The Bay Seems To Be Getting A Bit Crouded

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  1. Perhaps you need to start stockpiling seed at the house and buy enough to last all the way from fingerlings all the way through harvest that way you don’t have to worry about all this crap God take care oof these folks

  2. That Chinese guy should be reported to gov’t authority for building a pen in a restricted area. Chinese businessmen are funded by CCP to do overseas investment, so he has a very deep pocket. That pen could be complained and to be relocated if the reasons are valid.

  3. Just be careful not to step on too many toes, his fish pen does seem close and it may be meant to intimidate you, he’s been here a lot longer than you and may have “friends” you don’t wanna meet!!!

  4. I bet these Chinese would say that these are their ancestral fishing grounds just like the west Philippine sea….. These people have no respect…

  5. A little money and you can put the pen anywhere, sanctuary or not.
    Chinese are pushing everywhere.
    There must be regulation about the distance allowed between fish pens.

  6. Love these fish pen videos. Do you think you will be adding the other 4 pens at some point to your set up? Have you begun to work on the muscles? I know you have a lot of irons in the fire currently but I really think they would add a lot to your income. I’ll keep encouraging you towards this. Thanks for the update on the pen.

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