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Thailand Rob currently lives in Kamala Beach Phuket and is capturing video of what it’s like to see Thailand through fresh eyes and a camera. Funny, clever and informational.

I’m walking through Thailand with out a clue!

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  1. I would be interested BUT I need to know what happens if someone else in the town comes down with Wuhan Virus whilst I’m sitting in my hotel twiddling my thumbs waiting for the all-clear to travel to BKK and elsewhere. Would I be stuck there whilst the Thai Authorities run around like headless chickens before deciding that anyone in a 50 mile radius must go through another 30 day lockdown…
    Also I would not be happy to pay through the nose to sit in a hotel where they don’t clean your room and feed you pre-packed meals for any time at all, which I suspect would be required for the first few days.
    I think very few people that would be prepared to consider this ‘deal’ are not interested in beaches (I’m certainly not) but I think the Thai Government view of Farangs is that we all want to get drunk, roast on a beach and will pay a kings ransom for it…

  2. I just exchanged emails with the embassy before opening this video. Their plan is to run the repatriation program for September. I spent 60,000 baht last month with no legal way to enter Thailand. I would have to spend another 60,000 to have the chance, but not guarantee, to reenter Thailand in September. I am going to pass. Using Phuket as a quarantine island has been out there for a while. The idea has so many problems. If defeating the virus depends on “herd immunity”, an idea commonly held world-wide today, then they are setting themselves up for one horrible train wreck. Keep in mind the chance of finding a vaccine is less than 50 % and even a vaccine is expected to only be 75 % effective. The Royal Thai government has set itself a deadline of 9/26. I am not interested in the future in Thailand until 9/24, based on the Royal Thai’s government history on announcing changes.

  3. Rob, you being paid by TAT? Quarantine = 16 nights = 50000 baht minimum = you go where we tell you = with covid insurance of course = quarantine when you go home = coming from country that hasn’t had a record of covid for 30 days = you are talking the biggest load of shit I’ve ever heard you say, and that’s saying something. You are a total and utter knobhead.

  4. this is retarded!! this has affected 0.26 and that’s the elderly in hospice and those underlying conditions. This is a planned agenda to vaccinate the entire planet with a quantum dot to go to a all digital cashless society.

  5. There is no way they are going to reopen international flights. The states is getting worse so is China, Canada, some European countries that is most of the people that go there.

  6. the only way Americans can go is with a COE from the embassy and only certain type and elite visa holders as of now with the visa affixed in their passport but have to test – and fit to fly a lot of hoops

  7. Positive news Rob but it’s not quite a light at the end of the tunnel more like a flickering candle. The government are trying to look after their friends with hotels that’s all. Quarantined travellers won’t be going out and spending money in the local area until they get released and by that time they’ll want to spend less (,after paying over the top for quarantine) or will be looking forward to going home….fact the Government doesn’t have a credible plan.

  8. I really don’t understand this ridiculous 14 day quarantine time frame. Just take a test before your flight and after you arrive. If you are not positive after results return in 2-3 days, they need to let you be on your way. This is so stupid. Only the people who live there or trying to move there the first time won’t mind it just to get back. However most wont want to waste 2 weeks in quarantine just to visit or vacation there for 1 or 2 weeks then return back to their country. They had all this time to come up with a plan and this is it?!

  9. So, after the 14 days quarantine in Phuket will you have access to the rest of Thailand after that ? Will they allow tourists there on a 30 day VOA ? So many questions

  10. I think it is a weak effort to try to show they are doing something to appease the tourists and the tourist workers in Thailand. How long would this experiment work they have not said, if they do this and then say the rest of Thailand is open you can’t just book a flight and get accommodation, time off work at the drop of a hat. This has not been passed yet, so when will it be passed to get people to be able to use it.

  11. I wonder how many lunatics will pay 💰 💰 💰 for two weeks in what is not far off jail with a beach for an exercise yard. The poor Thailand political class don’t have a clue…..don’t forget you will have to use Thai Airway too

  12. Hello Rob & Heinz & Bea I hope it works out so the business can start trying to back to some kind of normal Wishing All of you Well Take Care

  13. They have to make a plan to test everyone on arrival and thats it because Covid 19 could be around for years if not forever, for a 3 week holiday I would need 5 weeks of work which is not possible

  14. Only one problem with that Rob , 2 weeks quarantine in Thailand and how ever long you stay after that , then return to your home country and spend another 2 weeks locked in a hotel room at your own expense , sorry but that won’t be a good idea for Aussies anyway 🙁

  15. who has enough vacation time to spend 2 weeks in quarantine? remember its 2 days flight each way, plus jetlag. does not leave much quality time

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