The GV Towers Hotel, Traveling Light, Cebu – Philippines

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  1. Hey Henry,

    These videos really highlight the stuff folks who would want to be in the area need to know. Plus, your viewers have the distinct pleasure of seeing you in your element — living your dream in the Philippines!

    1. Thanks, man.  As I begin my tour of the Visayas I’ll be covering lots more on-the-spot locales.  Places I’ve simply never been before, only heard about.  It’s gonna be an interesting year.  🙂

  2. Loved getting to know your place on Bohol, but excited to see what lies ahead in the upcoming months.  Do you have a specific schedule or are you gonna wing it?

    1. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines So you going to travel around on your scooter then, hope it’s at least a 100cc or more hate to see you pushing it uphill  ::))

    2. In 2 weeks I will ‘officially’ begin a tour of the Visayas. From Dumaguet in the south to about Iloilo or Malapascuas to the north, depending on where the wind blows me. My tour was originally for 4 months but I decided to make it for 10 to 12 months.  Gonna play it all by ear, make up the itinerary as I go.  I’ll be a wandering gypsy for awhile.  🙂

    1. I will be living in the PH permanently, that was the plan all along since 2 years ago.  My tour was originally for 4 months but I decided to make it for 10 to 12 months.  Gonna play it all by ear, make up the itinerary as I go.  I’ll be a wandering gypsy for awhile.  🙂

    1. It’s a real leap of faith, with lots of preparation for contingencies.  I wish it was just as easy as jumping on a plane, but I do recommend people do their homework.. learn everything about traveling alone and the Philippines so they are ready as possible for handling money, safety, health issues, where to stay, etc.

    1. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines   Nice !!!   I will be hitting some scuba spots with my buddies.  And also a lot of good food and nightlife 🙂

    2. I decided to spend the next 10-12 months traveling the Visayas.  I want to see a variety of islands with no particular itinerary.. just enjoy them as I go, stay as I feel.

  3. Do the airlines allow both your bags with you in the cabin? I’m in the middle of remodel hell, but things are finally moving again. Experiencing the joy of a major remodel is something everyone should put on their bucket list. Looks like maybe sometime in May for my move to Chiang Mai, Thailand. Good video, enjoy your tour, thanks for sharing.

  4. Hey Henry-have a question for you ?? If a guy is looking for a nice
    wife, is it true that your likely to find a better suited girl from the
    province, as opposed to the city girls. I have read that the city girls
    are somewhat westernized, and may not have the same kind of
    down to earth family values as the province girls. I’d really like to
    hear your opinion on this Henry-you’ve had a lot of experience with
    both.– ( I’m sure your readers here would also be interested)

    1. My opinion (for what it’s worth).. is this;  I’ve met more ‘keepers’ (marriage material women) in the province areas than in the city.  But they do exist in the city and surrounding areas, just (imo) in lesser numbers.  Life is a bit more conservative in the smaller towns and barangays.  The ‘City’ is where many girls go originally for work, after leaving their home island, and suddenly find themselves among a more liberated set of peers, and with less accountability than back home where everybody knows you and your business.  To me, a guy really willing to increase his chances to the max of find a good woman would move to a smaller island, plant himself in a community, get to know married couples and get recommended introductions from people who could vouch for a woman’s standing over the years.  There are other ways of doing it, I’m just sharing my thoughts on it.

  5. Check out La Fortuna, also in the Colon district.  I stayed there a couple of years ago.  Great hotel and equally good buffet during stated hours. 

    1. GV is very close to La Fortuna Hotel.  From your location, take Osmena Blvd to Colon Street.  Cross Colon Street to P. Lopez Street.  Borromeo Street is the  next street.  La Fortuna should be at the end of that street.

    2. Well, it’s located at 26 Borromeo St. I can’t remember what’s near, but it was at the end of a street.  Thank goodness for the taxi.

  6. I’m glad to hear of reasonable prices for a place to crash. I almost gave up on the idea of doing PI because of a lack of such information. I may move there to find a sweetie and see what a cheapscate I can be.  thanx for the vid!

    1. My apartment on Mactan was only $106/month USD.  Bohol goes for about $200/month, but compared to the U.S., that’s a steal no matter how you slice it.  Utilities usually run about $40/month.

  7. Hello Henry I hope you are doing well. I wanted to contact you and see if you are still in Cebu? I arrived here yesterday and if you are around maybe we could meet for a beer.

    1. I will be back in Cebu in about a week (2nd week of April, 2014).. you can contact me via Facebook to best reach me, search me there under ‘Reekay’.  (same icon as here)

  8. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines  I went to the Hotel De Mercedes  website and saw their checkin policy …you have to provide them with a photo copy of the back and from of your credit card. That seems dangerous is this common practice? thanks in advance 🙂

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