Thailand’s Emergency Decree (Day 3) and The USA Stimulus Package. Will Expats Receive Checks?

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In this live streamed travel vlog, We will discuss Thailand’s emergency decree, how it is affecting my life in Bangkok, and the USA’s stimulus package. We will also answer the important question of, “Will American Expat’s receive checks from the government?”

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  1. hi! i am a us citizen currently living in tge philippines. will i receive stimulus pacjkage as well? if i will, what should i do? whom should i contact to? what will be the requirements to availing it? the last time i filed was in 2012. am i still eligible for the stimulus package?

  2. Your dialog is impossible to follow. You constantly interrupt your train of reference with accolades to those who pop up on your screen. I know they are your supporters and you have to recognize them but can’t you give your information dialogue without interruption and “then” recognize those who sign on. A lot of us are interested in what is going on in different parts of the world but ultimately we turn off your channel by the repeated , “Hi Bob, how ya doin”, interruptions. For crying out loud, you claim to be a teacher yet you allow your “students” to constantly sideline your message!!!

    1. No problem Dale. I get comments like yours often. I run a live chat very different than most. Like you, I am always in search of more information. However, when I deliver that information, I try to build consensus among the community. No worries.

    2. DoMoreLife I understand your need to establish the community. I have been to Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam as well as the Philippines many years ago and have friends in all those countries, first as a tourist and then for extended stays. I still communicate with my friends on occasion. I am desperate for information in that region as it is so close to China where the pandemic supposedly originated. I do apologize for taking my frustration out on you. I know you are only trying to help and inform in the best way you are able. My apologies.

    3. I understand your frustration, however, the live chats are there to build a community and make people feel part of the community. That is why I operate the live stream the way I do. I’m very sorry if it’s uncomfortable for you, please enjoy the rest of the content on the channel. Thank you for your comment..

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