The End of Ninja Teacher TV Episodes: Recap & What’s Next?

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  1. It’s been an incredible journey Alex, Vietnam tour and your interaction with Kyle is definitely my favourite content. For the next step, please make it about your journey to be fluent in Vietnamese. I can’t wait for one day a whole vlog is in Vietnamese with English sub πŸ˜€

    1. All schools and centers are closed until further notice. Classes have all been pushed online for legal workers. Illegal workers are screwed big time.

  2. You can open an English school in VN, Alex, like an Elementary through Middle school or Highschool. My friend’s mom, Tran Nguyen Thy Binh opened American University in Da Nang and Sai Gon. She’s doing so well now, was having a lot of problems at first but now doing so well. First started only a few classes but now 2 large scale private schools All her kids are here in the US for over 40 years.

  3. Its amazing to see your journey Alex, we’ve been watching since you were in South Korea! We’re looking forward to the future of this channelπŸ˜€

  4. I’m absolutely in awe of you Alex. That video you gave pretty sums up a lot of the last 2 years (even though I’ve been following you constantly for 5 years!) 😊I think you are so brave. You’ve come so far. You’ve really grown as a person. I am in such awe of you dude, you’re actually so inspiring for everything you’ve done for prospective students who wanna live the dream! Hopefully one day, I’ll get to meet you in person. Love Claire from Dublin xxx C

  5. Nice work on the channel, really enjoyed the video!! Have you heard of FollowSM [.] com!!? I’ve heard that a lot of YouTubers are using it to promote their videos!

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