The Best Road in Thailand – Mae Hong Song Motorbike Tour Episode 2

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Wow! Today was such a good day!

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  1. Keep up the great work. Go for 20 minutes. Just keep the references to your abnormally sized nads to at least once per 9 minutes 30. Sprinkle in the “coughs” and S bombs for good measure.

  2. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I love the channel. Great work, sir. It’s getting me really excited to get to Thailand and this motorbike trip just made it onto the agenda. Now I’ll just cross my fingers that come March, I’ll actually be able to take the trip and be let into the country to roam free.

  3. I really enjoyed that video,I ride too and got a thrill watching that road and the surrounding views, thats going to be on my list………Thanks for the video and it was not too long at all.

  4. Greetings from Colorado, I’ve been to Thailand (2X) but not up North. Love the longer videos! Please do more footage on Pai, I would love to see more of it. Thx.

  5. Made it to the end! Really, really enjoying your longer videos. I could watch them all day long. What a fascinating place you have the good fortune to be in amd explore at this time! Thank you for posting, this old garbage man enjoys the hell out of them!

  6. Made it to the end. Great content. Thinking if I could stuff my leathers in my luggage next trip, that would be greatness. Rent a decent 500-600 and go drag some knees! . 🙂

  7. I made it to the end of the video which I really enjoy watching the curves in that road but the question is did you take a shower or not yet? 😅😅

  8. Damn, I’m 7 hours late…work today was a mf. But what a great after work video with a good cool down drink. Thanks again Chad.✌👍🍺🍺🍺🇺🇸

  9. If you take a Thai girl as a passenger in a car on this road all she can say is “MOW ROT ” every half hour Ha Ha . Great video once again Chad

  10. Good channel, CB Media aka Chad! I just discovered your channel and like it. Yes to longer videos. When you return to BKK, please give more detail to how you deal with taxis. I don’t see a meter when you get in the taxis — should the meter be at zero? You don’t seem worried about the fare at all. Also, when I have been to BKK some areas seem very shady, but you seem never to go to those or run into those. Bangkok is safe but not totally safe. I’d like to know how you deal with the less safe neighborhoods when you happen upon them. Also, I’d like to see some romance in your videos. You already say mother f&^%$$cker. Why not give some idea of your feelings or experiences with babes or whomever you like? It doesn’t have to be extreme or like you are on the hunt, but it is a big part of SE Asia, I think. INSTEAD OF GOAL: TO DRINK A BEER ON PAI MOUNTAIN it can be goal: to drink a beer and see a romantic possibility.

  11. I love the video and the absolute enjoyment you have of travelling this road. If you are ever in Cairns Queensland there is a road that takes you from the hinterland into Cairns which you would find as fantastic. Stay safe.

  12. Awesome mate 👍👍👍, keep the videos longer I can’t get enough and hang out for your next one , it’s the closest thing to being there atm , definitely want to do that same loop when they open the borders 😀, keep up the good work 👍

  13. I watched the entire video. Same goes for all your videos. Every.Single.Time. And always left craving for more. I think 20mins is good. Not too long and not too short (“that’s what she said” LOL!). Safe trip Chad.

  14. Dude are you going to talk about your balls and your head again? You go to Thailand so that that you feel bigger? Since Thai’s are generally smaller and thats just a fact. Whatever get over yourself.

  15. They are some super bike riding roads
    That would be superb on my Klx 400 with the mortard wheels on it
    Fast enough without being too fast 😍😍👍👍
    And you got to 105 subscribers

  16. Great views, bro!
    Felt the same way about the road to Hana.
    Not as good a road, though.
    Totally watched til the end, and enjoy the hell out of the road porn.

  17. Yes, i watched it all. Thanks for all the motor bike tours. Its a great way to see Thailand, and the “failures” make your chanel real.

  18. I dig the longer videos. Honestly they don’t feel very long at all since the content is interesting to watch. Dude…what a bad ass road! 🤘🏻

  19. Hell yer the curves in Thailand are amazing 😁 and Hell yer … 20 min plus long videos mate 😊 Loving it dude , travel safe .

