Thailand Trip in 2020 – Still Worth It?

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Many people are canceling their trips to Thailand and Southeast Asia for 2020 because of the current Global “situation”. Should you travel in 2020 or stay at home?
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  1. You should REALLY check what you’re saying. The guy getting stranded on top of a hotel was in Hangover 1 filmed in vegas, hangover 2 was filmed in Bangkok, and there was NOone stranded on top of a hotel in that one!!!!!

  2. People don’t have a choice the world is closed down currently and airlines are grounded so how can people travel to Thailand?

  3. Watch yourself in those vegetative areas between buildings. Green pit vipers everywhere. Yes, in metro Bangkok. Recently saw a vid there at night. Blew my mind! Thought about you getting rid of a couple Leo’s, and getting your snake bit by a venomous snake.

  4. Love your videos sir. Should have been in Thailand next week. Will be going in October. Simple answer why is I love Asia. Will include Cambodia.

  5. I am not a nightlife people. What Thailand is to me is the culture, car scenes and the foods. Heck, even fast foods here is amazing or foods in 711.

  6. This is the area i have stayed in for the past 15 years ( silom ) great street food and fun things to do.. BTW great river bar in the Shangrala hotel 1st floor..

  7. Video production v.good as always but in answer to the headline, it’s easy to sum up in one word with an emphatic NO. Many people would find Thailand a better place to be in than say the UK during a lock down but look on the bright side, at least you can get a beer in the UK. I am yet to find a Thai person who can give me an answer as to what the difference is between buying a can of beer versus a Mama noodle cup out the 7/11 for example. Apparently no beer consumption will assist in clearing up COVID-19 that much quicker. In summary Thailand for all its traits and nuances is just as shit a place to be if not worse than anywhere else in the world, except maybe Somali but even then their positive cases are lower.

  8. “The air just feels damp, like a ladyboy’s butthole or something.” Ha Ha, Classic. This is fast turning into my favorite YT channel. Very informative and funny as well. You deal with subjects that other vloggers don’t. I was always aware of Thailand’s neat Utes, (Pickups), and other interesting cars, but no one has ever done a video on it before, in this manner.
    30 Degrees C is 92 Fahrenheit. Double it and add 32. It’s not exact but a close approximation.

  9. Here is an interesting topic during Covid19 and not much stuff to do. What do ladyboys do at times like this, where are they? is there still interest in them. Asking for a friend lol

  10. Being lockdown is Isaan, I now spend a hugh amount of time watching YouTube. Thank you for your channel it is nice to know there are other gearheads in Thailand

  11. No stay at home cancelled my June plans now…got friends who can’t get a flight home from the start of April next flight was start of May now that’s been cancelled they are saying next flight would be end of May. We could end up with a few waves of this virus before life even starts to return to normal it just isn’t worth the risk plus Thailand will not be the same for 6-12 months once this is all over. Save your money and wait don’t rush getting back. That being said if it does all return to normal in 2020 i’ll try and go before the next of the year but i very much doubt it. Really gutted, if not next year for me

  12. It has been quite a few years since I was in Thailand. Did not have a clue about the night life. Learned about that online and was thinking wow, I must have been within 2 blocks of there! Anyway, it seems a lot cleaner and better run in Thailand than in the Philippines. It sure does look deserted there at the moment!

  13. 7:15 thatโ€™s the walkway through the Muslim cemetary. The area around the Bangkok old customs house (the ancient building that you really like) is a sizable Thai Muslim community.

  14. Covid made travel from some countries near impossible however.. Thailand is on recovery period right now from both virus and long period of tourism. The city might look dead but the air and environment is so clean to the point that it just a waste we can’t get out and enjoy Bangkok in this state.

    So I really hope every countries could break out of their situation in several month from now and made everything back to normal.

    It boring to work at home now… i need some of my Bangkok life back too hahaha
    stay safe everyone
    we will win this together

  15. It will be bk and running by the end of this year so says CB media not to mention that top scientists are saying that the earliest time a vaccine is available would be early 2022 …I guess my hands down with his prediction..American airline just announced that the earliest time they’ll have international flights would be in mid 2021…Corona hasn’t even showed its” A ” yet man, what are ya talking about

  16. I think you are spot-on in regards to what travel will be like in Thailand later this year. I booked a trip for late September/early October and because I fall into the group that likes to explore Thailand, I do not expect to be disappointed at all. Like you, I love the culture and people of Thailand, so just being there will make me happy. Keep u the good work bro…..

  17. That Honda on 3:25 called “Honda Crossroad” it’s a JDM import model because Honda Thailand never bring this model to sell here in Thailand officially, If you wants this car you have to buy it from indepentents importers only. And it’s considered to be a quite rare car in Thailand also.

  18. Imagine you not knowing where you are! And it’s cloudy you will not see the sunset anyway. … pet dogs and watch drifting boats! Have a blast my friend, love large and enjoy the shit out of Bangkok! Ratchaburi is just absolutely dead, dead…. dead! Be safe and go get a tea from that sweetie that wanted to “bi ni” with you lol peace out!

  19. Nice video man! Crazy seeing Bangkok like that. I was planning on coming back in June before virus but now just seeing how it plays out now.

  20. lmfao air is damp like a lady boyz butt hole lmfao ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜…

  21. I would rather be in Bangkok than the US mate, so sad what is happening in the US… No chance of flights this year from AU to Bangkok either, they won’t resume flights for quite a long time I would think.

  22. Yo Chad my man you not going to believe it but has I was watching and you got to the top of the bridge the movie handover was the first thing it came to mind and you ask does anyone knows the movie hangover ….WTF…..LOL

  23. just came here to say fuck bangcock.
    everytime I go there it is guaranteed std… yes it is my fault for not wearing a condom… but fuck the condom.
    luckily noting too bad.
    Unlike my japanese friend who is married comes back to his wife with herpes!
    Although I love bangkok, I’m really thinking about boycotting the country for this sole reason.

  24. OK, you’re amusing. Thanx 4 that! The cycle the cross river ferries on the
    Chao Phraya River
    remind me of dogs chasing their tails.

  25. I have a hope of visiting again late 2020 but with all the travel restrictions who knows? , no one wants to risk getting caught in some sort of quarantine .
    As far as nightlife and high season myself and many others avoid high season because it’s too busy and not as good an experience in my opinion. Went to Pattaya once in high season and it was awful , couldn’t even sit down in some of my favorite bars and restaurants or had to wait.
    Shoulder and low season are preferable for many .

  26. My wife and I had to postponed our trip to Thailand this March due to the COIVD 19 and I were there at the hotel in 2017 it very nice up there but I didnโ€™t get hang over like the movie ๐Ÿ˜„โœŒ๐Ÿฝ

  27. If u go further up towards Chinatown, there street arts like in Charoen Krung Soi 32 or Talad Noi area…interesting area there in Soi Wanit 2 (old Chinese community houses)…and yes, Hangover 2 was filmed at the Scirocco Restau and the SkyBar at the Lebua State Tower…enjoy Big Mango…I live close to BTS Phra Khanong ๐Ÿ˜‰โœŒ๐Ÿผ

  28. Ladyboy’s buttholes are damp? How would you know that? Whatever, the Shangri-La hotel is one of the worst tourist traps anywhere. I recommend you avoid it.

  29. Thanks Chad, like how you wander the alleyways to give us a view of Bangkok we don’t normally see. And I think you are right about tourists traveling to Thailand this year, come on over later this year. Stay safe everyone

  30. When you gonna get a thai girlfriend? I think thai women are so beautiful trying to learn a little thai right now so when I go there I can greet them.

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