The BOT is back.

But can we trust her or grandmother?
Thanks to Jo Fritz (Doorway57), Stephen Pedersen & Kenneth Scott who all asked SPECIFICALLY to give their donations to Bot.

1st video appearance (with Nhi):



    1. @S H yes but ask yourself do you want to make your life occupation in supporting them. There are people that when helped appreciate it then go on with their life , then there are those who are helped but come back for more, they see an easy mark then greed plays into their intentions. There is never enough, they will become entitled and demand more because it was so easy and they justify it by thinking that you are rich so you can give more. These are people who have perfected on how to play the victim.

    2. It’s not like they are taking money and sitting on their asses. They are work g every day selling lottery tickets to survive. They appreciate the support – which is given freely knowing their situation. Not everyone needs to be sleeping in a box living off garbage before needing a helping hand .

  1. You are being played. Since you are telling them others are donating the $ to you they feel it’s not your money so what do you care!
    Stop being a chump Troy and use the donated money to help dozens of others. No need to give out so much $5m VND to one when the 5M VND can probably help dozens of others.

  2. Happy to see “Feeding” someone has taken into your routine now. Hats off to all the donors and to you too. The Granny may or may not be manipulative but the little Princess is missing a father figure for sure. Ayu-Bo-Wan.

  3. If you don’t trust them, move on. Granny has the exact same face as the little girl, she knows the power of a cute young face with big eyes, that was her 50 years ago. Granny is just trying to teach the little girl how to use her looks to her advantage. This technique has probably been passed down generation to generation in their Big Eyed family. Little girl is going to be a heart-breaker when she becomes a woman, then she’ll get pregnant, guy will leave her, she will be single mom. 50 years from now she will be pimp’n out her Big Eyed grandchild for donations. Saigon, Big Eyed, Circle of Life!

  4. Watching dz makes me sick😞😞 if d granny is like dz wat can v xpect from d little grl, Troy ur good hearted man u hlped Dem👏 ,,for dz granny n grl wat goes around will come around

  5. No haters, she’s so sweet and a child, and having to sell lotto tickets, it’s not like she has lots in funds. Be nice people, no need to judge, you probably have more in material goods (but not in other things).

  6. Next time, ask for their address and go by at a random / unannounced time to see how well or needy they really are. I have seen much more needy people in your videos and each time i’m in Vietnam. I have a flight booked to be in Saigon on June 27th. Hopefully Vietnam is opened back at that time.

  7. Looks like you’ve got scammed by granny. In the long run your donations to them will not only strengthen this anti social behaviour but also teach bot that it is perfectly ok to do so.

  8. Look at it this way, maybe Bot would tell you what is going on if you spoke on your own with her, away from granny! Its easy to think people are scamming, but they are hardly going to be riding around in a Rolls Royce tomorrow! My feelings are that Bot is trying to hang onto something that has bought a little joy into her life….and thats you young man! So easy to judge, but your on the ground there not us!

  9. You should give more to the family in the alley, they are more deserving, granny here is more of a beggar if she is calling you 3 weeks straight.

  10. Well, that feel´s like a scamming grannie to me…. What´s sad is that Bot´s sharpness is wasted on this and not coming to it´s right at a good school. I´m not hating on the grannie but she should care more for the kid and less about the cash. Good job anyway, Troy.

  11. Not sure about Bot, but the granny in my opinion is not too trustworthy, I remember the first video with Nhi, after Troy gave Nhi money to bring home to her mom, I remember the granny told Nhi to tell her mom that Nhi’s family got donations because of the granny.

  12. Health and thanks to the real people Jo Fritz, Stephen Pedersen, Kenneth Scott, Troy you are wonderful people. “Bot” and her grandmother are very beautiful (Bot looks like grandma).

  13. Bots just too darn cute. RIP to all the guys in highschool that will have crush on her and suffer heartbreaks. Her gran lived the same life of guys chasing her, gifting her for attention. She is teaching Bot all the techniques she know. “I’m hungry, let’s meet” is one of the techniques.

