The Filipino ‘Sundang’ Machete.. Definitely BadAss – Philippines

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  1. Thanks. Still waiting for some non-overcast days to do more videos outdoors, a bit of rain we’ve had lately. The whole ZA (Zombie Apocalypse) phenom is a big deal now with the show, “Walking Dead’ and new movies over the last 10 years. But I’ve been freaked out by it since I was 9 years old and saw “Night of the Living Dead”. Remember.. “Two taps to the head.” and store lots of Spam, it doesn’t need a key.

  2. I was thinking the same thing.. but if it’s in with the checked baggage would TSA give me hassles for having it packed there? Last thing I need is to get tossed off a flight. These are a bit bigger than a pocket knife or pair of scissors.

  3. hahahaha very true about the spam, heck you dont even need to cook it…when i watch your vids makes me wish i was back there. ive been there 5 times now and cant wait to come back. maybe we could hook up and have a few san miguels the next time im there. 🙂

  4. Absolutely, you can reach me at my main site using the ASK HENRY link at the top of the page to reach me by email. Main site; LifeBeyondTheSea(dot)com

  5. Just like my bolo( the biggest one) I bought from the place they made those in 2010. 200php After 3 years the iron is rusted even kept only as a souvenir. Maybe needs to use it too!? 🙂

  6. I have a really nice one my wifes uncle gave to me. He had it hanging on a tree and I was looking at it so he figured I liked it and just because of that it became mine. He lived on a rice farm and used a sling shot to keep the birds away so I sent him a wristrocket as a thank you. My wife used it to hack open coconuts when she finally got here. Very good quality.

  7. I need one here in the states . We already have alot of zombies lol. Pretty much dead from the neck up lol. Na but I got a really nice samurai sword from Japan and I love it , but it is so so sharp .

  8. Wow that is BAD ASS!! Plus that is sold in the grocery store! Man if that was sold in a grocery store here in America Hilary Clinton would blow her top and get it banned.

  9. I went to the merkado, across the street and compared prices. Naturally, they saw ‘kano’ me and the price went up to 800 pesos. So I went back to the grocery store in the mall and got this one you see in the photo. I used it the other day to hack some jungle and open a coconut. Makes for a good burglar deterrent should the need arise. And kills zombies. Do damn useful.

  10. A thought: many come overseas and many dont make it. One thing living overseas is about is creating good habits and removing the undesirable ones. when buying something that will become a permanent fixture in my home, i wait six months to a year first. if i still want it after that time, then i might buy it. (many items listed obviously dont get to six months.) a hand held calc was one example. only five dollars and kind of silly, but the money adds up over the years n the years fly by quickly.

  11. haha 800 peso like me the first time.. i want to buy a rooster they started with 600 peso for one.. i did just look at one in my fam i did walk with he did say something werry fast and then i did pay 350 for 2 hihi (i know now i coud get one chikken for about 65 peso)but that is only one time i am way out in the county side so they know me now and the whole street is olmost just famely that is so nice and i love it there so much cant waite to come back super videos will help a lot of people

  12. it’s common in here though in Cebu Island Philippines,, if zombie apocalyps would happen run to danao instead, cheap guns below $100(revolver) $200-300(pistols) $300 a sub machinegun. good combination with (lagaraw) the long curvy one.

  13. Hi and over here on Cebu from the states also … 4 yrs in all now and its just too cool here everyday to even consider returning ..

    As for that coconut falling from that tree, be careful where you sit or park your back because falling coconuts kill several people every yr 🙁

  14. I got one of those knives also … Mine looks more like a small meat cleaver .. Cost $5 out on the corner …

    Not sure of the metal but these things sharpen pretty easily AND will hold the edge …  You can chop open a coconut. chop up entire cooked chicken with about 4 licks, or use it on your dirt bike knobby tire to give it back an edge … Its just bad a$$  🙂

  15. Henry  do yourself a favor and hunt down a Filipino blacksmith and have him hand make you a bolo….its cool and handmade just for you and hang it on your wall with photos of him making it….I had one made about 18 years ago there and it still hangs on my wall and people always ask about it…

  16. Those are generally for used for chores around the. Not really the best quality but does the job.
    The first one’s kinda like a generic “bolo” (sundang has a wider belly, longer taper towards the point) &  i, used for heavy cuts like chopping tree a branch,  lechon etc, 2nd a “sanggot” & 3rd on looks more like a “karet” both used to cut rice/corn stalks, “talahib” (elephant grass) and such. The sheaths can be tied around the waste usually with abaca twine (for a more authentic look). Hehehe
    Of course all would do nicely chopping off zombie heads. 😛

    1. @phil joe i got mine at the supermarket inside the ICM mall, on bohol.  anybody remember the name of that supermarket?  (i forgot)

    1. iliketheodds
      Khukuri is only famous because british used them in military and nepalese army,. But the history of philippines bolo was started way back more time of years.. spaniards era was not yet presence in philippines , but Sultan or Datu or kings in english in philppines is already using a lot of bolo or sword knives ,. Exploration name Magellan who discovered the world is round was died in philippines by bolo lead by Datu Lapu lapu.. khukuri has no match for all pilipinos design when it comes to knives or small words.. philppines is tested defeating a lot of battalion of spaniards army using bolo and bamboo… ive seen khukuri.. but i prepare more pilipinos design bolo or machete.. they are tested hundreds of hundres of years already.. from a jungle warrior of tribes ,. To spanish war,. Japanese war ,. American war.. bolo or machete of philippines already tested wash there lands by the blood of there enemy made by bolo or machete .

  17. Ah man thats so cool. id love to own one of those, id buy one from someone if you decided to sell them, you should see if they’d be interested in letting you market them on your website, you could sell them, there’s a market for them for sure =)

  18. Cool video!!! My parents brought some back when they went to the Philippines and it definitely has seen good use. Would like to go back some time to pick one or more of these bad boys up since looking for them stateside costs way more close to $80-100. If you know any places stateside, particularly in CA, please let me know!!! Thanks from SoCal!!!

    1. @Jon Yan $3,500??? That site is a rip-off. Avoid at all cost! Prices of Sundang or Filipino machete here in Philippines is around 300-700 pesos only ($6-$13). If you want clean and heavy duty quality, you can buy one between 700-1500 pesos ($13-$30). You can also buy good quality bolos from reputable brands at Amazon for less than $50. Beware of scammers online. They just buy those stuff from sweatshops along the road at the lowest prices, for sure they even get discounts and free bolos for buying more. Then they sell it online for $3,500?!

  19. If you hold a sundang or.. walk and stand in the middle of the road with not T-shirt.. and stare every people without smilling…
    for sure one pilipino will challenge you with bolo also or.. one will put you a bullet on your head..hahaha

    1. Are you sure about that ,because I’ve seen a lots of young men labors here Mindanao sultan kudarat tacurong wearing some long bolo or called pinute ,ginunting with no T-shirt nobody even shot them after all this people here learn some eskrima before wearing some bolos

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