The Aftermath Of A Good And Much Needed Rain

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  1. tadpoles, or should they be called toadpoles, if there is such a thing. In your video from the night before, I could hear the cane toads singing away when you were down at the azolla pits. A very distinct sound. Unfortunately the tadpoles are toxic, so the fish can not eat them. I see them swimming in the azolla pits. They where brought into Australia (and are now a noxious pest) from USA to eat a beetle that destroys the flower in sugar cane. Whoever had that bright idea never thought it through very well. The beetles are found at the top of the cane and being toads, they can’t climb. You have the toads on the ground looking up at the beetles at the top eating away. They have since spread almost over 3/4 of the country. The only thing to halt the spread south is cold winters. I found Detoll in a spray bottle stops them real fast.
    Nice steady rain like that a few nights in a row should benefit your well given time for the water to peculate down through the soil.

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