  14. He helps the children cause in a sense they’re still innocent & naive , but adults on the other hand over time have ulterior motives

  15. I still think boh is a good kid that deserves support. I remember on the last video of boh and gran. Gran said something along the lines of “stupid people think that It is exploitive” about boh working. It does seem like gran is exploiting boh in a way. You can see gran pinching and putting words into boh’s mouth in this video. I hope gran doesn’t just use the donations on herself for hair dye, nails etc.

  16. The kid is innocent, grandma is scammer, but that food looks fantastic, god damn you corona i want to go back to vietnam!

  17. After finished watching the video, without looking anyone comments. I write my own based I what seen, hears, and feels.

    shout out to all the good charities donation. Based on my personal opinions, the look of the grandmother’s eye cannot be trusted. She probably taught her granddaughter what to say prior meet up with Troy.

    The kids are often innocents and sometime can be professional trained by adults to make up all stories. I already met same situation little girl and grandmother both similar age like your on video, when I was in Vietnam recently. Careful watch the grandmother’s often using ***( first right hand shoulder) *** professional body languages and body signals keep bumping into then the kid body.

    Troy I like you put a question reach out other second opinions .***But can we trust her or grandmother?***
    Follow your own instinct Troy’s at any situations. The money can wait before handing out to anyone. Don’t rush!

  18. Although Bot does seem like a nice kid just look at the granny’s and Bots face after you said you got 5million viet dong for them😷.

  19. I’m not sure. Bot looking at her Grandmother when you state the amount of donated money could just be Bot waiting to hear her Grandmother’s response. Bot is young and may not know how to correctly thank someone and looks to her mature Grandmother. Eating noodles all day may fill your stomach but not a lot of nourishment. The Grandmother lived through the Vietnam War for goodness sakes (I know others did as well) just saying she knows hard times and is looking after the best interest for Bot. She didn’t eat or ask for food for herself. That tells me she’s honest. My two cents.

  20. Bot is a nice child 😊 grandma is an old woman, her chance of getting a good payed job is very very limited. I don’t think they have ever got donations before, they have most likely never heard of it before.
    So oc granny like to get more donations, it’s her only chance of getting a little extra money.
    Most likely, in a couple of years, Bot will have to provide money for both of them
    Sad story

  21. 00:43 Yep still remember those times when I also was a braindead.
    But now I have a vietnamese wife so my brain have recovered 🙂
    Many thanks to Jo Fritz, Stephen Pedersen, Kenneth Scott and Troy for helping out Bo, she is a hard working and appreciate the help from you guys.

  22. Sorry, I too like the BOT videos but now when I watch I see all the signals and prompting from the grandmother. It is not nice to watch, she is following her grandmother down the wrong path, I won’t be watching anymore BOT videos it is to disappointing to see such wasted potential. I wish her and her family good luck and hope finds a better way of life. You Troy my brother, go with your heart and never don’t doubt it, whatever happens you had the best intentions in your heart and that is all that matters in the life. Peace Brother. Stay Safe.

  23. I can definitely see her grandmother taking away the money from her. Her acting is superbly better than bot and so that deserve some monetary compensation for being able to con a very gullible generous troy

  24. I agree that it does look as though the Grandmother is “guiding” Bot, which is a shame. Bot is a very cute and likeable little kid and she’s as bright as a button but they both look well dressed and well fed. Would be a shame to turn your back on Bot just because her Grandmother is a bit shady

  25. Dam too much money 💴.. the little girl 👧 is street smart …her grandma 👵 is a wise cunning old lady.. living in chaos city will make you that way .. “I’ll be very happy to if money just fall off the sky to me.. “ Thank You 🙏 T. and others for alway helping peoples “ alway see the good in peoples life “.. a god send.

  26. I think you have been had dude , you see the look o there faces when you told them you had 5 more million for them , they looked like they just made a big score ! this is the first time im saying this about the people you are helping out , granny looks pretty clean good make up on kid does not look poor at all , free money why not try to stay in touch with you !

  27. I cannot believe all the people negating the interaction as real. Of course she is going to have an afinity about you. No one has ever shown to care about her like you did. A complete stranger. Bless the patrons for their gifts. They aren’t selling tickets for the fun of it and I am sure the profits are minimal. Your initial beliefs should not be changed Bot is true. She has perfect manners.

