The Aftermath

The Aftermath


  1. You moved to the Philippines to have a Filipina tell you to get out of your own house…..ARE YOU SERIOUS !!!!!!!!!
    You could have stayed in Australia and got the same treatment. Put your big boy pants on …your the man of the house ….act like it…take control of your life and your family. You pay the bills in that house …. that house belongs to you …if she wants to leave… let her leave…. get a Yaya to take care of the baby. At least you will have your son with you, and you will be in your own house…. let her go live her life. One week after moving to Vietnam, she will have her new boyfriend in the house that you are paying for , giving him massages.

  2. My friend if i was in your situation, I would enter a buddhist monastary and become a monk. The up side is you wouln’t have to shave your head. Alternatively, become a hare krishna and don’t forget to chant and be happy!

  3. I think on many videos before this one your partner seemed very insecure with your phone I have the feeling that is where this started from you know you had all the other stresses of having the cool little bloke the virus lock down, You working hard long hours feeling stressed from a long day. Just thinking what it would be like if you said sorry honey been stressed after my work tell her your feelings for her and ask may be what you can do more and that your happy to do any thing extra that you want to learn . if she opens up and you ask her to be honest to you. The positive part here is that if you have this approach may make your future together stronger. If you decide to take a break stay close try to contact her each day as well my thoughts Sounds like she wants your true feelings that is why she listened in the other night. If you really love her hard out really tell her. lifes too short give it your best shot

  4. I like to watch your videos very much,.. what happened last night mustn’t wear your life out!
    Pull yourself together, and think , if you really want to keep the girl!! Take it easy and stay in your house, no matter what happens!! If she wants to leave the house,.. let her go!! But leave the door a jar for her in case she changes her mind!

  5. It’s pretty simple Pete. If you do love her then find a way to work it out with her. There is always good times and not so good times in relationships. When things are not so good that is the time when relationships can actually strengthen the most if we choose. If you do move out them most likely that will be the end as she will get use to life without you. Just some food for thought Pete.

  6. Hi you can’t go to Thailand its barred till to July -sep da nang vietnam two week shut down now its back to normal good people good food its going be the best place in the world in some years

  7. What you have to do and should do is; move back into her bedroom and sleep together as a family and do things together. Genuinely respect her. That’s what she needs.

  8. Get in her face, be emotional, let it all out… let her know, you are in it to win it! You don’t wait to have a baby and quit. Get a grip… now get yourself together, think about the baby, your woman. And for heavens sake… your fan base!!!

  9. That’s not timeout. That is running away. She needs you now more than ever. How about giving her a break once a week and do dad an son video. Viewer will go up too.

  10. I was most excited, during these recent virus-episodes,. about West Oz.
    And Sorry I cannot give you marriage advice, other than to do the opposite of whatever we advise you here about it 😀

  11. I think a lot is happening at the same time that makes your relationship having a hard time. Disclaimer this is all from my prospective, so it can all be nonsense in your case.

    It’s quarantine time which means you are close to one another for weeks now. On top of that she is probably missing her social support structure, as while filipinas love babies, they raise them together. 
    You are worried about maintaining an income and immediately reacts very negatively to the virus event. While perhaps postponing some plans for a couple of years could also solve it.
    Talking at this time about moving back to Australia while she was very clear she didn’t like that idea, is putting wood on a fire. Besides that this seems to be your escape to a safe space, where your support structure resides.
    Finally be more mindful in your communication. In a vid a few days when you were outside she asks you to put the baby to sleep and you told here you were making a YouTube vid. In reality she was checking your priorities family or something else.

    So all in all I believe your relationship can be healed. Man up, be more confident. Call friends in Australia to chat and share your worries with and put your family on more priority than YouTube, although your normal job takes preference always

    Just my two cents!

  12. Stop drinking then sit down and read the rationale male. Seriously I live in Davao I have a local girl. The trick is don’t give any leverage to any woman. This woman is acting up because you married her and put property in her name. Anyway read the rationale male it will save your life mate.

