Thais React To Pornhub Ban | STREET INTERVIEW

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  1. love how most Thai people talk with a smile, with a humble attitude and honesty. I’m from the “neighbor country” the girl mentioned, and i just watched another episode asian boss made in shanghai, and my fellows’ attitude and mindset r disappointing. thailand, plz don’t become a country like us, it’s like going backward on civilization.

  2. The problem with blocking the main sites (which are heavily censored and regulated) is that people will resort to using other sites that might have more graphic/extreme stuff which is not great.

  3. wow, big respect for thai people, in my country all porn websited are banned, youtube twitter even vikipedia banned a while, but nobody protest about it.

  4. I personally don’t think that Thailand banned PH because there was a leaked tape. They would have to know that if they decided to ban so many porn sites it would be bound to generate international media attention and thus generate even more attention to their so called tape that they dont want people seeing.

  5. Oh dear. This is very confusing. And it just adds petrol to the fire. It doesn’t matter what you ban, you ban it – it goes underground & gains authenticity & works against the Government in the same way that the Government are working against the population.

  6. Thailand is a “democracy” that has the following law: “Whoever defames, insults or threatens the King, the Queen, the Heir-apparent or the Regent, shall be punished with imprisonment of three to fifteen years.” So, not really. This is why these guys are wary of mentioning the royal clip. Censorship, pure and simple.

  7. I wish they would ban it here in the US. Hopefully in the future we look back on this time, where adults and children just had total unlimited acces to this stuff, the way we look back at crazy and dangerous things people thought were ok in the past. Hopefully our grandkids will look at our time the way we look at people in the past who didn’t wear seatbelts and thought cocaine and heroin were perfectly healthy.

  8. I like that they’re honest about how frequently people view porn! If they were like, “well, probably just once a month..” you might as well stop watching the rest because they’re not telling the truth

  9. LOL that never works. Have they not heard of VPNs? China tied things like that too, and I can tell you BECAUSE it is forbidden even more people want to see it. I stayed in China for some years, and porn is bigger there than in Europe of the US.

  10. Of course pornography should be banned, in every country. It is a government’s role to look after their citizens, and by banning this despicable scourge on society the governments who are worth their salt will step in and do the right thing by their citizens by banning it. People are talking about their ‘rights’ and ‘freedom’, but do not consider the enormous sins they are accumulating and the devastating impact of watching disgusting people perform disgusting and disturbing acts that ruin people’s marriages and lives. Follow not your lusts and desires, follow the truth and be a better person.


  12. As a men, I don’t care about pornhub and other site like that. As a parent, I hate thoose kind of site.

    All that don’t agree on that video is young people. They might change their mind if they have children.

  13. the issue here really is not about porn, sex, masturbate etc.

    the people are protesting because this is a threat to Democracy

    and also a hypocricy on the part of the Royal Family

  14. 5:08 I kiiinda disagree with her, it’s not the website’s fault… that’s actually parent’s responsibility that their children won’t see this kind of websites… on second thought now I am not sure what kind of age is she referring to with the word “kids” (almost sounds like she is talking about highschoolers) …… the hell am I even doing here, I dont live in Thailand nor do I care about Pornhub

  15. That woman talking about kids is so trash. This is why we can’t have nice things. These people want to ban everything to protect kids. Its your kid and your responsibility to block it.

  16. Nothing should be banned without the people’s consent. However, there needs to be more education on the effects of porn, it’s most certainly harmful and Pornhub would like nothing more than for you to be sat in front of your screen, addicted, watching porn all day.

  17. It’s cute how people think banning something can stop people in today’s time. The only thing this will accomplish is increase in illegally filmed porn that will be circulated in chats and online groups which are many a times filmed without consent. So, yay!

  18. No that they banned this site because of some compromising video, i must go and search this video. And probably many more will search for it, ban only attracted attention

  19. 7:20 lol wut?? He thinks it bad to have porn because it corrupts the morals of people, but he’s in a chat group that sends 300-400 porn clips each day and…well he doesn’t watch them all.

