The End is Near! I Promise If I don’t Get Off This Quarantine Soon!!!!!!

Vlog#817 Today is another great day in the land of smiles. Me and Paige are short timing it now. However I don’t want them to be too comfortable of me being home…
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  1. Love your channel. I have to tell you to stop doing flash backs to when you first started living there. You WERE in such Great shape, Now 😒🤔 maybe not. It’s only been 2 yrs I think

  2. So many comments about vegemite that now I want to try it. I tried marmite many years ago but after watching these videos and reading the comments, I realized I did what most other USA people do: spread a thick layer and didn’t use butter.

    1. On Little Things well I never wish anybody dead, but agreed he may have got the figures mixed up at the start and that could have ramifications for all, you take care

    2. @Alan Legg he has never been active in a productive way. Good that’s he’s gone if not dead. Anyway if we wish the better for Thais, he should be gone forever. Let’s wish that together, eh????

    3. @Alan Legg yes he is the minister of the that thing. But, what is the point? Even though he’s dead, nothing better will happen. No no no no, I’m wrong. I will be better is that happens. he he he he !!!!!

  3. Hi, Chuck, I am curious to know what inspired you to have a tattoo on your right arm in the old day’s kids could have used all that ink for a month in the class, to be frank, it’s ugly but it is only my opinion

    1. Many people have different tastes. Are you a custom to telling people your dislikes about there taste? Too me that is an ugly way to be, in my opinion. There are Many very spiritual monks in Thailand covered in ink that has a meaning for them and there beliefs. I Think how and where and when you were raised makes up your opinion on what is ugly or not. At least you are honest and I respect that. I like it, my tattoo is for me, not for what others think.

  4. Thailand will suffer as much as other countries after that crisis. If the folks in the west don’t have money to travel what are they going to do then ?

    1. They will adapt easier than the west. The tourist industry does not make up Thailand’s economy, that is easy to research. You are basing suffering on as much as other countries solely on the Tourist industry. I guess we will see.

  5. Hi, Chuck, what a shame that i do not work in the Youtube department, or that i am not able to login from home, otherwise could maybe help you with the length issue. But you are sure that it is not the format?? As not all of your videos have it, the last 2 ones (including this one), do not seem to have the issue anymore.

    1. The videos prior to this were the problem, this one and the last one were fine. This video was made prior to knowing. However the others still show wrong times and will mess up te anylictics totals. Oh well I am happy people wont see 1hour video on the screen for a 30min

  6. Yes, wonder how things will be after..been coming there since 2008..stay in CM when there..finish couple surgeries and sell off all that accumulation (wife included lol) ..then like to come over on a more permanent basis..need to thaw out and de-stress..we’ll see..will come down and say hi..fingers crossed..✈️🙏🏻

  7. It must be handy to have a soi mafia wish my sons Thai mother in law had been helpful when he lived there it might have saved me some money .

  8. Chuck,  after having watched your videos for years, I realize that you never got the memo. I will paraphrase: “due to current conditions including climate change and world clock adjustments, quarantine , daylight savings time, beer o:clock has been moved forward to 3 PM”. I realize you don’t stricktly  adhere to the 5 PM while you are on vaca, but you need to adjust to current conditions. Keep up your great work. BTW check out Norm Mc Donald’s  quarantined videos on youtube. A little vulgar at times but certainly humerous

  9. Welcome to our world Chuck, no travelling, nothing to do… just gardening and working online… My neighbourhood now has the best gardens and every yard is mowed perfectly

  10. Hey Chuck.. one last thing about Kev’ in Thailand. On sort of a positive not, isn’t it COOL that he was able to live the last 5 years of his life, living his Thailand dreams to the fullest, and he did live it to the fullest. (For those viewers who have spent lots of time in the Philippines or Thailand away from their western countries.. they will understand) .. Curt in San Diego

