Thailand’s Crazy Custom Car Shop – PS Modify
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I recently visited PS Modify in Chon Buri Thailand to check out their insane custom cars and wow this stuff is CRAZY! Can you tell what car this is built off just by the thumbnail?

Big news is, well….big and I’m pretty excited about this…

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  1. Great content bro… very enjoyable and the cars look good. Would be nice to share some info on engine mods and output numbers. Otherwise… well done 👍

    1. Thanks dude! These are stock engines with bolt ons nothing special but they are built per customer request so they have some that are turbo and over 500 HP!

  2. how about a 2000 Mazda Protege turned into a 4 door Ferrari convertible?
    I’d love to see that happen (even though it will still be a 2000 Mazda Protege with a body kit) 🙂

  3. They are too expensive for the price that they’re asking. At first glance they look okay but when you look at the details and the finesse that it is needed to even look as an expensive car.

  4. great job for those modifiers. I wish to see them build a car from an original design from a professional car designer. And see them become an epic coach builder

  5. These cars look like they were built by a group of 5 year olds.
    I’d laugh my bollocks off if i saw them on the streets.
    You’d HAVE to wear a bag over your head while driving one of these jokes.

  6. Im actually in the process of ordering the Toyota MR2 based on a Lamborghini Veneno that conforms to U.S regulations for the price of $38,000 and when its done Im going to put a inter cooler and a twin turbo on it and convert it to left hand drive manual and buying another car from them soon.

  7. This vid and a couple others have 7 digit potential. Glad to see the bump in views on this and older content. Great Job Mr. Tarantino!

  8. Amazing handmade talent – I just wish they used it to come up with their own designs rather than getting close but falling short of the real cars they are mimicking. I guess you have to cater to your customers and most customers can’t dream up their own unique style/design and instead find it easier to chase and show off copies of known brands.

  9. i dont rice my car but love to see this kind of content they give the ricer within myself more ideas that my conscience has to battle with …keep up the good work

  10. We Malaysian are very lucky to have Thailand as our neighboring country. Entering Thailand as Toyota and suddenly exit Thailand as Lamborghini.

    1. It’s called different things depending on the country you live in. Here it is called an MR-S and the shop wanted me to call it that because that’s what it is, here

  11. We have Lambo replica factory too here in Indonesia but the base of the car is usually a Honda Civic or Galant/Eterna. But anyway Nice Video Mate!

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