  20. Its funny when thai banned pornhub when produced porn allowed lmao I mean theres a lot of thai porn out there ,professionally made and amateur made


  22. You can use hola vpn and add to your web extension then choose other countries except Thailand. If not working, do a manual change to your device proxy it’s easy of you have Kali Linux. It’s easy for those who have a technical knowledge.

  23. Good riddance, I hope the USA follows suit. A government not banning something is a subtle acceptance of it. Vice should not be encouraged nor so easily attained.

  24. *Wow, I can’t wait for this world to be destroyed, and the looks on everyone’s faces when they blame Satan, and he says “I didn’t force you to do it, I only gave you the idea.”

    No one will stand on behalf of anyone else on that day, judgement will be placed on ALL and this world will be destroyed and a new world will begin…..

    I can’t wait for this to be over, how low we have sunken.

  25. Gotta be honest, i wouldn’t mind if porn websites would get banned. Families and children don’t have VPN’s so won’t get subjected to it, and adults who want to look for it, can use a VPN.

  26. Smart people do not need to occupy their free-time watching people fornicate for no reason other than to destroy the masses mental health and gain access to more illegally acquired wealth.

  27. It is banned, but not because of the porn itself but because of a specific clip available on the site. The fact you can’t mention why it is banned without breaking a law shows just how bad the situation is right now and why there are protests going on for like half a year.

  28. >”we’re a democratic country”
    >the government decides to ban websites regardless of people’s will

    When will people learn there’s no such thing as a democratic government ?

  29. Thailand is probably my favorite place on earth to live. Anyone who has been there will understand that people live in a contrasting society. On one hand people are super religious but on the other they are one of the most open minded people.

    Not supporting this law but on a side note, porn is a drug, it depletes you of dopamine and makes you have to fight even harder to force you do the things you know you should or want to be doing but don’t feel like so. Check-out NoFap on Redding, one of the most supportive groups, and Porn on Brain to understand why you feel the way you feel and then do something about it if you choose to. There are also TED talks and such. Finding more about it doesn’t mean you have to give up porn but at least owe it to your future self to watch a couple of videos to understand how it affects us and if we are ok with that.

  30. Protecting morals goes both ways and in a way this is a good thing. Many videos are without consent, underaged girls or exploited women. You can google it and read about the whole controversy that is still on-going. Same for other sites too.

    Still, i don’t think this is going anywhere. Technology has many backdoors and people become geniuses when starved of porn

  31. Porn is also banned india, and now government is planning to secure otp platform and secure Netflix and other otp platforms, and there’s a censor board for it… Now the government will decide what is right for its people and that they don’t get influenced by anything bad.

  32. i think all these democracy stuff is free to everything we wanted to do is faking stupid, even youtube, facebook and twitter have their own way to censorship, not all things is good to consume, for example stuff like radicalism ideology sites, child pornography etc deserved to be banned and you people are shouldn’t consumed it, and the government responsible to protect their citizen from the result of consuming stuff like that, such as rapes or terrorism, why the fak these days democracy is so over glorified to freedom to everything we wanted to do??

  33. The ‘Calvin’ girl has some most interesting and balanced opinions in my view… Yes, in a ‘democratic’ system, Govt should not be banning or censoring media in general, especially if it’s a media clip which embarrasses the govt, as would say, an authoritarian totalitarian govt would do. Yet, at the same time, it should be very OK and supported at the same time by the people of a democratic leaning and open-minded country, to better ‘regulate’ various online content such as porn sites — especially those which are ‘notorious’ for said explicit content uploaded without consent and for certain illegal age exploitative (abusive) related content. The focus should very fairly and definitely be targeting a regulation of any such porn sites to be certified and follow some basic legal guidelines. Free-thinking people of an open, democratic-leaning country should not have such a problem with that in my opinion!?!

    That said, be aware of deceptive Trojan Horse saboteurs of ‘democratic’ systems — i.e., agents (moles) of totalitarian ideological paradigm mind set… trying to work within and damage said democratic paradigms, pathways and foundations accordingly.

