The Arista Resto, in Moalboal – Cebu, Philippines

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  1. Very nice Henry. It’s getting harder by the day to wait till I’m 70 (5 more years) to retire. If I didn’t love my job so much it would be easy… 

    1. I know what you mean.  When I was visiting in Calif over the holidays, as great as it was to be with family.. I was counting the days to my return here.  🙂

    1. I think it’s different for Moalboal since most people know about it mostly for diving.  Other places are really busy in the spring, like Panglao/Bohol and Cebu.

  2. nice. I loved the character of the places there on the islands. Still my favorite one is the tiki bar on puero princesa 😀

    1. if you decide to go I can advice you on the BEST hotel I found there it was bloody gorgeous. most of the places to stay there were pretty dingy I found. 

  3. Hi Henry like the honesty of the review re: the pancakes and the view from the table “Sigh” as I write this while living in suburbia. Is low season because of the weather and if so is the heat really that bad?I have never travelled abroad but I live in Australia and it gets hot  during our summers.

    1. There is a great place in Moalboal called the Chili Bar, with an equally great view as you dine.  Between there and the Arista, the Arista has fruit in the pancakes which makes them a “little” better.  But at both places the pancake batter is more like thick cornbread.. way too ‘bready’.  Krusteze is available here, I don’t know why both places use some brand that is way too thick.  However, the Filipino breakfasts they serve at both the Arista and the Chili Bar are excellent.  And if you want a really GOOD hamburger, next door to the Chili Bar is the Czeck Inn.  The chef there is formally trained and while it’s a bit more expensive, darn good eating.  🙂

    1. I’m really looking forward to a trip to Palawan.  This month I’m blowing money out on the new apartment, but I’ll be flying out to different islands one by one after settling in at Dumaguete.

  4. I could not be more jealous if I tried. That is a beautiful place.
    Also think you should boat out and explore that little island !

    1. Eventually I’ll do some island hopping.  I’d like to get a waterproof camera first, just in case it gets wet and to take some underwater fotos to share.

    1. Im Glad you’re enjoying your stay in the Philippines. I was born there and you’ve seen more of it than me. So sorry to hear about your apartment being broken into.
      -Arnold H (Chicago)

    2. I got my start in Cebu, Mactan.. then Bohol, now Dumaguete.  It’ll take me a while just to cover the Visayas before I explore beyond that.

  5. I love your viedos……. I love to talk to you some time.        Your viedos are great but I never see pictues of CUTE FIllpinas in your vieodoes…. I love to see your neighbors

    1. Filipinas love photos, but seem to get all shy when video is being done.  ha!  But I’ll see what I can do.  My neighbors are American, Australian and Filipino.

  6. Hope you also add Calapan, Oriental Mindoro to your list. 🙂
    The island famous tourist destination is Puerto Galera.
    Really enjoyed your videos. Thank you so much for sharing.

  7. The more I watch your videos Henry, the more places I want to visit and eat at when I move to Cebu after Christmas.     However I have to quit loaning money to mooching Bohemian relatives here in the USA…or I wont have any retirement money for Cebu.

    1. @woodyhoyle My wife is from Cebu.   Wonderful woman.   But….she lives on an island  6 miles by 4 miles and it has 450,000 people on it.   We plan on building another place in the Province 40 miles away near Catmon.  The contrator estimates it will be about $30,000 for a two story cement house.

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