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    1. William Dodds
      I gave you a Suggestion in my last reply to you and now that you’ve actually bothered to Address your reply to me, this time ? The suggestion still stands but if you’re too lazy
      to Scroll AND Read ?

      Well, “ Whatever “ yourself
      fella . . .

    2. China has a population of 1.4 billion. And even at 3 tier city is over several millions of people. Over the past few decades, we have lifted a big population out of poverty and improved the society . But there are still many people living in rural areas and we need to work on to improve their lifes . I myself have been living in states for over a decade, But I wouldn’t turn my camera to those homeless or ghetto area, Because when people do this, they have carried the story to write , but none of these will be constructive, not helping a country to grow .

    3. this rural area rest rooms were built back to 30 40 years when china had nothing and was very poor .still there are many places like this but it is getting better. most of new generation doesnt spit. china is a developing and trying with bold reform steps to improve , please allow us some time , you might not know but we are much improved over decades and we know that .

  1. Wtf,this is so disgusting.. well i been working on cruise ships , i remember there are some chinese crew , i share cabin with a chinese girl believe i run away , even nobody want to live with then, they was so dirty and strange manners , al ways very bad smeell mouth , and very lazies , nobody want to work with them .and when they eat , are dropping food on the floor

  2. I bet on my life the 2k that dislike this vid are Chinese. This is so disgusting , everything about this ppl disgust me. I’m sorry, you can be poor and still have sense of what hygiene and humanity towards animals and the world in general is.! And that this behavior is now affecting the whole World , so much deaths for this horrible COVID-19, thanks to the nasty and primitive way to think that you can eat everything that moves.. Just gross.!

    1. @Kevin S Bats are mammals, so are cows and dogs. We could very well have diseases transfer to us from cows or dogs. It tends to be less common in the US, because even factory farms must follow some precautions with disease. Reptiles are not as likely to transfer diseases to humans.

  3. Killing rhinos, tigers, bears, and other beautiful and endangered animals for any reason is abhorrent. Killing these beautiful animals for rediculous, supersitious “traditional chinese medicine” non-sense beliefs is so much worse. And torturing animals and making them suffer while you slaughter them because “the more an animal suffers, the more tender the meat” …. is so evil and rotten. I have travelled a lot in my life, and seen a lot of strange things, but this really takes the cake. The man saving dogs from slaughter is a hero. Please let me know how I can donate some money to him.

  4. I don’t have a problem with eating dog, in principle. I eat cow. I eat pig, etc. But what I really have a problem with is animal torture. So I don’t eat halal meat because of how they kill the animal, I don’t eat battery farm eggs because of how the hens are reared and I wouldn’t eat dog because of how they are burned to death with a propane torch. It’s disgusting and disrespectful to the animal’s life.

  5. I was born and raised in northeastern China. Yes, there are people eating dog meat there. But most people don’t. Actually, eating dog meat is more regarded as a Korean style there. By saying Korean I mean Korean Chinese. I don’t mean anything from South Korea or North Korea. I don’t know if they are related or not. But in my hometown, it is more Korean style. And those Korean restaurants in your video, maybe they run by Chinese, but they are more for Korean Chinese. But whatever it is Korean or Chinese, I don’t care but just would like to point the fact out. I tend to think that you did not intentionally say “they are for Chinese.” I think you may not really know Korean Chinese is one race of people living in China. I understand how you don’t like people eating dogs. But I think it actually is part of some culture. You of course can like it or not like it. But I think you should learn to accept it. Because people living in different regions and cultures have different lifestyles and life experiences. Not everyone in this world thinks that dogs are cute and friendly, and had precious memories. Some dogs like those from my hometown were often brutal, bullying and dangerous. That’s why some people don’t have the same feelings as yours. I currently have been living in US for more than 7 years. An interesting fact is that most dogs here in US are more educated than dogs in China. That’s my personal experience. If you lived in China for those many years, I think you may as well noticed this point. That’s why I am against eating dogs now but at the same time, I understand why, in some culture, people eat dog meat.

    Still, very good video. Most videos are real and honest.

  6. Personally agree with some views as a Chinese person. But one thing I have to say, that’s only the minority. Partially because I live in Beijing, I’ve never seen anyone ate dogs and wild animal, etc. But it is undeniably true that some people do eat. Mostly those who live in southern China. These footages reveal part of the truth, but as long as he focused on looking for those things that are inhuman, sure he would find a lot, the reason is the huge population. The video is convincing, but please see the statistics. Only statistics can tell whether a majority or a minority of Chinese people eat that or not. Stop the racism.

    1. @John Roberts Agree. But eclecticism is also part of the culture. We always say that the correct attitude to treat a culture is to take the essence and discard the dregs.

