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Recently it was reported that North Korea and South Korea exchanged gunfire across the DMZ for the first time since 2017. Although no one was injured and the shots first fired by North Korea were speculated to be accidental, it served as a reminder that the two Koreas still technically remain at war. 
Because of this, all South Korean men between the ages of 19 to 35 are still required to serve in the military. Before the coronavirus pandemic, we had a chance to interview a young Korean man right before he entered the South Korean military. 

We want to thank Young-hun for sharing his special moments with us on his final days before entering military service. Do you think military service should be mandatory? Check out our new community app called Mogao where you can exchange your thoughts and opinions with other intellectually-curious people from all over the world. If you’re sick of mainstream social media and wanted to be a part of a super positive & informative online community for a change, then download our app: 
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  1. We want to thank Young-hun for sharing his special moments with us on his final days before entering military service. Do you think military service should be mandatory? Check out our new community app called Mogao where you can exchange your thoughts and opinions with other intellectually-curious people from all over the world. If you’re sick of mainstream social media and wanted to be a part of a super positive & informative online community for a change, then download our app:
    App Store (iPhone):
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  2. the only thing that these koreans learn from the mandatory service is smoking cigarettes. it’s sad that these dudes come back with that nasty habit.

  3. This is likely the best video I have see from you all at AsianBoss. I’m proud of this young man’s conviction and honor in serving his people despite it not being his choice but his duty.

  4. they should have the able-bodied young men stay at home and increase the fertility rate of SK with modern medical advancement (men can now get pregnant too), and send off their stick-figured women to fight their battles. when WW3 hits, korea’s not going to last. their “men” think it’s unfair that they have to sacrifice 2 years of their lives, and despise the women for it. why not just make it voluntary and pay the ones who serve more? oh, the woes of being a tiny country with a dismal population.

  5. Kei, it’s good to see your face. Asian boss has some of the best asian media. Thanks for your continued support in the propagation of Asian stories that matter when so many of us are curious about culture and the truth of the Asian experience.

  6. Lol, why did the hairdresser bother cutting with scissors if he was gonna eventually run a clipper through his head? That’s not even that short of a cut, it’s still slightly longer than a standard buzzcut and it’ll grow back to his normal hairstyle in about a month so not that bad.

  7. I think he looks fine with and without hair. I hope that over time he’ll have more confidence about having no hair. Besides he’s going to be around other men with no hair,he should be fine 👍🏼. I wish him and all other people enlisted for the mandatory military services to be safe and healthy and come back safe and sound 😁✊🏽.

  8. I served with with the KATUSA which are Korean solider’s who are with the US Army. They are one of the nicest people I have ever served with and I’m still friends with many of them after 3 years

  9. I’ve heard some crazy stories from my ex Korean boyfriend and Korean guy friends about what they went through during their military service. It seems intense. 화이팅!

  10. It’s crazy that the Korean Armistice Agreement was signed back in 1953, and they still have not officially settled the war-state between the South and North.
    That’s roughly 67 years techically still at war.
    This is really the only reason why South Korea has mandatory military service.
    But since the 1950s, the amount of time has become slowly less and less. So many things will ease up to the point where it is voluntary.
    Regardless, South Korea & North Korea needs to settle this ASAP.

  11. All Singaporean male has to go for 2years of national service(army, airforce, navy, police, scdf) usually at the age of 18-19. Some do it later because of education

  12. Mandatory civil service is a good thing and should be practiced in every nation. Note that I specified civil service. Not everyone should be required to serve a martial role but everyone should perform some kind of mandatory service in conjunction with thier education, talent and skill. It promotes positive values

  13. I still vividly remember the first night at the training camp. I just couldn’t go to sleep. I thought I was dreaming. Accepting the reality that I should spend the next couple of years as a soldier was extremely difficult. But that was 4 years ago. Looking back, it was a great journey. Respect to all my fellow Korean men who willingly give away the most precious days of their lives for the peace of our nation!