  20. The roads were built the cheapest way possible, by flowing with the terrain. You can also find these roads in Sabah and Sarawak, Malaysia.

  21. It has become a ritual for me to watch your videos; I prepare some food, crack open a beer and then push play. Longer videos? YES!!! As long as you want! Great footage of “the curves” and absolutely stellar math skills dude. Already jacked for the next vid.

  22. If the true value of any yt video is to entertain, educate and inspire – then this one checks all the boxes. Well done. Looking forward to the next chapter.

  23. Made it to the end and watched all the riding in the middle. Just watch the brakes on that little bike, it’s not a performance machine and I’d hate to see you throw it down the road because you get over exited.

  24. Done this trip many times, love Pai, this route is a fantastic motorbike route. Many people get travel sick in the vans going to Pai. Spent Christmas in Pai for the last 3 years, love this place.

  25. Love the channel man! I don’t know if you’ve done a video of what made you move Thailand and the ups and downs, if you could that would be amazing.🙌🏿🙌🏿👏🏿

  26. Loving the longer videos! Your editing is really good. The pace just flows so naturally. Other YouTubers should study how you compose a video.

  27. The Mae Hong Song loop is a favourite run for the Ulysses Thailand motor bike club (Ulysses Club originated in Sydney Australia, and is now world wide), and they have a couple of favored hotels in Pai

  28. Amazing road and ride! The Thais should hold a world class multi-stage Time Trials event on that road. Targa Mae Hong Son. Hold it the week prior to when Moto GP is in Buriram.
    BTW, good idea though to have another biker with you on the remote roads. If you wreck and you and your bike end up in a deep ravine it can take awhile to find your skeletal remains.

  29. CB, if you are excited about this loop, you’re probably going to have premature ejaculation in the Ha Giang Loop in northern Viet Nam! I remembered you said you were on your way before the pandemic took hold. Hopefully you will be able to make the trip one day.

  30. Well actually, the good stuff was also those massive sweeping bends before you got to that rest stop but you need to be horsing through there @90mph on an MT09. 🙂

  31. I drove on the loop! Beautiful! In Pai the walking street is pretty interesting! There a place near the bus stop that u can sit have a drink and munch on bbq cuttlefish and people watch! I did it the opposite loop! Miss it so much!

  32. CB Media…I enjoy all your videos, long or short, but really prefer the longer ones .
    By the way , uh, I was born in ‘47, and my kids are in their 40’s ! 😂 The bridge is 74 years old ! 😂🤣😆
    I really hope to avoid the curvy roads in North GA! I live in SE GA, and tame roads are more my style 😎 !

  33. Road porn !!!!! Chad absolute love your trip !!!! And I’m doing it in 3 weeks !!!! So excited !! I’m buzzing watching you do it , safe journey bro !!😎👍

  34. We did the Mae Hong Son loop last year in the opposite direction your doing it. We took our time, 10 days and could easily have stayed longer. It is such a great area to tour around. Pai is very laid back, we loved it there. Your videos are great Chad, keep up the great work mate, cheers from Australia 👍

  35. Hey Chad, if you plan to come over here in Malaysia, I suggest you to take a ride to few mountains town like Cameron Highland, Fraser Hills and Genting Highland where the road was incredibly awesome especially the old road. I’m sure you gonna like and thrilled with it. Try to check it out man

  36. Loving the content for sure! My girlfriend and I always look forward to your next video, so longer ones are better!

    That’s what she said.

  37. i am defiantly putting that loop on my bucket list to ride, what a epic ride through those mountains, love the longer videos chad, ride safe mate

  38. Chad I love all the videos you do , love the fact that you hit that kick ass corner so many times , there is one in new Denver BC Canada that is like that , I did it many times on my Hayabusa , keep it up we love the vids even if you say it’s a fail it’s a win for us ,we will be here to watch and like all of them

  39. Love the longer video. I like that you included a bit extended history of the bride. As always, your enthusiasm coming via that Georgian accent is lovely.