    2. You’re still being defensive. The West is still making you justify your own culture’s right to exist. If this is what you do, if this is a part of your culture… be proud of it. Embrace it. Don’t feel the need to become something you’re not (western), or something other than what you already are. Don’t allow the USA or Europe to dictate what your social mores should be.

      Being economically successful and military pre-eminent (as the West still is) doesn’t have to mean being culturally or morally superior as well. Resistance to the pressure to conform may be the only way to maintain the integrity of your culture overall. Once you give in on this issue it won’t just be some obsure or esoteric part of your culture that next gets done away with, but all of it, bit by bit, until you end up being an imperfect facsimile of the West.

      Of course, if you should want to change of your own free will, spontaneously and not for the purposes of appeasing others or trying to fit in with what the West wants (what is basically Anglo-American and Franco-German sociocultural hegemony), then change, but in your own way and at your own pace.

  7. A society which was stripped from their past, culture, tradition, religion, moral…that will be such. It is our future around the world, planned by the shadow state/elite.

  8. Sorry I can’t continue watch this content after you warn you about to show peeps eat dogs. Too terrified 😱😱😱, maybe have a audio version of this for someone with weak stomach like me😝

    1. I mean it’s kinda the same as eating a pig or a cow. They are just as smart, pigs are probably even smarter.
      It’s disgusting how they kill them, but that’s unfortnuately how it is everywhere.

  9. Got to say I’m not surprised by this I can remember the things said about China in Michael Palin’s 80 day’s around the world and that would have been deliberately tamed down to not upset the Chinese government and that’s over 30 years ago

  10. You are still awesome. I just tore down a hater and a ccp shill just now about you his name is Nathan idk last name but will not tolerate hateful things said about you or laowhy87

  11. I have been to more than a few places in China, been to restaurants with these, Holes in the ground to shit in. I been to a restaurant that sold Dog stew and Cat head soup. and these were places just outside Shanghai. They offered Donkey on the menu, but it wasn’t available yet bc we got there too EARLY and it was still tied up behind the restaurant. Im not shitting you, this actually happened. When i saw Dog on the Menu i got up and threatened to walk out and to the Airport and go home. I have been to Black Market restaurants that offered these wild animals to eat. We were escorted into a locked back room, and the menu was printed on an old sheet of paper separate from the main menu offered.

    I had a friend link me to this video and im sad to say that i also have witnessed all of this with my own eyes. Its really appalling, They do a good job of keeping this sorta thing out of the public eye in the main Cities. But, like u said, take one or 2 side streets or back roads and this is the normal.

  12. The Chinese have black/African genetics. They are a mixed race people. Black hair and eyes is proof, plus certain customs. Like India, or Arabia. Medium, or darker skins in some. It varies. Black pygmy tribes from Africa travelled all the way to Australia, mixing did take place. Its a fact.

  13. Animals in the fur & leather trade are also skinned alive and tortured, I bet u that most of the people that are upset abt this also have leather/fur goods

    1. I don’t mind them eating dogs because I like dogs, I hate dogs, but they shouldn’t be eaten. Dogs are always caught in the wild and not bred on a farm. It’s not sure if the wild animal is carrying a wild disease or not. This is unavoidable with wild animals, market hygiene or not. Dogs can’t be bred on a farm either, because that wouldn’t be lucrative. Dogs eat meat instead of plants and selling that meat would make more money than feeding it to dogs first and losing a lot of energy

  14. You know i really don’t have a Problem with eating Dogs, Cats or other animals we consider “weird to eat”. There is really no difference between killing a dog or killing a pig. It would be hypocritical of me to say it’s cruel and inhumane to eat dogs, while munching on a big steak myself.
    HOWEVER, I do have a Problem with the hygiene aspect of eating these animals.
    Because obviously you can get sick from eating wild animals, and if the dog you eat or the cat or what ever, lived under such poor conditions, you WILL get sick, sooner or later.

  15. Good job, sepentz. Has known you since the time you’re still in China. You videos are quite fair, insightful, and logical, and everything is real rather than speculations

  16. Bats are very popular too! And all bats carry many viruses and sometimes I wonder why the bats don’t get sick. After all these video this time you will become the hunted now

  17. China does the same shit as everyone else. But it’s the way you perceive it, China is 1984, while the US is A Brave New World. Both have dumb citizens, both have sex shops and sex workers, both have homeless, both have fucked up govement trying to control the world, both abuse human rights. Basically, both are horrible. This video explains nothing that the US is doing also.

  18. You are mistaken and living in sheltered la la land. There are many parts or extracts from animals that are good for health. For example cod liver oil will make your vision good , it fixed my eyes. If you ear the cartilage of chicken it will strengthen your bones , ligament and joints. Of course you know that liver is filled with vitamin B and other very healthy muscle building minerals. Eat chicken feet and see how your skin looks , it’s like you took collagen injections. Open your mind to reality.
    I am NOT Cinese I’m a mixed person from the Caribbean . Don’t take natural foods for granted the natural foods can increase your longevity and quality of life. You have disgust about eating dog but you slaughter and eat cows that are revered by many.
    How did mad cow disease begin and where ?
    Hygiene is very important , I agree with that.

