The EPIC NATTO CHALLENGE |The Morning Coffee Show

This Morning Coffee Show turned out to be the EPIC NATTO CHALLENGE when a subscriber super chatted me $100 to eat natto live during The Morning Coffee Show.
Natto is a Japanese super food of fermented soybeans that either you will like or not. Super stinky and super sticky! Yuck!

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  1. Hi Drew! Omg natto is a big NOT TO ME. See what I did there, see that? 🤦🏻‍♀️

    Send some rain here to California. Maybe we can drown out all the idiots who are lighting fireworks EVERY NIGHT. I need to invest in torpedoes. Bwahahahaaaa!

    When this pandemic ends and you and Hiromi come to Los Angeles you need to get In and Out burgers! Order the fries well done! They will be crunchy and deeeeelicious!!!

    Take care my friend!!! Did I’m mention I hate natto????? See how loyal I am, still watching a natto binge video!!! (I haven’t gotten to that part yet.👻) eek!

  2. i’m thinking that after today you might be a bit more careful about what you say…. probably not
    nice back drop for the cast for the first part but it seems odd to me that you found a dirty place (i’m sure there are more than a few but still not typical)
    hoping to make it over there before I get to much older ( do some bad boy things ) and generally check things out
    but that all depends on how much or little work I get
    gona check some more of your older vids and see if there’s any places i’d like to see in person i’m sure there’s lots

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