  13. The one youtuber that i know get a million likes is a girl named IVAN ALAWI, that girl has videos that have 20 million views. I wonder how much youtube pays for 20 million views.

  14. Once you leave that house, you will never get back into it. Don’t make that mistake– she will OWN you if you do…. She either reconciles or she can move. This comes from experience

  15. I posted this on the last video, but don’t think you saw it….be calm and have patience, thing like this happen with new mothers. Maybe you can have Grab or another delivery service bring up her favorite meal from a restaurant, give her a break from cooking one night. She could be overwhelmed and it is manifesting as anger towards you. you two have too much invested together… Lil man is worth you two looking beyond petty disagreements and realizing this is partly normal (postpartum) and partly due to the quarantine. Give it time, it will all iron out……new material…in many cases a time out means it is over, once someone does a time out, they rare step back or get accept back…work it out for both your benefits, but especially your son’s benefit.

  16. Women have changed since your grandparents generation. That model doesn’t work anymore women now get away with anything and there’s no punishment.

  17. DO NOT MOVE OUT!!! ONCE YOU MOVE OUT YOU WILL NEVER MOVE BACK IN!!! Sometimes the hardest thing for us men to do is nothing. This is the time to do nothing. Try and make up, then sit and wait. Trust me, I know what I am talking about, learned from hard experience. Be a genius: learn from someone else’s mistakes – mine.

  18. I’m 73, I’ve been in this same situation your in. Everything in life is a negotiation. Your always going to have issues with the opposite sex. Whats important is how you react to these situations. Learn from this. I know! easier said than done, but you must stay out of LAH-LAH LAND. If you don’t learn from this you will repeat this behavior that got you here and you’ll continue being a loser forever.

  19. Personally I don’t understand why you would want to go anywhere else. You have a family. Unless this is a made up drama to try and get more subscribers, then I guess it was kinda entertaining.

  20. Have you checked to see what your legal rights are? are you even reading the comments? You certainly are not responding to any. Have you considered having her checked for post-partum? Others have mentioned that’s a possibility. You say you love your son, well if she is suffering from post- partum depression you may find the baby dead one day, or maybe she kills both of you. You need mental clarity to fix things and not sure how much of that you have going on. If she only gave you a baby to have a regular paycheck the next how many years then only you can fix that. You won’t believe that though because she’s not a gold digger, only white women are…she just LOVES you 🙂 lmmfao

  21. If you really loved your misses Pete, you wouldn’t be vlogging your sensitive relationship issues for all to see. What good is publicly putting down your partner, who is also the mother of your child? You’re not going to win any points with her doing that. Try helping her out with raising your kid. And try keep your channel on topic, to much sharing of your personal life will certainly have an effect on it.. you also make yourself out to be a dick.

  22. It’s not a good idea to sort your personal stuff on YT as your wife/partner, who is not online to defend herself, is getting too many nasty and ignorant comments from your viewers. I would go ballistic if I read just 10% of the ignorant and arrogant crap I see in the comments. Settle this privately and once they’re sorted resume doing property and lifestyle videos. This is a bad way to promote your channel.

  23. dont move out stay pete,, u need to talk slowly and speak nice to her .. women pick up on the tone of your voice and expreshions etc ..mate your a father now common you guys you can work threw this take her out for dinner and do somthing nice for her every day so she sees you love her you can do it be gentle with her.. dont move out this is not a good move show her your comitted to her and your son

  24. If this isn’t fake, click bait, then if you are with the right one it shouldn’t be so difficult. Also, the natural order of marriage in Christianity is the MAN is the head and the wife is the NECK. If you are with a woman who doesn’t understand this, or if YOU don’t understand this, you both are going to never find happiness because you are teaching her that she is the head of your home, by your actions and that is the tail wagging the dog. Never allow yourself to be UNDER the woman. NEVER. If you can find a woman who understand the natural way as stated in the Bible, both of you will be happy because there will not be all this drama and contention. Good luck.

