Thailand: Social Distancing is Working | Dealing with the Boredom | Day 5

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Good news, and good questions are presented in this travel vlog. I am living and working from home in Bangkok, Thailand. This is day 5 of the emergency decree implemented by the Thai Government. It seems social distancing is working in the city of Bangkok. Unfortunately, I cannot say the same for our friends in Phuket, Thailand. Their Governor has implemented a real lock down in that area. I want to thank all the healthcare workers during these challenging times.Please leave your suggestions for dealing with isolation and boredom in the comments below. To all Thailand expats and tourists; keep your head up. Follow the guidelines, and we will be successful.

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    1. I walked about 10km today, from North Cha am beach to South Cha am beach and back. Watching a lot of Netflix (f-movies is a good alternative). Lots of time on Twitter. Religiously watching tons of YouTube.

      Seriously get a lot of exercise. Good for the immune system.

  1. Not so great in India complete lockdown and roughly a couple of thousand UK residents stuck there and British government sitting on there ass doing nothing to repatriate. Pretty shoddy behaviour on our part as other countries have already had help from there perspective home countries.

  2. Hopefully this virus will pass for this summer – Dirty 30 B-day trip for me in July 😁
    I’m sure the Thai people really wanna get back to work!

  3. I’m in basically doing lockdown in Los Angeles area, I’m eating everything in the Refrigerator and kitchen cabinets, hopefully this is over soon or I won’t be able to see and tie my shoes 👟 stay safe and healthy everyone 🌴👍🌴

  4. Hi Jeremy as far as I can judge looking at vlogs from Pattaya it seems it’s a total ghost town hardly any traffic on the roads and basically every bar, gogo, restaurant and even hotels seemed to be closed. I just downloads lots of series and movies only go out at weekend work 2 days taxi is an important work some cars have to be out there can be emergencies but it is VERY quiet.

  5. I’ve loads to do sanding floors and decorating. Stuff I’ve been putting off. I’m into week three lockdown, living in Mallorca Spain at least two weeks to go. I’ll keep myself busy

  6. I”m in SF Bay Area and we are sheltered in place. I’m reading a new book, taking the dogs for a walk (when less people are out), cleaned out a closet, and watched more youtube videos…It’s been about 2 weeks for us and the last 4 days have mostly been at home. We’re lucky we have a back yard to go out, but it’s been rainy and cold the last few weeks. Take care stay healthy.

  7. Hi nothing new here in Kent UK. Things are similar to before but only 50 people allowed into the supermarkets at a time apart from that everything is available at the same price as before. Tesco have Grants whisky £16 a litre. Asda £10 18x Carling(440ml) Isolation is just boring. The place/factory I work for is closed the Boss says he will pay all of April and see what happens after that. I predict a baby boom in 9 months time 😃 BTW I have checked youtube for expats in China and Russia (as it is close) but totally nothing so just boring 🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️ and no traffic anywhere but fuel is cheap at £1.15 a litre

  8. I’ve made a few YouTube videos, went on a short walk in the woods, worked from home, worked from a city park, gathered supplies, talked on the phone a bunch with family and friends, thought about reading a book 🙂, and watched a bunch of TV.

  9. During the live stream I told you about the cherry pie I made…now I am eating it! I did go to work today as the Government decided my job function is essential…

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