The Chinese Government has FOOLED you!

Are you convinced that China has this pandemic under control, are you looking to China for guidance when dealing with this pandemic? Let me help pull the wool from your eyes…

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    1. Please leave Chinese alone !!! I mean stop trading with Chinese, no more buying products from them and not selling to them. stop Chinese from entering other countries. I mean.. Leave the Chinese in China. let them live their lives in China. stop their visa from entering other countries. And people from the outside should not go to China neither. Cut them off.

  1. Just finished watching an upload from Democracy Now!. This time they featured Noam Chomsky. Mr Chomsky condemned the Trump administration for their handling of the Wuhan Virus (I agree 100%). Chomsky then proceeded to praise China and the WHO for their handling of the Wuhan Virus. This shocked me because I had a lot of respect for Chomsky up to that point. Mind you Chomsky is now 91 years old but his level of ignorance in this matter was pretty surprising. The topping on the cake was when he accused the Fox Network of being a right wing echo chamber while he was engaging in his own left wing echo chamber BS.

    This Wuhan Virus killed a lot of things including my respect for Noam Chomsky.

  2. Come on! If China knows how to play with Western media the situation would not like this for China. China is extremely week to make international voices for herself

  3. Well let me be the first to tell China that the UK thinks that they are ALL an absolute bunch of dick heads. They are cruel with animals they are cavalier with their hygiene. They don’t give a damn about anyone else or any other country. China is the country that we don’t want anything to do with. If they are expending ALL their energy just to remove a US president that they don’t like because he makes like difficult for them then they ARE EVIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They have unleashed this disaster on the world and the best they can do is laugh, pretend they have the lowest figures of cases and deaths and then attempt to buy up every company & business they want in the west. FUCKING BASTARDS FUCK OFF AND DIE YOU PRICKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XI Jinping is a DICK HEAD and a FUCKING USELESS LEADER. BASTARD I BET HIS MOTHER DIDN’T EVEN CUDDLE HIM AT FUCKING BIRTH.UGLY BASTARD

  4. The one´s who caused a problem, blame the victims to have caused the problem (typical in psychopathy, it´s called projection or gaslighting).

  5. The world should teach a lesson to China for planting the engineered virus globally .it is time we ban all Chinese made goods and services as initiated by Japan

  6. You guys called it. FOX news lead story right now is about the lab in Wuhan. Evidence mounts that not only did China cover up the virus, they may have accidentally released it. However calling it an accident is like saying a drunk driver that kills a pedestrian is an accident.

  7. I can’t believe how Serpentza has become so biased after these years. You can be critical on China, and I agree China has a lot to improve, but this video is sort of biased propaganda BS! If you have balls, please answer these questions.
    I agree there was slow reaction and even some cover-up at the beginning of the outbreak. But given the performance of other countries, what country do you think can do better than China had the virus started in their own land??? You guys are critical of the Draconian Wuhan lockdown, but do you how much it has reduced the transmission of the virus??? You said China’s current situation is much worse than the official figures suggested but what are your sources of information??? I see people are resuming to normal and schools are re-opening now.
    You said China “looted” masks from the world when it was in big trouble but didn’t China pay??? You mentioned Italy’s donation to China and now has to buy things from China, but didn’t China donate to Italy??? And it’s just simple google search to get to know China donated more goods than Italy had given to China.
    You try to blame China and WHO for the outbreak but tell me when did WHO declare heath emergency??? It’s in JANUARY! What did WHO say??? Test, test and test! How long did those countries wait until virus outbreak in their own land??? ONE MONTH AND HALF! You said China is trying to shift blame, but by calling it “Chinese virus” you already know who is trying to shift blame.
    Only thing I can agree with you is some xenophobia action happened in China during covid-19, that is racist. But it’s not even the same scale as the anti-China propaganda and sentiment going on these days.
    I used to watch lots of your video, I knew you had mixed views on China but that was exactly the reason to watch your channel because I thought my home country, like every other countries in the world, had both positives and negatives and I want to know what thoughts foreigners have. And many things you said were quite pertinent at that time. I’d never thought one day you have transformed into this biased, misinformed, nearly propaganda form. I am very disappointed but you won’t care because you will cater to your new group of subscribers anyway.

  8. It sounds to me like China’s new job is to invade Europe and install the NWO there. You don’t rile up your people against the rest for no reason. Last time this happened was shortly before WW2 Germany decided to try and conquer the world.

  9. As an Italian, it makes me so mad that there are even people believing that deaths in Italy are higher than the ones in China itself. They really think that we are all so gullible to believe the numbers given by the Chinese government. Good try.

  10. 1:50 this sounds exactly like sth else i saw.
    A woman outside of a hot pot place, while her child and husband sat inside.
    People act like people… It’s disgusting.

  11. 3:55 Nope, most Chinese won’t think about or consider that scenario. They only think “as long as us Han Chinese are taken care of, that is all that matters”
    That is… the root of the problem.

  12. 12:21 a Chinese acquaintance of mine told me the Chinese government spends more on domestic social harmony measures, then it does on its military. I think this is exactly what you are talking about.

  13. Just like criminals the CCP blame others for this mess, they created! I hate that country at the moment! Sorry if you are a decent Chinese, I feel bad for you!!!

  14. Chinese citizens as far as I know are the most rascist people I know. It was apparent to me when once apon a time me & my bro ate at a chinese restaurant a few years ago. We put a stop to that very quickly. They’re response was some dumb like shit “if it was your business ” blah blah sob story. It was a chinese buffet in America. Good video, 👍.

