the idiot-proof roll! lol

  2. You were in Dumaguete the other day and you let Gloria out in front of the immigration where i was coming from and my wife yelled your name Bud, or maybe you dont remember cz everybody is always saying hey Bud!!!!!!!

  3. Any way it’s a great idea! That black top must really soak up the sunlight. I have had to eat crow many times in our marriage. Still tastes horrible!!!

  4. Hi Bud and Gloria. The fix to the problem would be to get a white top for your vehicle. Black absorbs, white reflects. We live in Florida, my wife will only drive a white car. When my wife and I lived off base at Clark AB, we painted our water tank black for the shower . Worked like a charm, always had hot water. Take care, Dave H.

  5. See old dogs can learn new tricks, but you have had a long time to learn your wife is always right and still try to tell her she did wrong. Maybe this one will REALLY TEACH YOU a new trick, YOUR WIFE IS ALWAYS RIGHT! This makes for a very peaceful house hold. Remember, happy wife, happy life! LOL! Take care and God bless you all! Thanks for sharing! πŸ™‚

  6. The foil should be up… we have car window covers or dashboard covers in the desert.. the shiny part should face outside to deflect sun rays and heat.. if you use the dull side up it will absorb the heat inside the car… the shiny part should be facing the sun… either way in my opinion is the same… happy motoring …. I have not seen a foil like that…πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  7. Hope it works. It probably needs to be changed ever so often because the humid weather may lead to mold growth on the inside. But I guess during the dry season the heat may kill the mold.

  8. Bud thought I would share two things about married life a wise man once told me.
    1.) You can be right or you can be happy.
    2.) Keep Momma happy because if Momma is happy everyone is happy.

    I’m sure you knew this already. Be happy. Enjoy life.

    That’s a great idea. I might try it with my tuk tuk. Let me know how it works .

  9. You’ve to admit it Bud, you lost this round too, not for persisting on being right but for just trying to argue with Gloria.
    You should know better after all these years. Hope you learn your lesson… Wish you the very best in life, always/Ned

  10. Its for aesthetic purposes. And either side, you get little difference when put it the other way around (not unless the top is directly exposed to sunlight which the radiated heat is minimize by the reflective capability of the foil). Or just put it in double so the two of you would agree

  11. Bud,maybe you can get pieces of white polystyrene and put between the roof and the foil that will work for sure.Maybe Cityhardware have some or definately at the markets as they use the polystyrene boxes to transport the cauliflower and broccoli.

  12. That double sided foil insulation is common here in the Philippines. I have used it many times. I get it from Ace or the local hardware stores. They have the single sided also, with the white foam on the opposite side, but this is everywhere – it’s everywhere it’s everywhere, it’s chicken maaaaaaan! Haha that old memory just popped into my head.

  13. I thought you were talking about ISOLATION like we are having to do in the states. Until I got half way thru the video & discovered it was INSULATION. I thought I had read the title of the video too. I guess I just thought you were isolating instead of insulating. Haha


  15. You WERE right Bud….
    Foil up reflects heat up..
    Foil down reflects heat down….
    BUT I have never seen reflective surface on both sides….
    Point of interest I have observed…….ALL Filipinos install foil down…
    It seems to be a thing here…….
    But don’t stress it Bud…..Just keep the vehicle moving and the hot air will drift out…LOL

  16. Bud you’re wife is right even if she turned out to be wrong. Is there a problem with head light reflection at night? Cheers mate.

  17. Very nice should stop some of the heat from the sun for sure they call it foiled face though lol πŸ˜‚ don’t you know by now a woman is always right ? Lol

  18. It is somewhat effective the way you have it but the black top will still heat up the insulation and the ceiling in the cab will still feel hot. The MOST EFFECTIVE way to use the foil insulation it to actually have the foil reflecting the sun directly. If you put the insulation ON TOP of the cab, you would notice a significant difference. BTW, beautiful day!

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