  34. It’s funny how the people who are against the ban are like “this is dangerous censorship” and the ones for the ban are like “this is better for society”

  35. talking about democracy and banned websites, dude my country also a democracy but the government also banned porn sites, i think its ok to protect the younger kids or teens, so they will learn more about porn when they older, we adult have capability to VPN them, the fak is wrong with these thai people

  36. Thailand banded PornHub….. From my understanding Thailand is a real life PH 🤣👌🤷🏼‍♂️🤦‍♂️ …. So Thailand basically just ban Thailand 🤣💀

  37. use a vpn dummy 😉 Nordvpn is good , im using Surfshark now to chck it out… but im wondering is there a reall reason why the Thai Gov banned it ?

  38. As long as you have access to the internet, it’s 100% impossible to block all VPN’s, Russia, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Cuba and China blocks VPNs, but if you go there, you will learn that most VPN services works fine in those countries, if the government sees it then they can block or banned some IP addresses, but the government cannot block thousands of new IP’s the vpn companies are acquiring and changing every single day, it’s an impossible battle, so the government only focus on things like cyber crime anti government searches documents video media from their citizens VPN users.

  39. TH is on top 20. Your nothing with the PH. It’s on the top spot. Hehehe, just kidding. I wish there will be a smart phone where parents can set an age related content and will block all adult related content or website someday. As a parent, I don’t want my kids to be exposed on pornography. They just have to wait for them to reach the legal age where they are already educated and will be able to decide which is good or bad for them.

  40. Reporter : Last Year, Thailand ranked in the top 20 for the countries that use pornhub the most.
    The Girl : FFFFUUUUU… OHh Wow… FYuuh almost fk up right there.

  41. It’s so simple to bypass internet censorship in this day an age. Just use a reputable VPN software like Surfshark or IPVanish and the whole internet world is yours to explore. VPN sales are going to skyrocket in Thailand.

  42. Hmmmm, they better ban google too then because the block on pornhub only works if you type the address into the browser directly. If you type “pornhub” into google and then follow the first link it circumvents the block…

  43. Dear my thai brothers and sisters, this is the best thing that your government did. Don’t oppose them. It’s for good for your own health
    I wish my government would’ve ban too.

  44. Imagine supporting websites that monetize human trafficking and have videos of underaged people and rape lmao porns one of the worst things in society and is degenerate

  45. Seems a worthwhile experiment. The degradation of morals, while a popular pastime, may damage society. If this resolve holds long enough there may be testimony about improvements.

  46. Nice thailand! you got it right!

    porn destroying younger generation faster than any drugs.

    for people who already have porn addiction seek help and join /nofap community.

  47. Does that sweet lady in the pink shirt really think she’s living in a democratic country? When it’s literally a monarchy in the most literal sense.

  48. India: First time?
    The government actually tried to impose this ban once in the past and people were outraged, they reverted that ban the next day.
    Then in 2018 complete ban and never lifted.
    Obviously people find ways to access it. Old dumb-asses in power don’t know that banning is not a solution.

  49. Ban all porn, get out of your safe space and start having real relationships, not just with your hands, if you’re over 25, you should be interested in making money, having a meaningful relationships, family, not jerking off all day, go get some hobbies.

  50. I am totally surprised most people didn’t just pokerface and go “what’s that? it’s banned? never heard of it” and did the nonchalant penguin meme walk.

  51. Even though I have no interest in the individuals involved, I feel this duty to search for this clip and make jokes about it to others. Similar feeling to China’s ban on Winnie the Pooh.

  52. 😐😐😐 I regret watching this. Im only 13 and i should not be hearing this 😅 so bye. I’m gonna go hit my head real hard so that i can forget i watched and listen the conversation

  53. Estas monarquías baratas con gobiernos de fantasía que oprimen a la gente. Todos los cambios son con protesta y pelea, ojala puedan cambiar las cosas.

  54. There’s a lot of free VPN available in playstore.Not to mention there’s a lot of porntsite out there. Just like they say if there’s a will there’s always a way..Lol.

  55. the way you control things in internet is to shut down internet. but thing necessary is teaching people what is good and do everything is good because we can’t deny the devil always working

  56. Lol people be crying over that kind of ban lol here at my place we get whole internet ban lol the government here censors everything to protect a certain group of people. Here the original tribes are killed mercilessly and we don’t even have a voice to yell.. The place is called TRIPURA a northeastern state in India. Where illegal immigrants have taken over and made the original residents a caged criminal.