  28. Troy you can help the world but u can’t save it.
    Anyone with make up does not need the money.
    I rather you drive to the country side away from the city and give it away to the farmers

  29. I noticed the girl didn’t eat like she was hungry and she only ate noodles she moved the prawns and other food to find the noodles. A hungry kid would eat noodles last.

  30. Everyone is saying the Grandmother has an agenda. Maybe she does, and maybe that agenda is the welfare of a grandchild she faces raises in an economy that’s hard for older people to find gainful employment. Yes, some people will take advantage of your kindness. But then again, some people reach out to those they know or believe will help. Bot is worth saving!!!

    1. David Palmer well said! Totally agree… And I’ll never get tired of saying that stress affects us all differently, some become mute while others talk incessantly…some can’t leave their house and some…well some appear to be distracted or ungrateful. I truly hope there is a follow up video to make every person who left a hateful comment, eat their own words ✌️

  31. well its hard to say if a child like her can already be so ruse and sneaky but it’s possible that she’s been raised like that because of the family specifically now because of her grandmother, I mean you’re not allowed to judge people by their looks but damn dude, her granny just looks sneaky and false like a snake xD not to be rude here, just personal opinion according to what you said + the fact of them constantly calling you back like who does that? who has the guts to keep calling a random dude you met weeks ago and only once? either way Troy, just be careful man, this isnt the first time your good heart has put you in akward situations and traps, keep it up with the good work hombre ^^

  32. Its tough because if you were in that situation raising a grandchild by SELLING LOTTO TICKETS FOR MINIMAL WAGE FOR YEARS, and the someone comes and helps you like you did then its obvious that the grandmother thinks that she should get as much out of you as she can. She may be thinking about her self but she sure is thinking about her grandchild so I think its hard to be be too tough on her.

    Bot is just a child and probably has little understanding of the situation compared to an adult, she will just be doing as she is told by her grandmother.

    In my opinion Its hard to be too tough on even the grandmother as she just sees this as the only other way to get something for her self and her grandchild.

    Everyone has to remember… these people are selling lotto tickets for £0.10 profit per ticket to survive… how can anyone accuse them of being scammers? Do they maybe bend the truth a little to get a little extra help? Perhaps. Do they need help? YES. This is a 12(?) year old girl and her grandmother selling lotto tickets on the streets for fucks sake people.

  33. I dont like when the grandma talked smack about Be Nhi family and her brother, and said be Nhi is slow or less intelligent because they from Camodia., but then she complained be Nhi sold more tickets than she and her grand daughter, trying to gain sympathy for her family situation by keep metion how they had to eats instant noodles. I dont like her, the grand mother is exploiting her grand child for sure, and the apple dont falls far from the tree, from the other video , she said about be Nhi mother not care about be nhi being alone onthe street to impied the mother dont care, but nhi mom also have two other children whom she hve to watch over too,and at the end when you were bying the tickets from be Nhi i can see that jeolous gesture from be Bot , until she unloaded all her tickets to you, both she and her grandma not very fond of Be Nhi. Its kind of sad to see how a society , and situation could trip away the inocent in children. I hope along with not only just give them the money you guys also give these children encougragment to be honest truthful and compassion, and staying truth about themselves. and confront situation when you see dishonsty in their way trying exploiting your charity.Sometime when children like these kiids a word of good praise and advise will carry with them for a lifetime.Thank you for your good work to bring needed help and happineess to the people of Vietnam. sincerely Thanks you guys.

    1. AGREED 100%..Be Nhi’s family seem to be an outstanding group . All 3 kids seem like great kids and the mom seems to the best she can . I would not trust anyone that talks bad about Nhi . She seems to be honest , hardworking ,dedicated to her family ,and great morals . Both grandma’s need to chill on the judgements . I think that child needs positive encouragement( just like you said ) and to be protected . She is special

  34. You’re right Troy, the grandmother is probably getting a good income for the family from elsewhere too. Bot looks much more healthier than many of the other kids you’ve helped, no way they have been without food for weeks. The grandma doesn’t seem to be suffering herself either.

