The Cool, NEW “I Love Dumaguete” Sign

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  1. i’m sure we all like, you sharing with us kuya, how sunny it is there ;while we freeze  our balls off over in europe and the us haha.

    i like the new duma sign better ,by the way. ok have a good weekend there with  all the dumaguetenos.

  2. Hi Henry Thank you for your new up dates the sign is very colourful does it light up at night like the old green one did , how are you finding the early rising mate its a bitch when you are use to getting up mid morning hahahaha take care enjoy life  

    1. @Bernie Cook yep.. lights up like a new christmas tree.  people are flocking to it after 5pm to get a shot with the new look.  🙂

  3. hi henry. looks nice down there . the day is good to be in when its not to hot or raining. you have been there for awhile now ,do you have any info. on rentals? i know thats robably not on your list of things to do but i remember you had to search for your place. any ideas? im up in san jose del monte and it would sure be nice to get out of the city. i grew up in a small coastal town like that and it kinda makes me home sick but gulfport mississippi will never be the same after katrina. i lived in northern arizona for 6 years and missed the water and the food so i moved here and have not seen the ocean yet lol. any ideas for finding a rental down there. and the people look so much more happy and relaxed where you are. thanks bud. have a great day.

  4. I love this update Henry. It’s a nice time of day you’ve shoot it having the backdrop of the sea with sun glare which blur the horizon a bit but also catching up the waves towards the shoreline – beautiful !

  5. Hey Henry, Great Sign Indeed…  Looking forward to seeing it and many of beautiful parts of Dumaguete.  (Day walker—Lol) My trip will not be completed without stopping by and have a island lunch at the “One Love Cafe”.  How hot does it get in April/May? Thank you!!  

    1. April/May is about end of the cooler weather, as i remember it, and the temps are around 73*F.  temp doesn’t vary much here in visayas, just the amount of rain and cloud cover, humidity.  but temp stays within a small range.  🙂

  6. Ill bet all the tourists flock to the sign for pictures. Looks nice by the Ocean. Im jealous you can be walking around in shorts and its cold as hell here. When will we see you and lyn together on video? It was such a nice one last week. Pretty soon youll be getting up at the crack of dawn LOL.. Take care Henry.

    1. +LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines I’ll search around, thanks! my base is in manila area (binan, laguna actually), i cant wait to hop around different island & see them. 🙂

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