    Edit: idk how long this comment might stay until someone reports and brings it down.But If it’s here idk maybe they don’t watch Asian boss.

    A request to Asian Boss to interview the tribes of Tripura and help us and our problems get recognized on a platform like this. Thank you. You’ll need to be out of radar to ask certain questions plus we have many languages.

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  58. ban porn is ok. but having the sex industry, trade and red light districts with their clubs, bar with their ladies dress as they are working in the sex industry they ban IS OK ?? hmmmm… ok…

  59. I hate all royalties across the world. I want to remove all royal the families in the world and make them normal citizens. Monarchs only got rich because of the taxes of the peasants in the middle ages.

  60. Regardless of what they say, it’s likely because the Thai royal family was associated with the site so they’re just using this as an excuse to censor the country from those sites. For a country to claim to be a democracy and then to do something like this… Disappointing and it’s no wonder people are protesting. Also, if the Thai people let’s this slide, probably the Thai government will try to censor/ban more things in the near future.

  61. Thai people are protesting, here in India government bans apps, websites and VPNs almost everyday like recently they banned 118 apps,More than 100s of websites and VPNs even apps and games like PUBG Mobile,Tik Tok,Rules of survival, Mobile legends and many more are banned in India more than 1000 p*rn websites were banned in 2015

  62. I was expecting something more from them,they might’ve anxious to criticize their monarchy’s restrictions, also.. even the least leniency does not help them so much.

  63. Well technically Pornhub was banned in india on account of child pornography.
    But the state capacity and the will to enforce the ban is so non-existent that i can access it on my local ISP even without a VPN 😂

    I presume this is just a way to selectively target you if the state wants to come after you. Can’t book the guy on anything serious but still want them jailed ? Check if they do weed. No ? Porn? Gotcha !

  64. That girl from Thumbnail, I just observe that theres a lot of thai women that looks like that kind of facial structure. From Ladyboys to Women, i’ve seen a lot of that kind of facial structure. hahahahaha. i just notice it. A different kind of Beauty, but deceiving.

  65. The ban isn’t about pornhub or porn at all it’s about a video of the Thai King being uploaded there. It’s about pro democracy demonstrators using the site to upload and spread information.

    The fact that this reporter solely went down the “is porn good or bad” and not even ask why it’s really only pornhub and not every porn site that was shut down route is beyond pointless.

  66. porn isn’t just on porn site though. so banning porn hub doesn’t do anything if your really concerned about kids and how damaging you are think porn is to society

  67. Fun fact: You don’t need a VPN to get access to blocked content. Just a little DNS configuration and you’re good to go. Not sure what the fuss is about. 😉 Works in countries like Singapore and Thailand. Speeds are not affected either, and in many cases will make your browsing faster. *Cough* Cloudflare *Cough* DNS

  68. I feel like the woman with glasses and short hair is intelligent. There are legitimate reasons not to support PornHub. Child pornography and porn filmed without consent is one of them.

  69. Nothing good will come out of banning porn and hentai… If the argument of porn is underage porn, I don’t think the porn industry are that dumb to do those things, and for loli hentai, it’s just a drawing, it’s not real.
    Why focus on things that not pedophilia and not focus on real pedophilia?

  70. I didn’t care at first but damn there’re couple of my most favorite porn that I couldn’t find anywhere on other sites. And I can’t seem to play movies when I’m on vpn. I’m Thai btw.

  71. Seriousely.. Banning Porn Website is pretty useles and Wasting time. knowing that every person can easily install VPN through App Store. Indonesia is do the same before 2010s era but in reality Indonesia is still on top 5 PornHub traffic visitor every month

  72. Plain Hypocrisy, tons of people around the world consume pornography ON A DAILY BASIS, sex is one basic function for human life, the ban it’s just an attempt to screen their mediocre ideology and poor conduct.