  25. Yo mate, don’t listen to the chaps telling you to find another bird or three at this pivotal moment in your life. I agree with what your grandfather told you regarding a long term relationship, especially with your child. This should not be considered “old” thinking as it is simply the right thing to do but nobody said it was easy. You are at a serious crossroads in your life so be sure to follow your heart and try to make the right decision for everyone.

    I “clocked” on your comment about having the child and finding “quality” time with the wife to be the most telling issue here. This adjustment coupled with the confinement due to this “virus distraction” has put a strain on many people’s relationships across the globe. At the same time, it is strengthing bonds that will last a lifetime. Don’t believe me, look it up for yourself. Anyway, with that said you certainly should take some time to “decompress” from your wife for a couple of months. This will allow both of you to think a much more clear and bring much need perspective into your equation.

    One thing I personally would not consider is coming here to Thailand. I believe if you did that you basically sealed the fate of your relationship negatively. Stay somewhere in Baretto that is conservative and transparent. IE not above or close some gogo bar (Paradise comes to mind haha that is where I would stay 🙂 with temptation abound. You can bet your cotton socks the wife will have a legion of spies to keep tabs on your which you actually should hope for. Let your actions from that point forward do the talking.

  26. Stop drinking Mate. You are not doing your girlfriend, your kid or anyone else any favours by drinking. Yeah, it’s fun to watch you destroy your life live on Youtube, but the truth is, your a good man, and your girlfriend is also good. But drinking is destroying your life and your family. The question you fail to ask yourself is this. Did anyone ever build a great longterm relationship, if one of the people are drinking daily? The answer is NO. Stay home. Stop drinking, and be a good husband and dad. Best of luck.


  28. Starve her she will crawl back cash is king not sometimes every time if you give her too much you probably won’t get her back she seems very distant but don’t cave in to her demands give her just about bare minimum ONLY

  29. Hey Peter my beliefs is till death do us part. Don’t give up. Being apart for 3 months no good, my opinion. Stick it out don’t move out, you will be sorry. That’s my opinion Peter, stay safe my friend. Miles n Karl Nakonechy

  30. I like your Vlogs , but you need to suck it up mate and go say sorry and find some flowers for her you leaving is not a good idea 💡 just saying and good luck 👍

  31. You guys are playing hard ball with each other. That is no way to act. I think you guys need to stop with the drama and just put your cards on the table. Tell her what will happen if she continues her actions and she can tell you what will happen if you continue yours. After that, maybe you guys can take a step back from disaster and negotiate a solution where both of you can save face. Stop looking at the situation as ,”I must win and you must loose.” That advice is for both of you guys. Look for ways where both of guys can win.

  32. Don’t be a fool and move out of your own house. If it’s not going work out make her move out. There’s no divorce in PI no Alimony. Just support your son. You tell this and she’ll sing a different tune.

  33. Sir Pete, please don’t be angry or mad at me. But your baby with Arian, doesn’t had any resemblance from you. Pardon me Sir, and im sorry if my comment makes you think of any certain things… Again sorry…

  34. A bunch of white egocentric male giving trashy advice. And a good for nothing husband, kept painting himself as victim of relationship scam. Whereas, he constantly threw his wife under the bus; yet he claimed she’s a good girl & still love her(timeline 4:18).
    Pete, humour me… which part of you still love Arian? Your actions showed otherwise. You allowed your viewers to trash talk her& defame her. Now tell me, which man will allow his beloved lady get trash talk by other males?
    Enough talking. Just move to Koh Sa Mui when lockdown is over. You are disrespectful, irresponsible, not loyal, despicable.

  35. I have seen that look in her eyes, with my ex it was all about her insecurities. No matter what has built up in her mind, keep reminding her that you love her. Good luck!