  40. Loved the curvy road POV ride! Also, not only did I make it to the end of the video, I really think the extended time videos are such a treat. Please consider making MORE 15 – 20 minute videos in the not too distant future.

  41. bro why dont you try doing the same trip in a proper street motorbike ? i think you gonna really enjoy the curves ( thats what she said)

  42. C’mon Chad ! The bridge was built 74 years ago !
    We have lots of curvy roads here in Trinidad, but of poor quality, with heavy traffic. Getting around our island is a nightmare. Glad for you though !

  43. Love the videos man! You’re really making me miss Thailand. The ride, the scenery, look amazing. I”ve spent quite a bit of time in the LOS. I have to admit your videos make a little jealous. Great videos, great content. I definitely have to do this ride. Keep em coming.

  44. 6:03 “Then South.” I think you were suppose to say north? You actually got the direction correct. Great video as always. Had to look away at most of the windy road scenes, was getting vertigo.

  45. Dude. You’re crushing the Thailand vlogs at the moment!! Corona what? If you liked that road you’re gonna lose your shit in Vietnam. Sabaidee !!

  46. Made it to the end. The road was amazing. I watched the whole thing. I would love to take a yamaha out there and ride the roads. Wpuld love to visit out there sometime.

  47. Definitely make longer vids! Was supposed to be in Thailand this weekend coming 😩
    Be a while before we get international travel back so these are great!

  48. 400ccs minimum for roads like that or I take that back any 250cc+ scooter with a Malossi maxi clutch, racing springs & some decent weight rollers will do to guarantee you some fun

  49. Are electric longboards legal there. Ive really been thinking about the traveling and on my longboard I can get around town just as fast a moped. But I never see anyone using them out there and feel like the cops would fuck with me..just cause.

  50. โอ้ย.. U ขับเร็วไปมั้ย

  51. Man I’ve done some epic bike rides, a few in East Java Indonesea
    going up the volcanos with loads of bends like the ones on your vids, also many in the Philippines, you’ve got a lot more places to discover and experience, enjoy! Oh and in and around Kampot Cambodia

  52. I will definitely adding Mae Hong Song loop to my bike riding bucket list. Your videos are great entertainment so longer the videos the better.

  53. I think your going around the bend getting excited about tight corners , those bends okay on a motorbike but a pain in a car . Your math was a bit out about the bridge re-build but who cares you where still excited 🙂

  54. sweet wanna do it but on my own bike, but may be to far from Bangkok for that, great video, I am a maths teacher if yiu need help with that? 🙂

  55. I’ve enjoyed your videos very much , interesting content. I like a 30 min video , can I ask u one thing. Can u make the camera angle when your riding , show a bit more of scenery & not so much of the bike. Just a suggestion, be safe.

  56. Chad longer the video the better for me – what you produce on a daily basis is highly entertaining and informative – your real good at what you do – so yes more!!

  57. If you like that road you would love the road between Puerto Galera and Calapan City on Mindoro island Philippines. Puerto is a well know tourist destination.

  58. Chad, you’re putting out some really entertaining content at a breakneck pace. I for one, enjoy the longer videos. It’s been awesome seeing the channel grow for you, and if you keep it up I have no doubt you’ll be another one to hit 1 million. I can’t imagine how hard you’re working to put out so much content in such a short time frames. Just remember to not get too wrapped up in the size of the channel, and to keep enjoying what you’re doing, because I think that’s why the majority of us are here. We like watching this dude from Georgia nearly get his bike stuck in the mud, and have fun doing it.

  59. Always make it all the way through your videos. Loving the longer videos, keep em’ coming! I could’ve watched you zigzag through the mountains for an hour. Gorgeous scenery, and it’s awesome to see you get so excited.

  60. Your longer videos are off the hook! Seriously I watched this one twice in the morning with coffee and at night with my 🍺. The shear joy on your face and in your voice as rolled into those first few curves are priceless! Can’t wait for the views you’ll film from Doi Inthanon, Thailand’s Highest Peak.