  15. 100% CORRECT .!!! All the deaths of covid19 are directly on the hands of the CCP . They just value very little on human lives as the track record have shown again and again. The world must punish them and shutdown their organisation as soon as possible.

  16. Don’t worry once the west recovers from the virus China will be no more. China you have awoken a sleeping dragon that will rain fire down on you.

    1. Translated into English
      “Keyboard man, it ’s not just about finding presence on the Internet, it feels great to send messages on the Internet”

  17. The Chinese Communist party, is effectively the Chinese Fascist party. It is literally a fascist state now. As you said, just like Nazis. Totalitarian, big state, ultra nationalistic scum bags.

    Thanks for sharing all this mate. Hope the west finally wakes up and takes their supply chains out of this crap hole.

  18. i live in vancouver and have been turned away from a tile business because they couldn’t speak English or didn’t want to and didn’t want me as a customer in my own country ,who they could care less about ps its not all of them ,got many good Chinese friends that were upset about my experience china has shitty leaders that brainwash there people to think everyone is against them even there own (falun gong )

  19. I agree completely that they have played the west and are continuing to do so. It is unfortunate that they are more concerned with ‘face’ than what happens to the world outside their borders indeed the situation is even worse when you realise that there are now three internationally recognised discrete virus types of Covid-19 in circulation around the world. What worries me most is that it’s continuing to mutate and change who and how it affects. This will make a vaccine solution all the more difficult. The situation has a while to run yet globally and we’ve not seen an end to this. The world needs to hold the Chinese accountable to the human, social and economic cost! 🤬

  20. The Chinese government does everything for show. They don’t give a damn what the West thinks. They only care about painting a good image of the government in order to maintain the respect and confidence of the people of China. And if that image gets tainted, they drag out Mao’s old bag of Communist propaganda tricks. Trick #1 is stir up xenophobia and hatred against other countries and foreigners. Nothing new here. Saw it dozens of times during my 10 years in China.

  21. They want the rest of the world suffer and destroy. That is why they lied “Virus not transmitting from human to human”, and condemned countries that halted flights from China until we realized the truths

  22. I used to buy fruit and veg from a Chinese local. He was always friendly and helpful, and had these little cards with instructions on how to cook authentic Chinese dishes if you purchased from his shop. About 3 years ago cops found him and his son dead in their shop one morning, murdered execution style. This area is very well known for abalone trading, and cops suspected he was murdered for refusing to cooperate with abalone smugglers (they wanted to turn his shop into a front for abalone poaching/meth distribution)

    Now I ask, why in the fuck does the CCP align themselves with these same criminals in Hong Kong?

    Most people just want to be able to put food on the table and live their lives in peace, what long term benefits are there for a country to align themselves with such criminality?

    RIP Richard, and thanks for all the fresh veg mate.

  23. The videos you show are out of context. Some of the videos of the attacks don’t even happen in China, but you’ve done a very good job with the U.S. government in allocating China and Africa

  24. what you are recently saying is that the entire china equals BAD.
    yes there are problems, but you go from reporting the real China to reporting the negative side ONLY.
    May be your audience finds the negative things more attractive?

  25. To all your starting questions. Nope. It’s turning into a media and geo political shit show now tbh. They set food in Italy with Russia atm. That is not only for aid, but also for political reasons.

  26. The only way China could have fooled me into thinking they had it under control was by announcing that things were out of control and begging other countries for assistance — if they had done that, I would have figured they had it under control and were just trying to con the rest of the world out of valuable resources.

  27. This is not simply discrimination. Accurate to say, this is one of an episode of Wuhan Virus scapegoating campaigns by CCP. Step one scapegoating foreigners.

  28. Serpentza and Laowhy86 are content creators with pure integrity. I appreciate you collaborating with @Chinauncensored. I’m just a fella from Detroit that appreciates good journalism… Even if it’s technically an Op Ed. Please if you’re interested I’d like to edit some of you’re videos into Op Ed’s. I think the Detroit free press and Detroit News might publish. The world needs your info

  29. You are really admirable for your honest covering. i did live in china more then 16 years between 95 and 2017,also married a Chinese, but now she choose to treat me as a foreigner, because i dont like the CCP, just because i point out what you also telling here.

  30. Dope AF buzzcut. You look like you’re related to Commander Shepard. Also you and C-Milk need to get on CNN or whatever and set US media straight

  31. Oh man! This is World War III, u are in the middle of War. First, I have to live with my family, weapon are food ,mask and sanitizer, then my locality- my province– my state,last one is the world. Life and death.

  32. lying, then accuse others of lying. cheating, then accuse others of cheating. stealing, then accuse others of stealing. harming, then accuses others of doing harm. get caught doing these things, then just lie some more? are there not better countries to do business with?? how many bribes did it take for all those job to leave America, and who received them??? to the great harm of America

  33. lets see, concentration camp, the forced live organ harvesting(criminal medical practice), manipulation of media for covert means, the annexing weaker neighboring countries territories …….the list goes on, but what regime does this remind you of??? the real crisis in history was the placating to these horrible regimes until it was to late.

  34. Imagine this is to happen outside of China 😂😂😂😂
    The CCP: That is racist!

    I don’t think anyone would be fooled by the CCP from now on. This is the beginning of the end of the CCP. Don’t underestimate the power of the Internet.

  35. The CCPs latest trick —
    Pretend that the country has no more cases of COVID-19, even celebrate it with fireworks, open up the borders again, then claim that all the thousands of sick and dying Chinese people have just contracted it from foreigners —
    China is now the _Victim_ of the Coronavirus rather than exporter of it — Bingo !

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