Thailand’s Lantern Festival – a beautiful DISASTER (4K)

Once a year, thousands of people gather in Chiang Mai Thailand to experience the lantern festival known as Loy Krathong & Yi Peng. Having seen the festival highlights on Instagram, I wanted to see if it lived up to the hype and the truth was shocking. This trip was all filmed on the Nikon Z 6. It was my first time using this camera and it really impressed me on all fronts. From photography to film, this is one of the most powerful cameras for the money and you can learn more about the Z 6 here:

Next month I will post a deep dive review after using the Z6 over the past month. Thanks to Nikon for sponsoring today’s video. Check them out @NikonUSA

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Thanks to my friends @camandkels & @seelautravel for helping shoot and even plan some of this unforgetable disaster!

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  1. For first Loy KraThong and YeePing festival is not the same festival, it just happen to be having at the same day on the full moon of 12th month. From the video you did not even experience Loy KraThong as I didn’t see any floating lantern, you just experience YeePing festival.

    such a waste only doing day trip from Chiang Mai to Chiang Rai with Doi Suthep , you guys miss up half of the attraction in Chiang Rai and Doi Suthep can be done with Chiang Mai city/temple tour.

    I just wonder if you guy are either too lazy to open your phone GPS or too stingy to buy a local data plan? How can you dunno which location you going since you already know there are only 5 mass mass lantern release and yet…. Since you guys are so rich to join the “pay” event, or maybe not (sponsored)…whatever

  2. i just saw the video ab 10 tips for a vacation video (20 Jan 2018) really cool video, the best one actually.
    amazing steps and great tips, thank you.

    sadly i can’t afford a drone or a stabilizer, lol life’s Gucci. but i do have an old semi professional camera which is the one that i will probably be using on my trip to turkey (first time visiting) on Jan 1st 2020!
    hopefully anytime soon ill try to get a new cam. wish me luck!

  3. Amazing to see many comments not knowing or caring about environment and the locals in the surroundings. But hey the festival is very beautiful, right?! These lanterns caused house fires every year. They have been on local news and there’s even campaign against it. Not to mention amount of waste created to the environment.

  4. เขารณรงค์ไม่ให้ปล่อยโคมมานานแล้ว ไปอยู่ไหนมา ฝ หลังเขา

  5. looks great but I’d hate to think where they all land. They likely cause fires, trash the place and the ocean! Probably effect wildlife and marine life but hey it gets rid of your “bad vibes”

  6. haha, the 7/11 sounds. Do you know the CM joke about direction? If someone asks you for direction or location of something, tell them it’s between a temple and a 7/11 🙂

  7. As usual a fantastic video cinematically and storytelling. I give this a dislike for the continuous sponsor plugs. I really hope this isnt going to be the new way forward for this channel. Any reason why you cant do what everybody else does and dedicate a minute or so, so we dont have to keep hearing the same thing over and over again..?

  8. The monkeys in a German zoo died yesterday. Rare Bornean orangutans, chimpanzees and marmosets. Their enclosure burned down with them in it. Police say the fire was started by a lantern. Literally sending fire in to the sky and hoping for the best, it’s stupidity. Bloody humans.

  9. Would love to go to Thailand, thanks for all of these information!! We’ve just started vlogging and posted a new vlog of us meeting Whang Od, after seeing your wang od vlog we just needed to see her 👀

  10. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! That was beautiful footage – We’ve never been to Chiang Mai, but we have been to Phuket and loved it! Thailand is always an adventure.

  11. I am living in Chiang Mai and I (and all the expats living here) am always wondering who the hell is paying so much for this event, when you can have all for free in the city (Nawarat Bridge and Iron Bridge) too in a much better atmosphere. Now we know 😉
    Also you have missed the beautiful events and parades in the city like this ones:

    The Temple is pronounced Wat Doi Sutep, so you don´t use the “h”.
    Man, you are traveling so much. You should respect the countries and the places. It´s an absolutely no-go to enter a temple in a shirt what you have worn in Chiang Rai. Would you visit the White House in Washington with it too?
    In Chiang Rai are so many things more than the 2 temples you have visited: beside this temple also Doi Tung with it´s Royal Villa and the most beautiful park in Thailand are definitely worth a visit.
    Near Chiang Mai is this beautiful place and also one of Thailand´s top 5 temples: Wat Ban Den.
    Wishing you a good 2020.

  12. Hi Dude, congratulations on a great year YouTubing! Great videos… you and others have helped me get inspired and start my own channel recording my life and travels in Thailand with my girlfriend, so thank you for that! Happy New Year!

  13. Always have wanted to check this out in Thailand. You have to wonder though what the environmental impact is on this. Great video as always man!

  14. Your videos becoming better every time 🙂 Enjoying storytelling and its connection with what is shown ( like The Beast on 1:30 😀 )
    And the festival, place and time – is smth special all together!

  15. I can not believe I am all caught up with all your videos! It is a bit sad actually.. I have seen all your videos since the beginning since summer while being sick and it has been so much fun to see how you have evolved throughout the years you been doing this. I am really happy I found you through a facebook popup! 🙂 Best wishes for you and Katy 🙂

  16. My wife and I used your videos to plan our trip to Thailand this year and scored! Railay Beach did not disappoint and we ended up staying there most of our trip. We are planning our trip to Bali this March and of course going to be using advice from your Bali videos. Thanks for doing all the leg work and posting quality videos!

  17. I’ve been to that exact temple at the beginning of the video! Just cool to see it again in your video 🙂 I don’t know if you’ve done it before, but if it is possible to film chatting with the monks, that would be super cool.

  18. Christian, this was a gorgeous vid. Stunning eye-candy; fun, interesting story, and great info! Don’t listen to any critical words. I’m always praying for you! (And the people crying about the environmental impact of the lantern festival are idiots!)

  19. The transition in between are so funny 🙂 yet very beautiful editing skills and the Nikon Z is pretty awesome! Great Job! Thank you Christian.

  20. Thailand is Awesome. I can not believe you like Philippines more.. You mst have visited the wrong places. Everything Philippines has, Thailand has also and more. Visit Philippines 3 times for a run and its just thailand, but then smaller… No idea what you are talking about sometimes.

  21. If you loved this you would also love the festival of lights named Diwali festival at Ayodhya, UP, India…you guys should check it out this year in November ✨✨✨✨ we would all love a vlog on it 😍😍

  22. I dont know maybe just me the color is just too contrasty prefer eosr r in term of color , especially with articulating screen boommm… no doubt..

  23. They do the same lantern festival in UTAH, USA, and probably other places in the world, never attend it, they always ask for volunteers thru the hole thing even for cleaning up afterwards. But the difference is that is done in the dessert or lake. Never heard of wildfire cause by this.
    I hope people there will stay safe during and after of the festival there.

  24. Thailand has an amazing temple, culture, and food. We love our stay there and we would love to go back soon.

  25. at least you all enjoined to travel while it was possible, now there is a long pause in travels, and no one knows when it will finish.

  26. This is my favorite temple in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Every time we go to Thailand we visit. We also do the trek through the jungle as well also the white temple in Chang rai. It was made for tourist.

  27. I like how he try to be optimistic even if the travel has a lot of twist and turns not according to plan. Also, admire how he is candid to show the whole story of the trip and didn’t cut all those tiny errors because most vloggers usually edited those parts to cover the flaw and also nice delivery of reviews from different things from time to time. So yup, new subscriber here.

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