  61. If you liked the road to Pai than you should come to Kampot Cambodia and ride the 30kM road up Bokor Mtn. Lots of twists and turns and probably the best kept road in Cambodia. In Dec or Jan/Feb after the rainy season if air travel is open, take AirAsia from Bangkok to Sihanoukville (avoid Sihanoukville). Bite the bullet and take a $40. taxi from the Sihanoukville airport to Kampot. Get a hotel room by the river and rent a bike. The twists and turns of the Bokor Mtn road are amazing. There are also other good places around Kampot (caves, lakes etc) and Kep by the sea is nice along with Rabbit island. BTW In 1993/94 I shipped a new Harley-Davidson to Singapore and rode Singapore/Malaysia/Thailand for 5 months. I did the Mae Hong Song loop also. Later when I got married to a Thai lady I drove my whole family (by car) on the Mae Hong Song loop for a week.

  62. Great Video Mate! I lived in Korea for 12 years and my third scooter was a Suzuki NEX GSR125 racing scooter. In Chungbuk and Gangwando provinces they have some epic new roads like the one you were on. I hope you can make it there some day. Some of the best memories of my life were during that time. Some of those roads were Motor Trend orgasmic. Thanks for sharing. On my bucket list for sure!!!!! 555!!

  63. Would like to recommend you to ride to WIANG HAENG and also from there u can ride to PAI 😊or ride from PAI to WIANG HAENG 😊🌳🌲

  64. The whole ride along that section I kept rolling my head side to side through the curves thanks for the blast, another bucket thing I’ve got to do, liking the longer vids👍👍👍

  65. what a Amazing curves ! Beautiful , like this 15 mn format to get more deeply in the ambiance , holy shit theses curves are same orgams !!

  66. I’m 56 yrs and moved to Bangkok, from S Carolina, where I began riding 5 yrs ago. I ride a Yamaha MT 03 and love it. I’ve done the Pai road twice. About 700 curves, 2.5 hrs of fun. Riding anywhere in NW Thailand is the bomb! I would love to live in Pai but that road is a killer! I would really like to get the MT 07 but it’s too much bike for commuting in BKK. I rented the MT07 for a couple days in Chiang Mai and road through the mountains. Some switch backs are really tight and a little scary on the 700cc. By the way, I have seen groups of Harleys doing they ride up to Pai.

  67. Hi Chad! When you said the bridge was build 1946. That mean the bridge is 74 years old not 47 years. And please be careful when you go in the middle of no where don’t drive too fast. It make me nervous. ✌️

  68. I made it to the end of the video, yes please make longer video. I watch some of your short one also , which you only speak of few things. You always find thing to talk about on your trips. Thank you for taking another motorbike tour. Also I love those roads. It reminds me of some of the real drifting video from japan. Like real live initial D animation. Good job CB.

  69. Honestly, I love your F’n videos. I look forward to them each day. You could go on for 30 minutes and I’d still watch. I’m actively working on a long-term plan to relocate to Thailand permanently, so I love all the information you provide and your enthusiasm about being there is a huge plus and motivator. Thanks again for all you do!

  70. Come to the „Eifel“ in Germany…there are only such turns 🙂 And after driving these roads your final destination could be „Nürburgring“. Sounds good? 😉

  71. Oh Chad! I’m absolutely howling 😂. Had to rewind the part where you turned round! Your sheer glee shone out of you and your laugh ah haha fab!
    Did pick up in your maths though lol!
    Love the longer videos but crikey some parts made me nervous thinking you are close to the edge on that bike!
    Keep up the good work – lovin’ it! X

  72. Hey Chad. I love your Channel. Really enjoy learning about Thailand from you. I’d love it if you could do some vids on Muay Thai and how it ties into the culture. Keep pumping out the videos man I enjoy every one of them. On a separate note please check your math. How long ago was that bridge built? LOL. I guess you’re using the new math.

  73. Chad, I’m going to send one of my motorcycles to our Chaingmai house. Its possible I’m gonna buy another TTR in Thailand. The first TTR I ever drove was in Chiangmai.

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