Thailand to Reopen October 2020

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  1. Pete, as you mentioned, quarantining for 14 days and possibly then having to quarantine upon return to your home country would rule out many countries other than those who are not applying quarantine measures for arriving passengers. Thailand may have some bubble countries in mind?
    But as we see, the world is going through second waves now. And airlines bringing in travelers, will they come onboard? They won’t resume flights of course and bring aircraft out of hibernation unless it is going to be profitable and consistent demand. Flight crew are going to need quarantining/isolating in many countries upon return too. Will be interesting to see what happens. I am sure there are smart people behind the scenes working out the logistics.
    Expats trying to return to Thailand have largely been ignored other than a select few with ties to Thailand (married or married/spouse with a Thai child, certain people with business visas with accepted employment category, Elite Visa holders).
    Many thousands of retirees are stranded (like me since March and before). It is retirees and other expats currently not being considered that are willing to do the quarantine time and then be able to get on with their lives back inside Thailand. Current ASQ facilities allowing limited expats back via Bangkok are in a huge bottleneck and there is a large backlog of those who have been granted permission to return, let alone those of us not even being considered yet.
    The costs of current ASQ via Bangkok arrivals start from around 30,000 Baht.
    The current reports however are that the accommodation costs for the quarantine hotels in Phuket will be expensive. We are talking minimum 90,000 Baht upwards for the 2 weeks, plus a minimum additional 7 days will be required before you can leave Phuket I believe? For long term retirees living on a budget week per week, more expat friendly prices in basic ASQ in Phuket would be appreciated. These prices being offered seem to be for the luxury end of the market for holidaymakers who mostly have set aside money saved for a nice holiday.
    Expats pay a lot more over a year of course from transferring money into Thailand from abroad and spending that into the economy. Plus most expats have 800,000 Baht sitting in a Thai bank account, that was part of the retirement visa requirement, that cannot be withdrawn from overseas either.

  2. In 2018, contribution of travel and tourism to GDP (% of GDP) for Thailand was 21.6 %, for the Philippines its 24.7%. I would say that is HUGE and tourists help their economies in a very big way.

  3. They have been talking about this for some time now. Its not a solution that’s ideal by any means. I know Thailand well enough to know that you will be totally screwed during your lock-down period and after when your a captive in Phuket. The prices will go up simply because they can and you have no choice. 4 years in Thailand made me a healthy cynic. There are at least 20 examples of the Thai Government making it crystal clear that they don’t want Westerners there again. I left there last year and very very happy here in Vietnam. A Wall Street journal report recently commented that Thailand is “a ship at sea in a storm with nobody steering”. At the end of the paper they asked the the question “when will Thailand stop punching itself in the face?” I would only go back there again on a short term holiday visa on arrival when and if normality ever returns.

  4. FYI, Khao San Road has reopened, after a major facelift upgrade, and it was banging last night. The most crowded in months. And 99 percent of the patrons are all locals at this point.

  5. Fingers crossed that the Philippines opens soon mate plus I’d sooner take my chances with the “Putin vodka jab” rather than the “Gates poison death jab” keep up the great work

  6. They don’t want Western foreigners anymore. It’s been headed this way for a number of years now. People forget that Thailand is essentially run by a nationalistic military government. Keep fooling yourself, but even if you do manage to get there, don’t expect it to be the country you once used to know.

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