  73. It’s a joke , use VPN….
    I am from India and more than 500 porn sites are banned, mobile legends is banned and pubg mobile is banned too but I still browse and play those games with vpn

  74. porn and sex is a humane basic need in order to release our inner desires, so restricting all access to these will most likely result to illegal actions just to establish any possible way to regain access and fulfill these as to the extent of stepping upon other people. wrong move from the Thai government. I salute the Thais for their advocacy to protest against anti-democratic ways.

  75. Regardless of the REAL reasons, I think other countries should be inspired by that PORN banishment. The people who cannot live without will always find a way (VPN) but at least a large amount of the population (especially young people) will be a little more protected.

    Good for you Thailand !

  76. Let me help you Thai People just use Opera or Opera GX Browser and Goto “Incongnito Mode” because in Incognito Mode there’s a Built-in VPN its easy just click VPN on the Web Address and enable it, It Automatically selects the Optimal Region for you Or you can just manually select your region so simple.

  77. In this this time and hour, why would ban Pornhub? Atleast wait till Covid-19’s gone…

    Btw, my country has banned porn sites since many years ago (10 years already?)

  78. Controlling other people’s sexuality which is a very private thing to control is WRONG. End of story. You don’t like certain things sexually? Ok. Then don’t participate in those things. But sexual control IS wrong.

    Stop attaching morality to sex. There is one simple rule for sex: CONSENT.

    Everything else merely falls under that category. Underage?? Consent cannot be given. Under the influence of drugs because you were drugged? You canny t give consent. Someone says “no?” You don’t have consent. Lying to a partner about your desire to be with other people? You are not giving her/him a chance to consent to a polyamorous or ethically non-monogamous relationship.

    CONSENT IS THE KEY AND NOT “SEX IS IMMORAL AND WE NEED TO CONTROL PEOPLE’S SEXUALITY. Anything that teaches sexual control is cult like. That is a staple trait of cults, sexual control. Don’t be one of those people.

    People who feel guilt about sexuality? Question where that comes from. Is it because you actually did something wrong or because of the taboo surrounding it that tells you it’s wrong????

    I grew up in a cult. I grew up with shame. So I can relate. But let’s stop the cycle and accept what our natures are.

  79. Porn? Do y’all not know? People still gon watch porn another way, I got caught at 7 watching it, pastor said it’s a sin, but eh, kept watching anyway.

  80. I’m Korean, not North but South. Surprisingly, South Korea’s government actually does that. Banning porngraphy for high morality. Precisely speaking, South Korea’s government thinks that porn causes more sexual crime. We can’t access to the Pornhub, Xvideos or any other sites without VPN. And nowadays there was a discussion in congress to also ban VPN. LOL
    Sometimes I confuse that “Is here really South Korea?” There are soooo many regulations to control the people. If you are foreigner who planning to move into South Korea, think again carefully.

  81. What sucks most is that – by banning all the popular sites – kids will be more likely to visit less popular sites that often feature far more explicit and graphic content.

  82. PornHub should be shut down all over the world. They feature CHILD sex abuse and rape videos with victims helpless to get them taken down. Disgusting company.

  83. Was that girl in glasses actually raised in America? She kept slipping into English with an American accent. “Fu– ooo wow” “Notorious—” LOL I know a bunch of Thai people in big tourist cities learn English but I don’t think that’s the case here.

  84. Repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand 🙏

    John 3:16 For God so love the world that he gave his only begotten son and whosoever believe in him should not perish, but have everlasting life

    Spread the gospel to those who are lost so they might be saved

    Spread love not hate❤️🙏
    Share this message with others

  85. Nobody cares if pornhub is bad or not. The problem here is censorship and how the government banned hundreds of websites so people wouldn’t be able to watch his sex tape, bc he is a playboy. So stop defending the ban, bc the government didn’t ban it bc of child trafficking or rape, they don’t care about it at all, otherwise they would have done it before. Theres a whole lot more behind the ban.