    1. Bot is on a short leash by gran. But they aren’t scamming anyone – they were working hard selling lottery tickets, when approached by Troy – they weren’t begging on the street. I think they greatly appreciated the financial support, especially after lottery sales wee suspended. Bot probably looks at Troy as a father figure or big brother. She is innocent

  35. Be careful , sometimes these type will keep on and on to help them because they see you as a soft touch , how long before there on your case again , you already did enough last time and i can see why others want to help but some get greedy .

  36. First off, thanks to Troy and all that donate. Yes, Bot does appear to be a smart and adorable kid. Troy, she may look up to you. You’rea positive reinforcement perhaps. Take some time to hangout and communicate more with them to truly get a valid “spidey sense”. I wouldn’t be surprised if someday, Bot too, will contribute to her community and help others when she grows up. It’s obvious that they are a bit better off than Nhi’s family. Bot is wearing a nice jacket and bracelet plus they have a phone where as Nhi family had to pawn theirs so I can see where the animosity has come between the two families. Natural though. Bottom line, we are helping families that need it. Troy, so far it appears that you are doing well with being cautious of scammers. When in doubt, do what your heart tells you. We are not there with you but I support your instinct and decision making. I will be emailing you soon with a donation.
    Lt. Dave from California

  37. Given that the girl has a phone and (presumably) internet access, chances are she will see this video and all your comments about them. So what happens if people want to support them more? They will know that you don’t have the most positive thoughts about them, yet they will agree to meet just for the money. It will be a very awkward meeting with both sides just acting normal, but having negative feelings …

    1. Ngan from Winni’s village reads comments here. She said she was sad to see negative comments. I agree that Troy shouldnt share his channel with people he helps.

  38. It does appear granny is trying to take advantage of the situation and using Bot to get more support. I do think Bot is genuine and a good kid. I hope all works out for Bot.

  39. The Botmiester is a machine ! She had that money counted folded and pocketed in one go and she is very observant and takes everything in what is going on and being said. The grandmother is obviously trying to pull the strings but come across as a bit vacant! Bot has an old head on young shoulders it’s the position she has been put in by her lifestyle.

  40. if you look further down at 16:34 the grandma still gives bot a lil tap again, but nothing was translated in that part of the video so didnt know what they were talking about.

  41. Still a cute kid, and as many has said here she is not to blame. It doesn’t really matter if they are being fake, or scamming or whatever, what matters is that the you Troy, and the donators, are doing the right thing from the good of your heart, which you obviously are. The universe will handle everything else

  42. I think she did miss you. Maybe she is just blown away with you having money, speaking other languages and having a YT channel. She is curious and I don’t blame her, cute and bright little girl. Grandma on the other hand should try to explain to her what’s going on instead of allowing the kid to call you since you are not the father. At 6:47, I think Bot is overly interested in the amount of money, that’s why gran corrects the reaction with that pinch, honestly, common education tactics. I don’t think they are scammers. Love from Mexico, Troy. I love your channel and sense of humour.

  43. I can’t even finish watching this video, troy you got scam on this one bro. Everything coming out of that gramma mouth is money money money. why can you travel to a different part of VN and help other poor kids?

  44. I’m so torn between the grandma and Bot. On one hand, most of her family is gone, either abandon her or have died. Her grandmother is in her 70s so there’s not much she can do other than sell tickets to get by. Bot has no future so her grandmother is trying to get as much as she can from Troy and the people on here generosity. Grandma is trying to come off as genuinely desperate but it seems like it’s not working for Troy or the people on here. I said this is the last time you should help her as there are other people that needs help and can make better use of the money. That’s just my take. Again, keep up the good work.

  45. Bot is honest and a sweet young girl hope she goes to school, she looks bright and intelligent. She has bonded with you and she trusts you, the grandma maybe controls the money. Trust is very important

  46. That poor kid has been taking lessons what she has to say and when.The old girls not short of anything she’s using the kid, ponce.
    She’s taking kindness for weakness

  47. Troy…i think you’re reading into it too much.. that look between Bot and Grandma was a look of how large the donations were..that’s probably because they never saw that much money before. That was the impression I got when I saw it. ( HOLY SHIT LOOK!!!!!) LOL

  48. Troy, I just don’t have a good vibe from Bot’s grandmother. They don’t look like they’re hurting. But what do I know about human behaviour?