  11. better too fat than too thin ,, if the quarantine takes too long, you can run a bakery .. why do you call your mother in law soi mafia..haha love the hair style.shit i forgot how thin you were then, yup, from the good life makes you fatter .. that is smart of Thailand to quarantine the people directly, in the western countries and the US they intervened much too late, now you see the result. it does not matter if Thailand let back planes inside the country again,, in the rest of the world they are not allowed to take off yet, only in china.tourists from europe and the us in june, forget it..that is europe and the US are now having financial problems..that we have thanks to China, where a virus develops every few years. I hope they will do something about it now .. haha, Pookie, Pookie ,, a news watch. an hour of video from you is no problem, for me ,I am watching it ,really. love your vloggs .. I also don’t know what to do Chuck, so no problem, I always have to hold back if I write too much comment,sorry bro 😂 btw nice baked bread. So it was a good but to small vlogg,ok but anyway like always 👍up from me Chuck

  12. Love that face! …”you wanna go fishing with me” 55555 ….Oh, I’ll have to edit that out!” glad you didn’t…funny! made soe fresh bread..want to try it again? NO….before you could finish sentence..:) ok…no ones going to say it……”oh my cord is too short”….THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID! 555 (yea, stupid i know…I’m bored dammit!) thanks for sharing brother

  13. Unfortunately we will be stuck doing exactly what we’re doing today and everyday until the all clear, I treat today better then yesterday and tomorrow even better then everyday and life will always be great 🌴🍺🌴 Chuck Paige and family stay healthy and be happy 😆

  14. The aftermath of Corona will kill more than the Corona pandemic. The overall death rate is not significantly elevated compared to 2017, 2018 and 2019. But the *level of hysteria* _is._

  15. Hi chuck I hope you’re all well in your household in these tough times. I’m currently living in the UK but one day I plan to live in Thailand but my problem is I get bored very quickly I love cycling like yourself so maybe I will have my own business something to do with cycling maybe at the moment I’m climbing the walls staying at home but the main thing is to stay safe and healthy good luck take it easy

  16. Hello Chuck,Paige+ Mafia! Love Thailand I visit yearly was meant to come in July for 2 months! 😥 Love watching your vlogs your straight to the point keep it up! The world will get back to normal soon stay safe! 🙏🙏 Love from UK! ❤

  17. Awesome video Chuck! It was nice to see you doing well and to see that your day and life is not too stressful. As well, thanks for just being real and showing all viewers a chilled lifestyle at the same time how to be respectful within your thai family. Be well

  18. Hi Chuck and Paige. That was my friend Am that you met the other day. I recognized the Palm Beach shirts from the photos she took. I showed her some of your videos and she knew exactly where you are in Thatphanom. Once the travel restrictions loosen up I plan to visit Thailand for the first time. Chuck she is very impressed with your speaking Thai; I have a lot of practicing to do. Stay safe!

  19. The best in Thailand is that it’s getting dark always at the same time. I like that. So at about 7:30 pm you can start with your dinner in the dark. In a street restaurant in Bkk among a lot of Thais eating their delicious meals.

  20. There’s an art to Vegemite. Has to be hot toast straight from the toaster so the butter melts. Then just a light scrape of the Vegemite with a few thick spots here and there for the tang.

    No other way vegemite can be eaten is as good as hot toast 🙂

    Chin up Chuck, the quarantine will be over soon!

  21. I was going to tell you it is glass noodle not clear noodle but did’nt want to appear a smart arse!! Life certainly feels like it is on hold at the moment. I pray our trip in October will be ok, our trips to Thailand is what I live for! Thanks Chuck

  22. As you run out of video ideas, you could make a video of how you make videos that you publish on YT.

    BTW, I also love Thailand (my wife and I have been ther 15 times between 1997 and 2017) and therefore I regularly (daily!) follow your adventures there.

    Greetings from Ljubljana, Slovenia

  23. This how stupid they are, from the 10th to the 20th, no alcohol sales in Bangkok, how the hell being unable to buy a beer has got to do with the virus, duh !!?

