The BIG Swimming Pool in Dumaguete – Recreation Park

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    1. @matt hajas it’s really.. really big. usually i can swim underwater one end to another at any pool i go to (without surfacing for air). not this one. ha!

  1. this is a standard size swimming pool is 50 meters long and has 8 lanes so can be used for any national event and if a record was to broken would be valid

  2. Wow. I will check that place out. But what I would REALLY like to see is that place on a typical hot weekend day! I can imagine a third of the city there which would be AWESOME to see!

  3. That pool is the best I have seen in the Philippines, I didn’t know this type existed there. Most are good but are what I would call fun pools but this one is ideal for lengths and endurance, just the job

  4. Nice video Reekay,

    Just you here still have 10.000 subscribers waiting for the “deleted scenes” of the epic coconut hacking video where you climbing the tree to get it.


    1. @Frank Lebrecht from what i understand, the 100p only covers the use of the pool to bring in scuba equipment. if they do teach scuba there, i didn’t see any signs advertising it.

  5. Nice video Henry. Thanks. It costed 20 paso,how much is that compared to US dollars? Is 20 paso like 1 dollar? Just curious. Thats a nice lookin pool. How deep is the water by the diving platforms? I would be there often I love swimming. Until next time, take care and be safe!

    1. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines HaHa speedos? Reminds me of that movie Meet  the Parents when they played volleyball in the pool and Ben Stiller had to wear speedos. FUNNY! TC

    2. @Tom Thompson btw.. i also found out why (i think) the pool is not used very much. they have a rule that all men must wear ‘speedo’ type swimwear. yah. i’ve gotten this from two sources now and i’m guessing most guys just simply are not into doing the speedo thing.

    3. @Tom Thompson 20 pesos is roughly 45 cents (usd). the deep end of the main pool is 8 feet deep. i didn’t check the diving pool depth, but i’m guessing 12 feet deep minimum to accommodate for the high dive, maybe deeper.

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