The Busy Life of a Filipina Teacher – Interview

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The Busy Life of a Filipina Teacher – Interview
In this video I interview new teacher Maria Mae and her busy life being a teacher in the Philippines.
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  1. Hi Gio, what a beautiful human being this woman is. Listening to her story is fascinating. Her attitude to her family is humbling to someone like me who who has lived in the UK. Keep up the great work.

  2. Great interview Gio, with lots or free flowing conversation. She’s a great girl, intelligent, hard working, genuine and a good girl.
    Very mature and sensible person for her young age. Thanks as always for sharing.

  3. Hey Gio…it’s a shame how low they pay their teachers in the Philippines. They pay Filipinos low salary in Thailand too. We all know an American teacher will start out from college a little under $3000 a month in America and in Thailand around $1200 a month . I understand it’s has to do with the S.E.Asia cost of living. But come on man …she has a degree. Anyway, I enjoyed this video.

  4. Hello Teacher – One question, do you realize the kids are forced to cheat because they are not having proper instruction (as they would get in class) and the homework and tests are totally unrealistic (how can they know what they need to know without instruction) but everyone is afraid to complain because its not the filipno way.
    Don’t you realize this?

  5. Hey Gio… Your no Larry King but getting better with each interview, keep at it. I enjoy a peek into the life of the average Filipino. We expats always have more to learn and you are a teacher. Thanks for what you do

  6. Good interview Gio . Maria is so such a lovely lady. Wish i was there to meet her. wish her the best in her teaching. I am 62 and single and looking to meet a lady there that is trying to make a good life for herself and family. ok dont work too hard Gio .

  7. Interesting Video Gio. The teacher is pretty and speaks good English. Giving their family money is quite common here. Ne (GF) never had too fortunately because hers isn’t poor. It just shows you how little the income is here. $400.00 a month is not much for a college-educated teacher by US standards. I wish her well in fulfilling her dreams.

  8. 20k plus deductions I once dated a young woman in cebu who worked in a mall on 8k a month. If you have a decent income stream you can live pretty cheaply so long as you don’t expect 5* luxury

  9. It is really difficult to be a teacher there during the pandemic. I know a teacher in Olongapo and she is so stressed now. But, even so, any full time job there is a blessing. Philippinos are the sweetest, most family oriented people! Good luck Maria and God Bless you and your family there.

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