  24. Just noticed your arm tattoo, might want to do a episode on tats in Thailand if you have not done one already in getting one done. looks like your covering that right arm eventually???

  25. Great idea for a video , if you can get vegemite or better still marmite , shoot i video of getting the Thai family to try it , it will be a classic , i introduced a few Thais to it over the years , they were not impressed lol

  26. Maybe one thing good to come from the present situation , in the UK there is a shortage of flour, due to family’s starting to bake at home again, this was a tradition when i was a kid , every Sunday my mother would bake all sorts for the coming week, unfortunately this tradition has died out in most familys over the years , lets hope the resurgence in home cooking/baking is a trend that is here to stay , cakes, pies, scones etc with little or no additives almost taste them lol

  27. Hi Chuck, I have a question regarding the 30 baht health care system. Whee do Thais go to apply for health care. Is there a card or is their Thai Id card all they need?

    Stay healthy


  28. hi from 🇨🇦 canada. i watch all your shows. keep making them. everyone has trolls don’t worry about that. some just love the anonymity online provides. they can get their frustrations out online and little consequences. make your shows for people who enjoy seeing them.

  29. Always enjoy your videos,but I have a comment on people moving to Thailand after this over. I have been panning and working toward retiring in Thailand,but after seeing how the world is handling this crisis I have recently decided I will stay in the greatest country in the world and just continue to only vacation in Thailand and other countries. Just my opinion and still is to be based on how President Donald Trump continues to handle this crisis and corruption in the USA and world. Be safe and God bless my friends.

  30. Ah Chuck, you and Paige always make me laugh! I love you guys! Thanks for sharing your videos! I wish that I was in the area, I would drop by and break bread with you and your wonderful family! 555! See what I did there? 😂😎
    Take care brother!
    – Charles

  31. I hope you’re right, but I don’t think so,because this virus is still growing worldwide. A lot of places is still yet to be hit hard in rural areas. I don’t think anyone is sure when and where this mess will end.

  32. As for flights coming back, that’s not a fast process. Take a 777. If it’s been parked for a month or more it can take 2 weeks of inspection just to bring it back to life.

  33. I’m about your age. And I like to cut my hair really short….too short according girlfriend and others. I notice that you had longer hair three and half years ago. So what’s up with the buzz cut? I like the feel of it really short, but people do respond to me better with it longer. You notice that too? Oh…and mine is thinning on the crown a bit, which dissuades me from growing it..but it is so minimal I’m just too paranoid I guess…still love it buzzed. But if I am looking for a job, etc., I def grow it longer.

  34. Hopefully Thailand and the rest of the world are soon opening up since we have planned our vacation in Thailand in July 🌴🍺🌴 so we are 🙏 that all this is over soon

  35. At least you have a hobby to keep you busy during the quarantine. Paige is a delight to listen to. She understands more about what is happening in Thailand than anyone

  36. Cool matching Palm Beach T-shirts!
    It just popped into my head that you two would potentially run a great B&B in Thailand! Preferably a beach location! Hua hin? A koh? Well just sayin..

    I think it’s very interesting that I actually had the exact same thought about Thailand suddenly becoming a very popular destination for both living and visiting. I think it’s not only because it’s going to take certain countries a long time to recover but also a lot of people in my opinion are realizing YOLO.

  37. Chuck/Paige,I just now realize how massive your dining table is! Wow!Hang in there! It’ll be over soon! Then we’ll have a big celebration, the biggest ever!

  38. for the thailand fans who want to keep up to date on thailand news there is an english news channel on YouTube as well it is called the it gives the news of thailand in about 6 to 10 minutes. they have a video out during the week mondays till Friday and sometimes in the weekend if something special comes up

  39. 21:30 here in the UK now & I should be getting ready to take off at London Heathrow for a 3 week holiday, all cancelled last week so now looking to book a trip in November when all this madness is over. Take care to you all.

