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Thailand Rob currently lives in Kamala Beach Phuket and is capturing video of what it’s like to see Thailand through fresh eyes and a camera. Funny, clever and informational.

I’m walking through Thailand with out a clue!

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  1. Rob, I may bump up my Patreon. Everyone? Lets help our man on the ground!! Are you surviving the upcoming War with China? I’m missing SongKram.. My girl livestreamed her breakfast shopping trip. Lots of masks.. She is worried, but says it is not that bad. Other than Sokram getting screwed…7-12 still selling Booze?

  2. I’ll send you some yeast. We make lotsa fruit wine out in the boonies..10 gallons runs about 500 Bhat for sugar..Trained up my gal, shes off and running. She makes some mango galangal wine that is soo good. Love you, Rob..

  3. Ya. It’s similar here in New York. No store except pharmacy and supermarket open with only 10 people allowed in at the same time. With takeouts, it’s drive-through only. Some business has gone for good.

  4. I’m in eastern wa near Idaho. The weed stores are still open. All of the state county local government workers are still puttering around, washing street signs. I am still working. Some people are sitting home, but Walmart infection center is still open So are the weed stores. This is looking like this is killing old people, diabetics etc.. My granny is 98 and on hospice and close to the end. Locked up like a convict in her last days, no family contact.. But 2 miles away in Idaho, the nursing homes are open to visitors. Looks more like a blue state dem panic than a real

    1. We not go in full lockdown only shut restaurants and stay inside because advice and we get less death every day till almost 50 a day its still to much offcourse but it looks good.
      Only we not wear mask just stay from eachother and it seems it works we got our peak already

    1. He would have made a great politician ,, spin so much crap out , going over a ton of crap everyone knows ,,,, could be condensed into a min the actual facts

  5. Walmart is taking the temperature of all there employees defore they let them in the building to make it safe ,but dumb thing about that is there not taking the customers temperatures so infected customers are coming in all day ,so the dumb hotshots in Wal-Mart corporate offices aren’t making it
    safe for the employees

  6. I like the idea they did a alcahol ban during the Songkran weekend, not because of the potential partying, there are just too many alcahol abuse in Thailand especially those working bars.

  7. Rob, thanks to you and Kev for introducing me to Banger Racing. Having a laugh or two while shut in. Heard just now that Phuket has been shut down. These times test our resilience. Hopefully we all learn to take all of this uncertainty in stride and go with it. The alternative is to stress out over things we are unable to control.

    1. You need to know when u giv gov more power u let psychopaths control ur life. That’s why they’re in gov to rule u. Cause u let the beast out of the cage. Your all to blame.

    1. I believe Rob is on an annual retirement visa with 90 day ‘check in’. I think they’ve waived the check-in requirement for the moment. Although This is just a guess.

  8. foreigners in Thailand should be flexible and take the changes with a grain of salt. after all they are guests in thailand and they have the option to go live elsewhere. people need to toughen up and stop whining about having to endure temporary changes at a time when the entire world is suffering from a pandemic. you are lucky to be able to live in thailand

  9. current “active cases” are 1295, of which only 61 are classified as serious/critical. Over the past three and half months there have been 38 death. There are 70,000,000 people in thailand.

    based on those stats;
    – your chance of catching CV is 0.0018%
    – your chance of catching and being a severe case is 0.000087%
    – your chance of dying from CV is 0.000054%
     You have a better chance of getting killed from a coconut dropping on your head. You have many orders of magnitude better chance of getting injured or killed on a motorscooter here. More people die DAILY from mcy accidents than have died in 3+ months of CV.

    I’m sure the govt knows all these stats, but the continue to push harder and harder on the faux flu terror scam. Why.
    I do know that in the ussa there is more and more realization that the numbers are manipulated, most hospitals are not a ‘war zone’, quite the opposite, and more people are getting pissed off at the scam and the lock down.

      I wish I read Thai and was a fluent speaker and could read the thai internet forums, could converse with various thais on their opinions. It’s hard to fathom that they are just smiling and saying mai-pen-rai as their jobs disappear, income drops, and business go under if they know the above stats too.

  10. Apart from the no alcohol you guys are getting it pretty relaxed there compared to us. I’m in Australia and I think the Government would face a revolt if they tried to stop the sale of it :-)/ But so far this year we have had drought, major bush fires and now this. We are only allowed to go outside for work, exercise or essentials like groceries or beer :-). We cannot go and visit family or friends, anyway hopefully we get passed this crappy virus and our lives can start again but I personally don’t see it changing very soon unfortunately. Take Care.

    1. @Peter Quinlan In Australia we can’t not even family. Can’t even see my kids or Grand Kids. I had my Grand Daughter say to me the other day during Face Time ” Can you come and see me again soon Grand Dad” almost breaks your heart 🙁

  11. Hey Rob. Great to see you are well. Phuket now has the highest rate of covid 19 in all of the Thai provinces. 39 per 100,000 head of capita. Thanks for sharing!

  12. I’m Thai laughing at Farang complaint ! I guess they change rule according to locals complaint ( some locals complain that foreigners do not stay in place but hang out ordinarily )

  13. I can get water out of the tap for free bout time Thailand a country that gets annual rain fall that makes the rain in Wales look like its drizzling, sorts their tap water sorted

  14. Hi Rob hope your well
    Is the 6 pm curfew for tambons and works/restaurants…?

    My Aunty lives in talang and from 6pm I think here is closed

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