  36. Hi Pete I just wanted to run something by you I would like to move to Asia but I can’t make up my mind Philippines Thailand or CambodiaI would like to buy a guest house or a hotel in those places and then retire if you can tell me my Aussie dollar go to the furthest thanks bye

  37. I agree with a lot of the comments below. You need to assert yourself. Tell her its my way or the highway. You are a really nice but unfortunately soft guy. Get hard quickly. Rod from South africa

  38. Peter, your Grandfather Clive was a wise man. He made a vow before God that he’d love the same woman for life and stuck to his guns. It’s not “old thinking” to stay with the same woman for life. Look, I’m a Baby Boomer. I grew up in the Hippie era, where the mantra was, “When you can’t be with the one you love, love the one you’re with.” Yet, I’ve been blessed to remain married to the same woman for nearly 39 years. No, it hasn’t always been a piece of cake. We’ve had many rough patches. But I made a commitment before God to love my wife. Every time I think that my marriage isn’t worth it, I think back to my vow before God.

    Remember your vows (assuming you had a church wedding). Yours might’ve read like this: “Peter, do you accept Arianne to be your wife, to be part of your heart, forever, in hardship and in pleasure, in sickness or in health, and you will love her, for all eternity as the sacred ordinance of God?” Follow the loving (and timeless) advise of the grandfather and father. Stay with Arianne. Don’t move to Thailand, Cambodia or Vietnam. Even Barrio Barretto is off limits to you. There’s too much temptation with the night life out there. Once you move out and stray, there’ll be no moving back in. Stay home and work it out. It’s not going to be easy. And it’s going to require selfless love on your part. That mean you may need to swallow your pride and compromise.

    I’m praying for you mate!

  39. Sounds like she is really angry over something. Keep trying to work it out. I am still married for over a decade and if I would have walked away during our first big argument our marriage would not have lasted a year. Listen to your grandfather.

  40. You keep saying “Your house” whose name is the house in? If it is in your name cal the police and have her kicked out. Stop giving her all money stop paying all bills and then wait for her to start begging. Meanwhile go get a hot girlfriend and let her casually find out about it.

  41. Grandparents lived in a different era that is long gone and never coming back. You should work it out but the problem is both spouses must have a need or want to work it out. Only you and Arian know the answer. I know from experience as i tried for one year to work out my marriage with communication, counseling etc. etc..But in the end she didn’t want to so it was just an exercise in waste. But now single and very happy. Good luck, being single isn’t all bad😀

  42. She needs to shape up, women are a dime a dozen in Asia. Send her packing and get a nanny to take care of the kid. When she is out on her behind she will come running back. You have to be the tough guy – I never was and my ex ran all over me. So learn from my mistake, don’t be Mr Nice guy it doesn’t work.

  43. Honestly, she ain’t going nowhere! You are her meal ticket and no matter how much “tampo” she’s giving you, she needs you, especially now that she has a child. I think this lockdown is making you all crazy. I know it has for me.

  44. My heart breaks for Arianne 💔she spend her life devoted to be with you as good partner and gave you a precious child and all she’s hearing in your vlog is how to get out from the Phillippines as also of your relationship. I hope Arianne found someone more deserving and more responsible in her future. Thank goodness I found my husband who loves me of who I am. Things like this makes me more appreciate him 🥰

