The Azolla Pits Are Recovering

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  1. 7minutes into ya vlog mate I am pretty sure I seen a Red tilapia or a huge gold fish πŸ€”πŸ‡¦πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡΅πŸ‡­πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

  2. Have you considered adding other aquatic plants that are N hogs and you may be able to kill two birds with one stone. I do not know what is available there but duck weed is a good example of absorbing N and giving off O C and more so you could harvest both and not worry about the N level any more. You have a little dirt in each pit so maybe you can find a plant to root and consume N and give trade nutrients in return. Do not fix the wheel if is not broke

  3. I agree with other comments , your pits probably should be stirred periodically to release sedimentary nutrients, and to help flush , and as much as it is cool to have the Tilapia in the pits, they will start eating your Azolla faster than it can grow. I think you should catch them up and move them back to the main pond. Ass far as the Tarps go, maybe if you replace them over time, and only do them as the tarps become too damage, then you could go with the better quality tarp. Too bad you probably dont have access to a Pool Liner quality material. It would probably be cost prohibitive also. Or a spray on Epoxy coat, it would spray onto the soil, and create a smooth seamless finish

  4. you are about the most arrogant humans on earth all else wrong but you in your own head, and your only one giving orders and if they did it wrong you didn’t make changes

  5. The corn 🌾 speaks for itself…. now tweak the Azolla balance and you’re golden. You can feed a lot of fish 🐠 and chicken πŸ“ with a reduced burden of hogs to support . Yep πŸ‘ Golden. Then income buys more fish food making more market weight in fish plus chicks to sell. On an aside Lebanon explosion πŸ’₯ was ammonium phosphate kaboom that was horrible. Like the Texas City Texas explosion of amonia nitrate.

  6. One thing I can say, you have great focus and clarity of mind on what needs to be done Brian. The will to succeed. To bad you don’t have some very large PVC pipe to cut in half and to use in those pits. PVC would last for ever ….. … Great video πŸ‘

  7. That corn will produce and grow fine with plenty of nitrogen. In the old days they were even planted in clumps to support each other. The genetics have come a long way and the modern stalks will support themselves.
    Michael #LifeAndLoveInThePhilippines

  8. Perhaps do one pit in the expensive tarp as a test? So you can at least rule it in or out as a option in the future, compared to the painted ones.

  9. Brian, something I saw in a great number of videos was that after doing their daily harvest of a section of their pit, the farmers would stir up the sediment at the bottom gently to get all the nutrients that had settled to the bottom back into solution in the water surrounding the azolla roots so the plants can absorb them. You might need to try this in small sections (maybe 20 feet) of that first pit, as I’m sure just like the water got super-saturated with nutrients, the sediment at the bottom is also super-saturated.

  10. I think the fish are eventually going to be a bad idea. I think they will eventually eat it faster then it can grow unless you control the population. Just my 2 cents

  11. You think you figured it out Brian? I dont think so.
    A flood cleand your pits and now it starts growing again. Thats great.
    But you continue like before – and you expect a different result? Think about it ..
    The serpentine setup does not work and in a few months you will have dead pits again – thats my prognosis
    I will be happy if you prove me wrong. Good luck with that.

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