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Thailand Rob currently lives in Kamala Beach Phuket and is capturing video of what it’s like to see Thailand through fresh eyes and a camera. Funny, clever and informational.

I’m walking through Thailand with out a clue!

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  1. Good that you are putting out videos agin,,,I dont really care if its interesting or not anything from Thailand is good…this is the first time in 26 years I’ve gone over a year without going to Thailand i am happy to seen anything from Thailand

  2. Regular man is going broke and government takes his money to put in a median that the regular man does not want or need.
    The only hope is to replace the traffic lights with roundabouts.

  3. Rob…I want to see you make a Thai meal in 10 minutes. Non of your microwave noodles…I want to see you learn and cook a simple Thai dish and eat it. Its about time don’t ya think…πŸ˜πŸ™

  4. I assume the pandemic has also affected live musicians that perform in all of the bars; as it has here in the US. What are those folks doing, if anything, to sustain themselves. Here they perform on YouTube, etc. and collect tips electronically. Anything like that going on over there? Thanks for the videos, Steve McV in the USA

  5. Politicians creating a dangerous situation while trying to fix a perceived problem. Then they come up with a “solution” for the problem they just created. Sounds like California LOL.

  6. They did this couple years ago on the road all the way from Chalong to Rawai pier, and yes, some people ghostriding, but overall it’s more safe, before people crossing the streets like crazy and we had a lot of accidents, I was little bit like you in the beginning, but now I like it πŸ‘πŸΌ

  7. Great idea i think for the medium.. Thai’s on scooters are known for driving the wrong way of the street and sidewalks to get to a place faster.. As do Vietnam and Lao’s ect.. The medium might save lives. Cheers

  8. Medians better for through traffic. Organizes cross traffic. Miss a turn, go around block. Doesn’t mean, “Oh well, I guess I’ll drive back in wrong direction”. Liked the sidecars. More stability than just 2 wheels (for old brittle bones). Was that a farang with a walking staff/club @0:38 ? Are soi dogs that big of a problem to pedestrians ? Good that life has calmed down enough for you to have more videos. Can one of the next 87 be a “Story Time with Rob” ? Having a smart guy playing the rube so well is hilarious ! Allows you to release your inner goof ! Take care.

  9. PERHAPS Rob ! Authorities Are Finally attempting to CONTROL Lousy Drivers ??? And to put a End to folks driving The WRONG Way down Down the Street and causing Accidents ! IT may Take Time and Enforcement to get better Drivers ? Ol West

  10. Hey Rob, got an idea. How about going down to the fishing village and do a video about what is happening and how it is done.
    Maybe even go on a trip with one of the boats?
    A bit too much?
    Out of your comfort zone?
    I dare ya!

    I await daily for your videos.
    love ya Bro.

  11. Nice little video mate!
    I really want somebody to just film a nice long ride on a moped/motorbike, go exploring and find some cool stuff maybe. I know you’ve done a few in the past and I love them so more of that would be great if you ask me 😁

  12. I was sat in a restaurant in Phuket having some food when from across the road leaving an Indian restaurant a Thai family of 3 adults a small child and a child in arms came out and all 5 got on this Honda Click and drove off into the sunset. Also I would like to know what is wrong with a central reservation for safety reasons,but its 10 to one that Thai on moto bike will cross at the nearest juction/lights and ride the wrong direction down the upwards pavement/sidewalk.

  13. The eyelid looks super good. I’ll be honest and say the cyst was a little distracting. Except when Nana was on with you….I didn’t know you were even there!!

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