  86. This is not about banning porn and “upholding moral values”. It’s about erasing evidence of the Thai king’s perversion captured on camera. By the way, you can go to jail for insulting the king in Thailand. Search on google for “Vajiralongkorn crop top”, see who decides the moral values for millions of people. In 2007 he threw a party for his pet poodle and his third wife, Srirasmi Suwadee, who was also participating while wearing a g-string, topless, on her knees, eating from a dog bowl. Now, this doesn’t make them bad people at all. Humans are sexual and people have all kinds of preferences. As long as it was all consensual, it really doesn’t matter. But it shows a case of “do as I say, not as I do”. Which wouldn’t be important if he didn’t have so much power. It really just shows that no one should have this amount of power over people.

  87. I almost was about to go in with the guy in the white button-up. But then he said we should look into seeing how it affects society before banning it. I think that sentiment coupled with what the girl in the Calvin Klein shirt said would be enough to atleast look into its affect on society. But then he said he would not unblock it if he was in power because the law would lose sacredness. Oh so I should just continue to keep a law just so I do not lose face? All people of color would be in chains if that was the case.

  88. “Thailand” = “land of the free”. Now they’re just another authoritarian regime where the government tells them what to do, and the people get no say in the matter.

  89. Haven’t they heard of the Streisand Effect? I didn’t know about the Thai Royal family sex scandal, now I’m gonna look for it lol! In the modern world, governments that suppress the freedom of people to do what they want without harming anyone are looked down upon. Control morals? People are not robots, people want porn. To the guy in white who said the government shouldn’t remove the ban, when somebody makes a mistake, should they not correct it and take responsibility? Continuing with a mistake for the sake of “not losing face” is just escaping from responsibility and would lead to problems.

  90. that dude in the glasses is a straight hypocrite. In one moment he’s talking about how the ban will preserve the morality of the country and then in the next breath he’s admitting that he watches porn and he’s part of a whatsapp group that shares hundreds of porn clips. where do you think they’re getting the porn clips dude???

  91. Mostly very sensible people here!

    The guy at the table, though, who said it’s fine because they ban a bunch of stuff… what? How does that justify it? How does something being commonplace automatically make it okay?

  92. Great set of interviews, Marie. You present yourself in a very professional manner. Thailand is in a very difficult place, and I wish all Thai people well. Liberal and conservative people speak the in the same way in every country, and these Thai students sounded exactly like students in my western country. It seemed like all the interviewees spoke a few words of English, with fluency. Knowing English gives you access to a lot more data, including the details and history of democracy, and geopolitics. Information about the outside world can’t be stopped, as Thailand is a modern country that is heavily integrated into the rest of the globe. Tourism has changed Thailand a lot in the last 50 years. I hope that the Thai people find a peaceful way past their dilemma, that works for everyone.

  93. Aaaaand… That’s the right choice! PORNOGRAPHY SUCKS anyway lol. Do you realise how much money this industry makes??! This is the number one reason why people are lonely and desperate, because they are too used to whack off their meat against pixels. Just think about it. You are not using your fantasy which in any case would actually be acceptable. But you give up your life juice for pixels??? Dude, that’s f*cking pathetic. Anyone who protests against this ban is a total degenerate.

  94. Thailand: One of THE premiere global travel destinations for prostitution, sex work, and sex tourism.
    Also Thailand (government): Blocking PornHub to “Protecting Thai morals.”
    Me: Kronk Meme: “Riiiiiight.” (wink)

  95. banning porn is never bad decision ,saying i don’t like porn would be a lie but i think porn will do more harm than good..
    i never knew banning a website can cause a protest i mean..because it’s stupid..nobody own the internet so you can still search pornhub somehow so why even bother protesting about it ==

  96. I’ve noticed a rise in attempts to ban porn lately. In Australia and France they’ve banned hentai. The government has no place in people’s bedrooms.

  97. 이해가 안된다.. 성인물이 성폭력과 상관관계가 없다는 연구결과가 세계 각국에 수두룩하다 우리나라도 성범죄 조장한다고 각종 성인사이트 다 막아놨는데 도무지 이해할수 없는 정책

  98. why are you interviewing women about pornhub ban? Most of the women find pornhub materials offensive. Also in a survey conducted by pornhub discovered, 90% of its subscribers are male. Other 10% were housewives who complained to ban their husband’s pornhub subscription.

  99. 5:40 Woman in green printed shirt: “sex and porn … are very basic to a person’s life…It’s like banning people from eating.”

