The Best Laid Plans….

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  1. As I look at the silt and mud in that pond I think a good 3″ floating dredge pump would be ideal. The kind used for gold mining. Then you could use materials available to build up dams both sides of the ditch top. Then pump the mud into the trench. As it drains the bottom is lowered and the top is raised. All in one effort. A twofer.

  2. Did you say the pond was about an acre??? If so then 100mm (4 inches) deep equals 400,000 (yes 400 Thousand) litres. What can your pump do?? 100 litres per minute??? that would take 66 hours to raise the level 4 inches, WITHOUT LEAKS

  3. For easy and fast digging since the pond is perfect square make partition Sir Brian, if possible make 4 squares (box) it will lessen your time, quick and easy and you can save money paying laborers…. Thanks

  4. Technique in digging out that mud Sir Brian, start both 4 sides, the mud you took put on top of your pathway both 4 sides, even the water subside you don’t have to worry, if your pathway is higher when tide comes you can fill the whole pond fully, it won’t easily subside till high tide comes again… The day when high tide come release half of the water so the new water will fill it again… Don’t start digging at the middle…. Our ponds same as yours before but constant digging every summer it deepens the pond… You can even put crabs for extra income…. Thanks. Godbless on your project Sir Brian, all the best for you. πŸ“–

  5. Sir Brian the best time to dig out portion of land in the middle is summer, land is dry its easy to dig not appropriate this time its still raining……

  6. Just a suggestion, you should get automobile radiator hoses and clamps that match the diameter of the pvc so you have some flexibility when you install the pipes.

  7. I sense a growing feeling of determination from our intrepid foreign farmers, brian and jason…they really are determined to make a profit off this venture…we shall see…

  8. you could get your hands on a router and a set of tongue and groove router bits you could make boards for that inlet that would semi lock together but i’m guessing tongue and groove router bits gonna be hard to find

  9. Brian,

    Over your many videos I have tried to visualize the layout of your property, without success. Would you be willing to make some type of drawing that would show where everything is? Perhaps others might enjoy this, too. Thanks.

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