  45. Pete,
    I’ll elaborate more at a later time. I wrote to you on a different vlog. The corona thing is getting us all down, but we need to hang in. I’m locked down in Spain! The country with most cases and deaths now per capita in the whole world. We’ve been locked down since March 14th. Might finish now on May 11th if lucky! Was extended 3 times. My advice. Dont take your thinking seriously right now. No decisions. Worst time for decisions. You’ll pull through much easier without the beer and your woman and baby will be much happier being around you also in spite of what you think. I was off the sauce for first 4 weeks of lockdown went on the beer on week 5 and glad to have left it behind again since.
    “Life is NOT a dress rehersal!” You dont get a second chance. Take care of your woman along with your son. You don’t get another chance at this. If you split with her she’ll find another and have more kids with him. You’ll be at best the weekend Dad and a REALLY SAD BASTARD! Don’t blow it mate. I did and lived to be sorry! I got over it since but it would have been much better not to have screwed up in the first place. Only go back to Oz or elsewhere if she and son are coming with you. Otherwise you’ll be a really sad bastard back there. Respect her and the contentment will eventually return to you. Even if she irrates you, she’s your sons mother for eternity. She deserves your respect more than anthing and you’ll feel better about yourself also.
    I’m from Ireland but lived all over the US for most of my adult life
    I’ve been to Subic bay in 2005 and to Sydney, Manilla, Bancock in 1998. I spent 6 months in Jomtien Beach Thailand three years ago. I identify with the home sickness you spoke of in previous blog. You’re home is where you are now with wife and son.
    We are the last ones to realize how lucky we are. If business is bad which it will be I’d imagine, just cut your overheads and monthly expenses as much as possible. Lose the car if you have to, but dont lose wife and son. Good luck. Hang in. 👍

  46. I can’t believe how many people are falling for this! 😳🤣

    I kept quiet 🤫 but now it’s time to just come clean and have a good laugh… some of the guys here are seriously jaded and are carrying a lot of baggage.

  47. Pete you’re a decent guy, but take a look at yourself. Be honest. What ever the argument was about doesn’t matter if. If you were right you gave that up by the way you handled it. She likely is emotional having just had a baby. That’s common and any father here here will tell you to deal with it. Throwing her under the bus and threatening to move out is wrong. Thailand, Vietnam, baretto are the options? You know what message that gives and she picked it up. Don’t listen to a bunch of mongers that have been divorced 5 times or have never had a girlfriend they didn’t pay for. You’re a smart guy and if you want it to work then do the right thing

  48. You’re trying to fool us.
    Bro, there’s a pandemic you ain’t going nowhere.

    Maybe stop saying THAILAND and she want get pissed off.

  49. You have a kid, time to grow up. Give up the beer. I do not blame her. I feel all you care about is your next beer. Chatting with other girls. She has a new kid and that will bring insecurity’s on her part. Try being a better husband.

  50. You must be bored with this lockdown. I think you should start using your time to work out how this lockdown is going to affect property prices. some filo economist believe there will be a property fall significantly. Like Australia it’s just beginning. I was watch DFA he has stated due to the travel band we have an extra 30,000 units added to the Property Market in Sydney. There are also another 200,000 properties being built and under construction employing over 1 million contractors. The question is what happens when there are no more middle class jobs. Answer forced sales .

  51. So sorry your having these marital problems. One question: Is this how you want to spend the rest of your life? Do not give her your house. Do not move out. If you cannot reconcile I recommend you sell the house before you move out. The best solution is to find that love you had before your son.

  52. I told you, but of course I would never say I told you so…………….drinking is your # one problem not your new child and not the Covid-19………….you sort of liked Sezstyle and he walked out on his wife from excessive drinking……… you really want to be like him and every other Filipino who knocks up a girl and then runs,,,,,,,,,,,,listen to your Grandfather’s advice…………..sometimes old means wiser

  53. Come on bro. You just can’t simply make one pregnant then leave it. You should stop making your relationship so available to us for see because I don think she will like it. Filippinos love gossip talk and I don’t think this will make it any better. For me it just seems that you never took the relationship seriously by talking out freely to us about it. So now your standing here, drinking and you have a son to raise….. I don’t know man, for me your just looking for a reason to go for the distance and by doing that it will be 90% it will be a breakup and your son will always be the one that suffers this the most. If you didn’t get a child then you could do what you want but know it’s different bro think about it. Don’t just think about yourself here

  54. Bro you really need a better way to hold onto your viewers or try gaining more. You seem like a good sort, so I find it hate to believe that you would risk your wife and child. I think you may think that turning your channel into a soap opera will keep your channel interesting. My thoughts.🙏🏼😎🇬🇺

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