Thailand today

This video is about nothing.


  1. Nice idea Rob but it’s not possible to buy a one way ticket to Thailand, well, actually it is, as long as one can show an onward travel destination ticket at check in. 😊

  2. Now you’ve mentioned it Rob , I don’t mind kipping on your sofa, just a poor boy looking for a way out, I will let u know when I’m on my way mate very soon 🙏🤞 ps: I feel that I know you really well already Buddy

  3. hi rob!been watching you since around 250 subs.would you not say that you are a good example of that when shit hits the fan it does not has to be all 
    that bad?:) cheers

  4. 0:37 Rob it’s virtually impossible for Americans to travel to Thailand now. American tourists won’t be welcome there for a very very long time. 😔

  5. Get in the water, Rob… Chest deep… Then tell me how nice it is. 🙂 Come on, Man… Get in the water!!! LOL. Just messing with you. Nice view. Thanks!

  6. It sure is nice 😀 Thanks for reminding me that where I am sucks. For a moment I thought it didn’t suck but I was just delusional lol. 🙏

  7. Rob, You are rubbing some of our noses in it. I’m supposed to be in TH now (doing the preliminaries to move over permanently early next tear), but a little virus issue means I can’t get any ticket. one way or return…

  8. I came to Thailand on a round trip ticket (just as a precaution) last October. My intention was to find a teaching position and stay. Long story short, I didn’t use the return ticket…

  9. I’ve been in Thailand through the summer. The rain and humidity got to me. Besides, even “paradise” gets old after a year or so. I would still like to travel. And that’s not possible now. Rob, if you leave Thailand now, I don’t think you could get a flight back until sometime in 2021. But that’s just my guess. Could be further out. I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself where you are. That’s the key to happiness.

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