  19. I studied at Tsinghua Univ, so I spent some time in China years ago. Yes, they are disgusting, the spitting is disgusting, the toilet squatting is horrendous. I remember little kids did not wear diapers, they wore pants/shorts with a slit on the crotch for them to squat down and pee anywhere. I saw dog meat in menus. An interesting thing, at the military museum in Beijing, there was a shot down US airplane.

  20. this rural area rest rooms were built back to 30 40 years when china had nothing and was very poor .still there are many places like this but it is getting better. most of new generation doesnt spit

  21. There’s been millions of mainlanders who’ve migrated to the Philippines since 2016. I have to say I am disgusted by their hygiene. They spit anywhere even in the most prestigious places. They don’t care about who they offend or what they do. I’ve noticed many of them walk in groups. Probably because walking alone will get them beat up for their disrespectful behavior. I wish they’d all leave and go back to mainland China. I can’t stand seeing these people here. Their government is bad enough stealing our reefs and our neighbors islands. Having them as a tourist or even a resident is terrible. They should all go back to the mainland. They don’t belong here if they can’t respect us or any other country.

  22. Chinese nationalists Hungarian nationalists Danish nationalists Finish nationalists Czech nationalists Polish nationalists Russian Nationalists are all the same they have the same mindsets

    1. Chinese nationalists Hungarian nationalists Danish nationalists Finish nationalists Czech nationalists Polish nationalists Russian Nationalists are all the same they have the same mindsets

  23. They live in poverty. It is not about beliefs in healing eating strange things. It’s about hunger and desperation. Coming soon to a town near you, communism. Video should be called struggles of communism

  24. You are great to show the behind scenes that most don’t dare to do so. It takes great courage and I applaud you for that.

    When I was very young, I’d witnessed how my neighbor butchered his dog for food. They hung the poor dog alive on a guava tree which was not too high. The poor dog was howling so badly that I couldn’t bare to watch any longer. I quickly shut my back yard door but that didn’t mute the desperate cries and howling went on and on till it was finally dead. The horrible images of the whole scene and the cries still stayed with me till to date. And I am 62 this year.

    What you have shown here is still present in China. China is so huge that it will be a very very long before we can see SOME small improvements. Sadly, it has been their way of life for the longest time ever than most don’t see anything wrong with how they lived.

    I don’t condemn them for their life styles as we are not in their shoes. I am very thankful to be living in a first world country.

  25. Thank you for showing the truth. I’m speechless. It’s like a “dog and pony show” in my mind.

    No offense against the people there, it’s all about the denying mentality / don’t loosing the face

    in front of other cultures.

  26. The entire World Health Organization needs to be forced to watch this video even if their heads are in vices and their eyelids are propped open.

  27. I don’t want to defend animal cruelty or poaching endangered animals, but I if you’re talking about animal cruelty… I’m not sure if it is less cruel how we breed our meat.
    Personally I favour having a boar, or deer from the wild as meat source because I think it is more “respectable” to kill it that way, rather than breed and force feed them in a cramped factory…
    But ye… that wouldn’t be sustainable… maybe we all could try to eat more responsible and eat less meat ..?

    thx for the vid.

  28. I’ve been in Guangzhou and in the provinces around the city, and even in the city center of Guangzhou toilets looked terrible, like I would never imagine that I go to the toilet in the big shopping mall with Calvin Klein and shit like this and I see someone else shit in every cabin, it’s like totally different level

  29. They say serial killers start with torturing and killing animals such as cats and dogs, I wonder how many serial killers are there in China

  30. Dude, covid-19 came out of the lab in Wuhan, not from some random person eating a wild bat.
    The lab right next to the market where it was claimed to originate from worked on bat viruses.
    They’re known to sell the animals used in these experiments to these markets, but there’s more to it than that even.
    Covid-19 has had four sections of the HIV genome spliced into it in order to help it cross from animal to human (by helping it bind to the ACE 2 receptor found in the lung).
    Its a bioweapon that escaped due to poor work and social practices.
    This also happened multiple times with SARS (from a BSL-3 lab).
    And the CCP is now building these labs all over China – they’re going to create the next bubonic plague or variola major.

  31. I went with a chinese friend to a chinese restaurant, I ordered vegetables and tofu, and she ordered frog legs, she is from a rich family, from a big city in china, and she is an educated person with PhD degree. Doesn’t matter if they were educated or not, they all believe deeply in their disgusting culture!!!!

  32. Mr. Serpentza:Thanks for the very informative material. The whole world should be exclaiming/protesting China allowing to reopen their wet markets particularly in the midst of the pandemic. You are very candid and highly intelligent.

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