Thailand Special Tourist Visa (STV) Long Term Visa – Boom or Bust?

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  1. I believe TAT said they’d had lots of enquiries about the STV but I think most of the enquiries would be from people who didn’t believe the stories of how ridiculous the provisional rules are for this. After a few people who are desperate to see their family (unmarried) take up the offer, I expect it’ll fall flat on it’s face. Then they’ll change the rules (maybe sensibly priced prisons…. I mean Hotels and non-charter flights) which will bring a few more but again won’t bring in the money they expected, so it’ll then be changed again (rinse and repeat a few times).
    I was hoping to spend 4-5 months in TH this winter (UK winter) but it looks like I’ll have to research other options instead…

  2. I would never jump thru all those hoops You can keep your long term visa!!!!!!! The government people do not care if business is bad. Because the ones making the rules get a check every two weeks.

  3. Today 25th September my thai partner telephoned for me TAT , they told her that although agreed in principle there is still one more meeting to be held and then the King himself has to sign the declaration that the new visa will become reality . So as of now , nothing yet is set in stone !

  4. Just doing Calculations , If your Going on Holiday or visiting Thailand what`s the Point . Flights and renting a Condo or Air B `n` B if the price of a condo and day to day living is $30.00 Dollars a Day ( Your on Holiday No time to be a Cheap Charlie ) that`s $2700 . Flight and other transport costs going to the Thai embassy in you country , Taxi`s from the Airport , Entertainment . and worst case scenario if someone on the Plane Has CoVid and you Do become ill . Want to spend your time in a Hospital . Don`t Bother Keep away from the Virus , save your money wait 6 Months till the Vaccine then go on your Terms and have a Blast .

  5. Nobody ever accused the thais for being smart. They shot them self in the foot many years ago. Smart people left for better countries. Beside the food Thailand really got nothing you cant find in other places cheaper and with fat less visa problems.

  6. I love Thailand. But I won’t be back until things get back to normal and it’s a simple process to come and go. There are plenty of other options to vacation and explore. So many places I haven’t seen yet.

  7. So pity.. Thailand is not same before sinds the covid. Streets are quiet and lot’s of rules for a visa and in Malls. I travel in Europe last summer on the mediterranean sea, its was great and easy. I am curious how long Thailand can keep this up financially. Thanks for the good info!

  8. Hi jc.. Nice you are back, its nice some people soon can enter Thailand, but this not help us who have wife and family in Thailand, who can only stay one mounth…. For us all this is a downer.
    Stay safe
    Rak Thais RAk Thailand samer

  9. Now they say that it will be 7 days quarantine. 555. These Thai government guys don’t know what the hell they are doing, but their “schemes” are one stupid after another. I ain’t flying from the USA for a 14 night vacation to do 14 or even 7 days of quarantine. Period! Ain’t going to happen! So, the financial shit is going to have to hit the fan and the Thai people will have to feel some serious financial hardship, unfortunately. Thanks for the video and info. It’s all at and Go there and be entertained by the Thai daily stupidity.

  10. Good Morning JC from Oregon!!!
    I have actually been worried about you!πŸ€”
    We have missed you, but not as much as our Tha Sala 5 Grandchildren. Let us know when we can take our next/10th Month or two Month long visit to Thailand!!!

  11. The majority of foreigners will never bother with this. I understand the concern about the virus. No one i think is willing to deal with this paperwork nightmare. The overall feeling its just another Virus Visa Scam . There is no reason any foreigner more so an expat with a Thai wife should be forced to be locked in a five star hotel at nearly $2,000 for two weeks.

  12. Hello JC great to see you,hope all’s well, I’m hoping for January or February for Thailand for a while, JC you and your family have a great day πŸŒ΄πŸ‘πŸ»πŸŒ΄

  13. Thai government are not concerning about the virus stuff but to reset the poverty level back to the 30-40 years ago! For control and submission πŸ€£πŸ˜†

  14. STV require you to fly by private, corporate jet or charter flight. Ouch …. some cost involved there. Hope they won’t require that also for the next round of influx like retirement or long stay visa holders. Broke on arrival?

  15. Why bother with the thais?
    Absolutely every document you need to make with them is a complete pain.
    Embassy employees, immigration authorities are all inadequate, slow and don’t know their own laws.
    Wait couple of months and go somewhere else, where they want foreigners.
    Thailand is just not worth the hassle.

  16. JC I am reading that younger Thia folks are bucking the system and disrespecting the kings rule. Can you comment on the social movements in the great country of Thailand? I am also wondering if you could soapbox how you see the next 10 years of retiring in Thailand. Stay Strong Brother!!

  17. What difference does it make to have a long term tourist visa when the Thai authorities won’t let tourists back into the country?
    In the mean time, the tourist sector is dying if not already dead…

  18. even rich men only eat one meal at a time and sleep in one bed as well one super rich guy or 500 normal guys its a lose in my eyes for normal thai people they need volume

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