  14. Here I am…. Waiting for that day but still not mentally prepared… I hope someday this war between south and north will end so that the next young generations will not have to serve for the military and just enjoy their life with their family and friends… 🙇

  15. It’s so rare to see Korean guys with really short hair here in Korea, like extremely rare. I thought it was really weird when I first moved here, I thought it was mostly the “everyone looks the same” thing that I kinda felt was annoying (I’m from a super multicultural area in California). It took me a good few years and getting a colleague I had to work directly with that just got out of the military for me to understand that it’s also a psychological thing for them to have really short hair, it reminds them too much of their military service, which may or may not have been a good experience. I remember when my colleague just got to us mid-semester, and he had to deal with the behaviors of kids right away, he used to have near panic attacks and have to excuse himself to another room for a second to have a breather before he could handle a disciplinary issue, or even just to decompress after a ruckus class

  16. What a shitty time to get military service. Just before a pandemic.

    I mean mandatory service sucks in general but then throw that on top. Damn

  17. His new haircut suits him. He actually looks like he could be Park Seo Joon’s little brother. All the best, Young-hun and all the new recruit.

  18. I had a chance to train with ROK Marines on a couple Team Spirits and other exercises. I have 100% confidence that the ROK Marines are capable of defending their country. He may feel sad leaving families and friends but when he reflect back on his time serving his country…it will be his proudest moment. Giving 1.5 year of your life to your country is a small price for freedom. Semper Fi!

  19. military service here is also a hindrance and no one goes to the barracks with a heart full of joy
    there is a proverb that says: enlist earlier and you will get out earlier (out of the barracks of course !)
    in other words if you have no chance to avoid military service it is better to spend it as soon as possible

  20. I did 6 months in Germany, enjoyed almost each day, it‘s like a new experience wich was cool( i know in western europe militaries are not so hard anymore) but still it wasn‘t easy at all.

  21. Dude once you finish serving the military you’re gonna be less chubby. 😁🤭 Blessing in disguise.

    Pretty sure some high and mighty liberals will be offended with that comment. 🤭😁😂 Duh 🙄we all got preferences and thats just my opinion pretty sure he’s gonna look great when he comes out.

  22. i get why they have the system, even though i personally don’t agree with it. i also don’t agree with the drafting of the united states either, but until we find another solution, it’ll just have to be this way in order to preserve the safety of our nations.

  23. Noticing some really sexist comments here. Just want to clarify: feminists believe in gender equality. I don’t understand why feminists would need to prove this by volunteering to serve in the military if the Korean military isn’t currently asking for females to start serving- that’s on the system. Also, if you feel that the Korean government is being sexist, well that’s what the Korean feminists are actively working to change.

  24. I have a korean friend. He is now in the military enlistment service.
    Today I saw a news about exo’s singer suho . He’s about to go to military enlistment on May 14th.

    In my opinion Korean citizens are really great. It is a great thing that every citizen goes to the military enlistment service for his country, without the difference of celebrities, politicians, rich people and poor people.

  25. Something most S. Korean men will go through as part of their life. But his positivity, his friends support and knowing there will always be someone waiting for him once its over is the strongest motivation for him to go through this successfully.

    Great video as always asian boss. Thanks

  26. Don’t understand why the shaved look is not a thing in Korea. Nice fade with a 2 on top is always the go to cut. 🤷‍♂️

  27. It’s not a big deal. Countries with a small population and tensed borders need their civilians to be ready for war.
    For example, in Israel, it is mandatory for both men and women to serve in the military.

  28. I hope they both unite without war. Yup it’s quite a dream in present day, but still one can hope.
    Hahah loved the way his friends were there to “annoy ” him till the end 😄😄

  29. Thank you for doing your enlighting videos, as always, Asian Boss. Kudos to the soon-to-be soldier who seems wise and cold-headed, I hope he’ll exit his 2 years duty as he was.

  30. One day they may be called upon to be a rooftop Korean in a country they immigrated to and they’ll be glad they had the military experience.

  31. 5:30 yeah, like me I’m always on my phone then suddenly because of a mandatory everything will change so quickly like how can I even adjust to the environment that was not really familiar into…

    I’m just worried to these guys I hope you guys Will be fine …

  32. Leaders make shitty decisions based on selfish interests, drags another country into a war….. They both send their people to fight and die.

  33. I have this dream, even if it is not necessarily realistic, but I really hope that one day it will become real. I hope that at some point it will no longer be necessary to have a military in this world and that people will understand that we are all human beings and that we all live on one planet.

    Young-hun, still have a good time and hopefully it will pass quickly for you.

  34. Good luck Young -Hun hang in there your buzz looks good wish u the best cheers 🍻be strong🤘☮️💙🍀👨🏻‍✈️😜🤘

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