    ROFLOL..While I burst in laughters, she’s bold and actually made a lot of good points. “It’s adding more fire to the current (pro-democracy) protests. If they banned it 10 years ago, I don’t think Thai people would come out and protest like this.”

  100. The whole world should ban it! This is the right choice, because it gives you only wrong messages about healthy sexual relationship. A lot of men are suffering from addiction from it, they are overstimulated by this graphic material. Same goes with video games. Video games and pornography goes hand in hand of producing low quality, fragile men.

  101. 8:42 – They ban porn sites and VPN subscriptions increase by 644%😆😂. Humans WILL be human. You can try to stop people from getting what they want but you cant stop them from wanting it.

  102. tbh i cant say much but porn hub, y’all already know the amount of creeps on the site, its there for a reason for peoples enjoyment, if it gets banned, image what people would do to fulfill that excitement, they could assault and r*pe women, maybe even children to.

  103. “In protection of high morals!?” ?????? Come on, that’s THE Excuse EVERY fascist society uses for control of the people via censorship.

    Also, people need to know about NordVPN or something.

  104. keep strong Asian Countries!
    Don’t let this Western Rubbish poison ur citizens!
    Proud of Vietnam, Thai, Philippines and especially Malay and Indonesian Gov.!!!!

  105. Hmm, seems perversely ironic that porn is inaccessible in a place like “Bangkok.” Lol My boy Keni Styles needs to be on the frontline spearheading the protest.

  106. I think they just want there population to have more sex and have more babies seeing what’s happening to Japan and there birth rate to keep the economy going.

  107. It was because pornhub had a video of the current Thai king, before he was king, forcing a poor concubine of his to serve him and his military generals while naked and crawling on the ground like a dog. To be clear. Yes, I’ve seen it and yes it’s horrific.

  108. It’s good pornhub was hoisting child porn, and child sexual abuse images. The owners of pornhub were insulting and blocking victims who wanted the abuse videos down. Porn had channel called “GirlsDoPorn” and they were being sex trafficked and they got caught by The law, also using girls young as 17-19 in the porn videos.

  109. Never thought I have to hear a news about porn sites being banned from other countries. There have been issues with Porn Hub before where actual rape and abuse videos were uploaded on the site. Look up Rose Kalemba.
    Sites like Porn Hub rarely check what kind of videos get uploaded on their sites, and while they do have the flagging system, the system rarely works to get harmful content down. Plus, I don’t even know if the banning would work or if they considered asking the sites to take the videos down. People will find a way to watch them illegally.

  110. The Thai government doesn’t seem to understand that if you try to cover something up it will only get bigger.
    Whatever clip it is of a Thai Royal Family member being on pornhub will now blow up even more haha

  111. Well porn should be banned everywhere
    It’s a horrible and immoral and disgusting industry
    And it’s a scientific fact that porn is horrible for the human mind and is just unhealthy
    Not just because it exploits women and men and not just because it pushes disgusting ideas and tries to make meaningful relationships and the beautiful sacred things that are and should only be in meaningful relationships which are sacred out as some things that can be used and tossed around and tries to make them seem perverse
    It’s just bad for everyone, a pornstar who left the industry said it MADE him objectivity women and it stopped him from being in real meaningful relationships

    People in the comments saying “L” or “F” or VPNS will save them are not funny
    Porn is not okay and this doesn’t just come from my religious views but from scientific proof and human decency or morals

  112. not a good idea.. look what happened to korea lol.. no porn = pepole use other means, hidden cameras, harrasment.. THE LARGEST CHILD PORN RING.. you need a balance..

    llook at japan.. its a free for all and japan is great.

  113. “It’s pretty popular. . . From what I heard from a friend” 😂😂 Asian people are so shy and reserved lol. Americans would be like “ uh we use it everyday “ 😂😂😂

    But really though this is definitely a quite scary trend. . .

  114. All these so-called leaders are corrupt criminals. They need to be vaccinated and quarantined permanently so the rest of the world can evolve. Criminals.

  115. Let’s ban porn! It for the good of morality.

    B-but how about the people wellbeing, their job and health?

    Banning porn is more important than helping people right now!