  40. Hey, I noticed your theory that more people are going to move to Thailand. I’m not sure about Thailand, specifically, but for sure things are going to change globally and possibly permanently when the virus is over.

  41. Semper Fidelis Chuck. Housing in UK is in Crisis.. Got Families of 4-5 living in one bedroom.
    This has brought the housing crisis onto the news. Things may change forever after this luxurious suffering ;P I’d be pulling them XMas decorations down with a weird Kukri smile by now.
    Embrace the Global Recession.. Prepare for the ride of your life! David Icke Got banned from social media explaining Covid.. (the radio wave thing was at the end) On the splintered fence on that one.

    For anyone that thinks David Icke is a Crackpot. I say Keep you friends close and the Crackpots even closer. At least watch and then you can say he’s a Crack pot. Special Brew drinking moron of the 1st Degree Mason. Semper Fi.. Dudes.. Wash yer’ Hands you wankers!
    Peace X

  42. Hi Chuck thanks for the video, you should bake some Vegemite scrolls , several recipes on you tube, you will be a convert. Aussies dont eat shit.

  43. Hey Chuck.. LONG time Viewer.. Curt in San Diego. I went back and RE-watched Millionaire Golf.. QUESTION 1.. How far away from where you live? I thought that was your area but I see you’ve rented that hotel room a few times and mention you’ll see him when you do a long bike ride into town? QUESTION 2.. Courtney seemed like a good and interesting interview guest.. maybe an episode video / interview from his restaurant? Old Brit guys are interesting, a life of stories to share and hearing about his love of Thailand.
    I’ve really enjoyed your Vids during this very strange stay at home time we are ALL in.. Curt in San Diego, moving back to Thailand soon and I LOVE the idea of CHEAP golf!!! Cheers

  44. Nice to see the two of you in a relaxed setting having lunch. Paiges English is very good and nice to see her participating
    . Nice video…A breath of fresh air.👍🇨🇦

  45. the economy over here maybe it will be the same as the second world war i think it took the uk sixty years to pay back dedts for it something like that

  46. People are eating their way out of the boredom world wide..

    They bought all that food to last 6 months and are eating it in a week. .lol

  47. Wun Zen (glass noodle) is my favorite also. Phad Wun Zen is my favorite dish. The most prevalent noodle is made from the Mung Bean, which is where the Bean Sprouts come from. They are lighter because they are not a gas noodle like black beans. No gas in the belly. 🙂

  48. All the best guys. Do you only make white bread? When are you going to make an update on that old hotel that they are renovating? Take care na 🙂

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  50. I personally believe it will take Thailand a long time to recover from the current events. There are so many people out of work at the moment, and there is no social security here.
    In the news it is reported the poorer people are selling possessions to get money to survive. In Thailand if you don’t have work, you don’t have money. And I can’t see foreigners returning
    to retire for a very long time. Thousands have left and I think things will have to change drastically to encourage a change of heart to return. Good luck both.

  51. Hi Chuck and Page, love all your videos, watch every morning with my vegemite on toast! My Thai wife also has vegemite on toast every day, my daughter sent me some vegemite flavoured biscuits which got my wife addicted! It is a matter of persistence, just a light touch on well buttered toast each day and you will get it. But prob better if you dont, not easy to get here. Lazarda. Tops are all I have found, or any Aussie friends coming to visit.

  52. Here in Canada they are already saying a lot of small business might end up closing cause they are not essential service so they have no money coming in and rent and other overhead still has to be paid. Haha I know some people that can retire but still working cause they don’t know what to do it they can’t go to work. You can have fun just not close to people. Lots here don’t understand they can get big fines and go to jail. Are those ladies allowed to drink so early in the day haha. That bread looks really good. You should of had some with you omlette. Homemade bread is always better. OMG another favorite dish???? Stay safe and stay healthy

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