Thailand’s Craziest Market – Tourist Free Thailand Tour Episode 8

#Thailand #TrainMarket #MaeklongMarket
My new favorite Market in Thailand, a must visit! This is WILD!


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  1. I think Vietnam have a similar market too. Anyway thanks for sharing Chad. Waiting for your next vlog. Stay safe and take care man. Cheers!

  2. Hey — Dig the experimentation, even though you had the wrong lens. Go for it, try stuff, and fxxx it. If it doesn’t work keep it anyway. Part of the cool of your channel. Congrats on all the subs, you deserve it. Peace…

  3. Epstein was definitely silenced, permanently. Was it big dick energy or big balls energy? Cajones grande! Lol. 5:53 Big League Chew! Aw yeah! Straight out of the 80’s, when it was acceptable to market bubble gum like chewing tobacco in the US! Thanks for the great video! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. 6โ€™9โ€ tall here still want to go to Thailand
    Got my shirts on the way I ordered the world shirt also because itโ€™s so awesome ๐Ÿ˜
    Thanks dude made my Saturday

  5. Chad … I’m no metallurgical engineer, but … If you leave food right next to train tracks and under a train, doesn’t it get covered with iron filings and brake dust? Also, on Amtrak trains in the U.S., there are signs in the restroom saying “don’t flush in the station.” That’s because sometimes there is no holding tank under the john. Doesn’t that apply in Thailand too?

  6. CB, good content! I know I’m being a bit of a pest, but on something like this it would be next level to incorporate drone video of the train passing through the market. For example, fly 50 feet above the ground and 50 to 100 feet out front of the train looking back at the front of the train as it passes through the market. If this would take two people, one to fly the drone and the other to manage the camera view, could you employ Coffee to help out? Something so unique would generate more sharing of the video and motivate more subscribers to signup.

  7. It doesn’t look very sanitary in that market. But most Thai Markets aren’t very sanitary. That being said I only got food poisoning once in 4 years from seafood soup on Koh Larn. What about the toilets on the trains?

  8. Nice market tour and a big congrats on your 100k milestone. A meteoric rise indeed. I think that broadening your content has brought in more peeps. I’m jealous you get to enjoy los without the hoards. Enjoy.

  9. Can you imagine a market set up like that in the UK with health and safety regulations up the arse? Thailand is like so what it’s a train get over it!

  10. Dude your in my neighborhood ๐Ÿ˜‚ 10 min from my house. Me and the wife have a restaurant in Damnoen Saduak (20 min away) at the floating market where you rode the 60psi boat lol. Come visit tomorrow ๐Ÿ˜ free food

  11. Pretty cool Chad,that chicken &rice looked good but I’m not too sure about the food being right next too the tracks,rail dust and all. But enjoyed!
    Take care Chad.

  12. You should do a scooter trip next time as the ferry boat half way allows bikes on. You are living my life a couple years ahead of me! Looking forward to my life! Thanks

  13. Could have click baited, “got run over by a train” man u missed the train on that one… Alright enough of that, love the content keep it up, shirt will be off the market in maybe 4 uploads… get it while it hot people!

  14. you know here in the states there would be protest outside the market then petitions signed then passionate speeches in front of Government committees studying this problem then speeches by politicians more studies then fences put up yellow lines on the ground danger signs every where after millions of dollars spent and years of study the market would go out of business 6 months later
    in Thailand venders “hey a train comes through the market”

    Government “really well when the train comes get off the tracks”

    venders “OK”

  15. Have seen it a couple of times, amazing Will need to go to Bangkok, flown into it then onto Koh Samui last 4yrs. Fantastic videos, keep up the great work.

  16. Chad you said taking the train back involves making multiple transfers and taking a “Fairy”. Now that’s what I call a “Trans”fer.

  17. I thought for a second you actually lay under the train, I says fck me what a dkhd, thank god you didnt ๐Ÿคฃ, enjoyable, keep them vlogs coming Chad

  18. Thanks for the video, itโ€™s Maeklong Market as I originally discovered it back around 2005, then suggested it to Richard Barrow, he blogged it, the news media and tour guides picked it up, and it became the โ€œTrain Marketโ€ mobbed by tourists. For your info, Maeklong is pronounced Meh-GLONG, rhymes with โ€œHey Longโ€ and the โ€œkโ€ sounds like a โ€œgโ€. The other leg of the train Bangkok to Mahachai (aka Samut Sakhon) also goes through the market, which is arguably Thailandโ€™s best seafood market. Mahachai is the countryโ€™s biggest fishing port. Try it sometime, only one hour from Wong Wian Yai station, 10 baht. This line will disappear in the not-too-distant future, when theyโ€™ll open a section of the new Red Line.

  19. Good thing the Thai’s dont assault and hang out the train carts like in India… But that would be interesting to witness. And I hope they dont introduce an high speed train. That would be gross. Keep up the good work !

  20. “come in the morning” is good advice for just about everything in Thailand. Once that heat gets cranked up, it’s time to relax in the pool or in the air conditioning somewhere.

  21. I’ve seen that before.
    Still a very cool thing.

    If that was in the US. They would move those people out of there. Because some dumbass would get hurt and sue the railroad company for millions.
    If you can’t pay attention to your surroundings in South East Asia. You don’t belong there.
    Hope to get there one day before I’m too old and grumpy to appreciate it.

  22. last time i was in Bangkok. i did get there. but had no idea how to ride the train from that market. and its quit pack in the morning.

  23. I used to live in Meklong about a 5 minute walk from the train tracks. I know a couple of the families personally. If you walk to the end of the tracks near the station sitting right on the tracks you will find a family that fries muzzles with eggs. They serve the best.

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