  49. Damn I really like Bot and was planning on donating to her. 😞 I’ll continue watching your channel for someone to donate to. Thank you all your hard work and honesty. 🙏🏼

  50. The dynamic duo think they successfully “scammed” Troy, and Troy was probably thinking, “ why the fk am I giving money to these people?” , but it’s what the donors wanted.

    1. I feel they’ve rehearsed this before meeting Troy. The little girl said she wanted to find Troy so that she could invite him to her birthday party, which means more gifts. She’s not poor enough to have a birthday party. When I was little in Vietnam, I never had a birthday party, so that tells you something. BOT is street smart and not as naive as we think!

  51. I don’t think Bot has any ill intention… If you watched carefully her facial expression & eyes upon receiving the money, it doesn’t lit up like Christmas tree… Scammers when seeing money, immediately their face light up like fireworks. I don’t believe Bot is able to pull that “professional scammer” stunts. Want to get the truth, ask the Children.

  52. good channel as always, but the kid keeps looking at the grandma for one reason or another. for her approval or some shit, the grandma shows no emotion at all in her eye’s, but that’s not to say she is not thankful for your help but still, keep your eye on her dude, I love vietnam and the Vietnamese people,. the country is great and I awalys like it there, keep up the good work. and here how long have you been staying there now?

  53. I hate to say it but the grandma is a liar. Many times trying to cover for previous lies you can see it in her eyes. I feel the girl is in a way being held hostage by her grandmas evil ways. But if the only way to help the girl is through the grandma its good for the girl. The girl can’t help how her grandma is. Keep up the good work Troy!

  54. When you’re in need you do what you have to to survive just some take different avenues to use people. Maybe if things were different using others might not happen, after all she does take care of the child well she can’t be all bad.

  55. the weird look..hmmm ..doesnot have to be negative.
    ..How much did nhi get last time?MORE than 5 m VD ? (i forgot)
    Then yah…it cld be some sort of envy/disappointment compared to nhi’s jackpot.
    Independent of nhi, i’d say it is a look of “shut up Bot, dont fuck it up, there is a huge prize going our way, dont spoil that moment!!” kind of anxiety sentiment.
    Imagine, you would face a celebrity of Australian TV with a cheque of 100.000 USD for you and your family because it was felt that the covid crisis fell hard on your family (but deep inside you was awright, nothing too dramatic”..
    So deserve some, but no, you dont deserve that much, and yes, others wld deserve it more, and wont go and argue with the donator….

    1. Honestly…to me..this Bot family having a moped, and a mobile, but earning an extra living with selling lottery tickets…having decent clothes…need not to get the jackpot of 200 usd (per couple of months?).
      A nice “gift” (in the order of 50 USD) streches a looooong way in their condition.

  56. It is kinda odd with these two. I grew up with my parents leading the conversation at the table. If there was a grown up, you wouldn’t speak unless directly asked. I think this could be her situation. I think you have helped them plenty. So you done well either way.

  57. It’s hard to tell how genuinely people are when they’re in need. For example, how can you tell when some chic really loves you when you’re filthy rich. Do you know if she really loves you or she really loves your money? You have to find a way to test them out. I don’t blame them either, because they live a hard life and this is how they survive. In my opinion, this little girl and her grandma probably rehearsed what to say once they meet you. Telling you sad stories about this and that so viewers can donate more for them. I would say, find others in the city who also need your help. I bet, there are thousands out there just like this little girl who need something to eat or go to school. Not a good idea just to give money to the same people all the time.

  58. Always remember that stress can make us appear indifferent or ungrateful. I may be wrong but I think they are genuine, and Bot is all too aware of gran stressing about scammers. You’re calm demeanour translates as the stability Bot sees as their solution Troy, if only you had more time just to visit for a catch up without feeling compelled to help. Only then will you know if you are actually helping✌️

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